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  1. Hoodlum007

    Amp for Sundown SA's

    The SA's can handle plenty more than they are rated at, Id go with the SCV2000.
  2. Hoodlum007

    What's your favorite tweeter

    Image Dynamics XS28's
  3. Hoodlum007

    http://e-nerdz.com Anyone every bought from here?

    Just the name of the company would be enough of a red flag for me lol
  4. Hoodlum007

    need help choosing a amp

    Some of the higher end Soundstreams are good wattage for the money.
  5. I have always loved Zapco amps, they are very clean and do more than rated power.
  6. Hoodlum007

    Decent head unit that looks like a factory unit?

    Some Blaupunkt units look pretty stock I'd say.
  7. Hoodlum007

    Focal PS165

    Just picked up a set of the ID CTX comps for cyber monday. These sound great and the tweeters are much smoother than Focal. CTX65CS - Image Dynamics 6.5" Component Speaker System
  8. Hoodlum007

    Best Sub Under $300

    I would not go with the RF subs. The Alpine Type X are a good sub to consider. The Sundown SA is a much better sub than the RF and worth the money if you ask me.
  9. Hoodlum007

    8" small enclosure sub recommendation

    The JL's are a good choice also the Image Dynamics 8's.
  10. Not sure if anyone has posted this but I just saw it and thought I'd mention it since this set has been a boner for sometime. Just grabbed a set CTX65CS - Image Dynamics 6.5" Component Speaker System
  11. Hoodlum007

    1 Sundown Z4 Rev2 18 or 2 sundown X12 V2 12s???

    Id go the single 18 for the lows.
  12. Hoodlum007

    JL Audio or Digital Deisgns

    Both are quality brands, I would go with which ever brand you can get the better deal on since both are pretty expensive.