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  1. Doing a small system in my 2005 Chevy TrailBlazer and I'm planning on adding a S3400 under the hood and I'd like to be able to use the Side posts for the factory wires that are there now and the top posts for the Audio wiring... IS that good to go or is there an issue with that? If OK, I'd also like to use some of Tool Makers Battery Dist Blocks for heavy wiring... ToolMaker Metal Workz Online Store - 6 - 1/0 ga Bolt On Battery Terminal What XS parts do I need to fit those??? Do I need the Short Post Adapters or the Tall Post Adapters???
  2. Yea thats him thanks... I wonder if I can put those Kinetic sidepost deals (KHC-SPA) on just for the Factory wires, then those Toolman Blocks on the top to run all the extra Audio system Wires??? I'm not actually sold on the Kinetiks, I actually like the fact that the XS Power have the TOP and Side post built in... What'd you do in the back as far as Batt(s), distribution and what H.O. Alt wise??? I'm assuming running 2 runs of 0/1 your system as 2000+ watts (likely more). Thanks again Smullen
  3. Does anyone have a Kinetik HC1400 or 1800 up front, with Toolmakers (not Toolman, sorry) Distribution Blocks then Multiple runs of 0/1 going from them to the rear? If so can I see some pics??? I'm working on a new system I've always cut corners on the power, I want to do this one up nice... I'd rather a bit of Overkill on the wiring than Under, plus it will make it easier to upgrade later if I want too...
  4. smullen

    Kenwood DDX-719

    They make a ""Fully Gangster" single din??? lol.. The unit itself is like 499.99 or so, its the dash kit, harness, GM wireing interface, ipod cable, install labor, etc.. etc.. that add up... I went to 3 different shops and got the same quote within 40 bucks... Plus, the Truck (a 2005 TrailBlazer, not the S10 Blazer in my Avatar) has a factory Double Din, I don't want to stick a single Din unit in there... Doesn't look right to me...
  5. smullen

    Kenwood DDX-719

    ****, seems like every unit has something wrong with it... You got me worried about the Ipod business though... I would use the Ipod alot... What was it doing wrong??? I would not use the BT or the Navi.. I have a decent Garmin Nuvi with LMT... I'll take a look at that Alpine you mentioned... ETA: Alpine is way outta my range... I think it starts at 1100.00, with the Kenwood, I'm like 800 after install...
  6. smullen

    Kenwood DDX-719

    Anyone here have the Kenwood DDX-719??? I'm really close to pulling the trigger on one for my 2005 Chevy Trail Blazer... I like the 4 Ipod control, Blue tooth, HD Tuner, Able to add Sirius tunner, F/R/S 4 Volt Preout, aux input, rear cam option. Seems like an OK starter unit to build a small system around...
  7. smullen

    Some Etched Plexi pieces...

    Wow I just stumbled on this old thread... P!sses me off, this guy still owes me... I hate getting ripped off... Can't figure out why he would do this as he could have had plenty more sales if he stuck around... I wonder if something happened to him and this was not on purpose...
  8. What would you do with these??? I could see uses if they were rings...
  9. smullen

    blow through

    You guys rememember that Silver fullsize Silverardo I think it was, done by someplace like Superior Sounds, it had like 8 12" RE XXXs in the bed and like 10 or so Planet Audio amps... The whole truck flexed...
  10. smullen

    blow through

    Depending on how you lay it out, I think the top of th box is going to be near the top of the bed... That is unless you leaned the subs back at a crazy angle... However with the size of the baskets and magnets these days, you going to be limited there.... Even with that said, I think you could still pull off a seriously bad *** enclosure with 4 Subs.... It'll just take up a tad more space than your willing to give up... Make it happen, Post pics!!! One of my friends just put two 10"s under the back seats of his Full Size Dodge 4door Truck and while it sounds nice SQ wise, we are really disappointed with the lack of Thundering Bass... (about what I expected really) Anyway, he is considering doing a Blowthrough woth 4 12" Alpine type Rs from another system...
  11. smullen

    Some Etched Plexi pieces...

    Not sure what happend to this guy... I bought several peice from him, he was a tad slow on getting things done and shipped out, but always had good communications, then he just stopped... He still owes me one item have't heard from him in month... Any Updates???
  12. Any pics of your ride: RE: 1999 2dr Blazer 4 Fi BTL 18s 4 Memphis 4kws A Few Batts dual alts
  13. Any updates on the Blazer? Hows the interior commin? Sick so far!!!