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  1. Street DreamsCC

    2 team Rockford Fosgate TRF 12"

    I will give you $10 plus some chewed up bubble gum, a peed on underground sticker, a team xtreme sticker and a half ate micky ds cheeseburg. Oh if you plan to ship those I would put some thin boards on the sides. UPS will make those go thru the sides. I got so immortal boxes for 15s if ya really need.
  2. Street DreamsCC

    Need Help With JBLa6000GTI!

    so what happened to this?
  3. Street DreamsCC

    Thanks goob for the virus

    I got it and my laptop was only on Car Audio at CarAudio.com I walked away to do something came back 10 minutes later to program called security tool anti virus saying I had something on my computer..........yeah I wonder the program telling me my computer is infected is the program infecting my computer. I think the file name was like 18552 or close to it. For windows vista and XP if you have restore points saved go to safe mode and restore to a past setting and it will erase it. After 20 minutes of messing with that thing trying to get it out it locked up my computer so I could only start in safe mode.
  4. still interested in the van, gimme a call.<br />


  5. Street DreamsCC

    Need Help With JBLa6000GTI!

    Are all your subs fine? did you check each coil to make sure none are bad? Did you check the fuse that is inside the amp? Make sure that isnt popped. Only ones I know of to get it repaired is Crown International 1-800-342-6939 x8135 Heidi
  6. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    No I tow too much with my truck. Besides we got way too many potholes in NY
  7. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    No, they want $20.00 before I even know if they actually have them, or ask a question.
  8. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    You a member?
  9. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    Anyone else
  10. If anyones got a used one cheap let me know I need one for the GTP.
  11. Street DreamsCC

    Calling Out Basscourt(Heath Lay)

    basscort2009 has always been a good seller. I was shocked to see this whole deal. Basscort your doing the right thing by paying him back. There is alot of issues here. 1. always pack extermely secure 2. always ship yourself so there isnt any issues - if you have a claim they get ahold of the org. shipper - meaning that company basicly told UPS we never shipped a battery - why would UPS pay out? 3. if you sell something it is your full responsiblity to make sure it arrives in the condition you were selling it in 4. you have his money, amp and the battery UPS took and sent to the shipper 5. the battery at issue is someplace it shouldnt be because they didnt really ship it. Any retailer sends something and it is damaged or lost is the company going to say oh well your loss....how long until they go out of business? This situation sucks all the way around. Never cheap out for shipping. It is what it is. You tell the seller this is the price for shipping and packing with insurance. There is no reason to not pack it real good like a $5000 item even though it might be $50 or $200 item. Insure to full price with insurance. To solve this you should do the refund on your end and get the battery back from that place. Had this been your own account you would of had it now and chances are UPS would of paid out to you and you would reimburse the buyer. Good luck hope it ends ok and you learn a hard lesson which sucks it happened this way.
  12. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    anyone else?
  13. Street DreamsCC

    anyone have chris norris's info?

    cant think of it off hand but you can usually catch him on Termpro
  14. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    already been looking on there. There was one used one for $55.
  15. Street DreamsCC

    WANTED: Ferretti Bellagio center caps

    20 steps ahead, rims were discontinued. Ferretti (Player) is out of the caps and aint getting any more. I already emailed some shops local and in Cali. Waiting for replies. But if someone had some then I would buy them.