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  1. scoob8000

    Android turn by turn directions over HU Bluetooth

    Using ipod as the source. I wonder if yours works different with an iphone..
  2. This is my first bluetooth HU so bear with me. The only way I can get my Google maps or Waze to talk to me over the car audio is if my Pioneer PRS80 is set to Bluetooth input. 99% of the time I'm listening to a USB or Ipod source. I found an app that forces the phone to send that audio over the "call" bluetooth channel instead of audio but it doesn't work well. By the time the HU switchs to that audio, maps is half done playing the directions. Any other work-arounds?
  3. scoob8000

    Help me pick a new single DIN HU

    Just got my 80PRS today. Need help if I got a returned unit, or just poor quality control from Pioneer. My faceplate has some scratches or cracks around the aux jack, and around the up/down buttons by the screen. The kind of look like stress cracks from drilling the holes in the clear plastic. I also expected to see a piece of clear static cling film on the display like most electronic displays have. This unit didn't. It's nothing major, but for a brand new $300 head unit..
  4. scoob8000

    Help me pick a new single DIN HU

    Okay, got one ordered. Hopefully Amazon doesn't give me too much grief returning this Kenwood.
  5. scoob8000

    Help me pick a new single DIN HU

    Thanks for the replies. No matter how much I search I keep coming back to the 80prs. I've read a few reports of RCA whine with it, but they were mostly from 2013 when it first came out. Do we think they fixed it in the more recent models? I've been out of car audio for awhile now, it's sad how few decent head units there are on the market. And the good ones are several years old now.
  6. scoob8000

    Help me pick a new single DIN HU

    I've always mostly had Pioneers. I'm a big fan of them. But I'm sick of RCA pico fuse issues. I'm replacing a DEH-P7800MP and I'm really gonna miss the multiline screen and menu system. I bought a Kenwood KDX-X998, but I think it's going back. The menus are so clunky and slow to navigate. The whole interface feels like some cheap 90's Chinese deal. I also didn't realize this model was several years old. What else is out there that I might be overlooking? Some of my requirements/wants: Easy to read screen, preferably multi line. 3 sets of pre-outs with active crossover Rear usb for Ipod in glovebox Easy to navigate menu system. I really like how easy I can access SW gains etc on most Pioneers. Bluetooth would be nice but not a dealbreaker.