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  1. Here are some pics I shot of the elba street heat Here is me on the left, and a nice svt cobra to the right. I got 4rth place in the spl competition. 135Db, real meter, not the cheap crap people get 140s+ with.
  2. alexkerhead

    Dream Sub

    What would be your dream sub, if you could have any sub ever made, except the stupid promo 30+ in. subs. Mine would be the 18 inch triple basket, qvc lvs by memphis. http://www.memphiscaraudio.com/products/details.asp?id=32 Only real buyable subs please.
  3. alexkerhead

    Memphis amp question

    OK, so, I got a 500watt rms class -D Memphis amplifier. I am getting two 10 inch m-class, dual voice coils each. I need to know, is there going to be too much strain on the amp with two dual voice coil subs? I know I should have gone with svc, but too late. Another question. I dnt want to wire two terminal sets up for each speaker on the box I built, so is it ok if I wire the two voice coils together in a sequence, like pos, neg, pos, neg ? Or do I need to just run them together acting as one voice coil? I appreciate the help. I always wanted a high quality memphis system, I finally am getting the chance to own one, so I dont want to fry anything.
  4. OK, I would just like to know what people perfer in subwoofer size and their opinion on why they would pick that size.