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  1. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    I would ignore anything in WinISD regarding applying wattage -- just look at the transfer function graph.
  2. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    [quote name='Aygodriver1212']I thought I asked somewhere, but I noticed the d1 has lower Fs, is this something to take in to account? @sundownz[/QUOTE] Not really... you can measure T/S on a different day and get some variation even on the same woofer.
  3. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    [quote name='Aygodriver1212']Oh god, buying an €800 subwoofer. My woman is gonna kill me HAHA. Edit: totally worth it. I agree with you macsdad, impecable customer service. One last question @sundownz, what size cable fits in to zv5 woofer terminals?[/QUOTE] The terminal is rated as a "4 AWG" size -- but using stranded / large car audio cable an 8 gauge wire is about max.
  4. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    You would be right on the edge, then. The Z v.5 will start to perform noticeably better in that range.
  5. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    1500-watts ? If so the X v.2 is more than enough, IMHO.
  6. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    We have been selling to Emperor Audio since 2007 (they run sundownaudio.nl) -- they aren't a massive dealer but I've never heard any complaints.
  7. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    The X v.2 and Z v.5 will have a very similar response, yes (not quite identical but very similar). And yes, the Z v.5 has quite a bit more power handling / output... also even less distortion. The .NL site does belong to a distributor we have over there -- looks like we shipped hime some stuff just last month =)
  8. sundownz

    Zv5 10 or xv2 10?

    Hey guys, The site does lag at this time (it is something I want to rectify going forward) but I do post ALOT of stuff on Facebook in albums for such cases: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sundownusa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1054551991266938 * Complete Z v.5 T/S specs & measurement sheets https://www.facebook.com/pg/sundownusa/photos/?tab=album&album_id=762768877111919 * Complete X v.2 T/S specs & measurement sheets (just missing the X-18 v.2 with new frame... TS spec wise very little difference from 6-spoke) Now... for the NS v.3 there was so many options there is really no definitive list made for them. What you can do is simply model up a Z v.5 and they work in the same boxes =)
  9. sundownz

    Part time shallow sub

    [quote name='Boomin_tahoe']I have read that sometimes the folks at Sundown usually get emails and ends up in their junk mail instead of reg email. That could be, and Jacob Fuller did state this a few times, might be another reason why. Just a thought....but never hurts to call, text, fax, email, etc. Seems we have an endless way of communicating nowadays. @sundownz see if the man himself will pay a visit to this page. Not very often I see him on this site.[/QUOTE] Indeed... if you don't hear back soon your message probably went into our SPAM boxes. You can call and speak to Bryan, Mike, Andrew, etc... 828-459-1980