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  1. Bumpin' Yota

    Wtb 8" Subs!!!

    Make your own **** post! Whatcha got?
  2. Bumpin' Yota

    Wtb 8" Subs!!!

    Got any pics? Might you have the TS specs handy? He just contacted me i believe Indeed. I was in Osprey, now in North Port
  3. Bumpin' Yota

    Wtb 8" Subs!!!

    Looking for: RF HX2 8" subs RF HE2 8" subs Eclipse 8808 subs Eclipse 8708 subs Solobaric S8D (last of the round subs in 8") Shocker Dust Caps ETC
  4. Bumpin' Yota

    Two 12" BTL's or one 15" LMS-5400?

    You know whats interesting? It's interesting how I am the go to guy on 3 different forums when it comes to advice on what people should run and what fits their needs. (2 of which arent car audio forums.) It's interesting how easy it is for a company to be tarnished by an employee who doesnt have any self control. For example Overpeck from the now defunct audiomobile...I loved the product but hated the imbecile who posted on the forums hence why to this day i have NEVER recommended that product to anyone! It's interesting how a small amount bad publicity, then the subsequent word of mouth, sent audiomobile down the tubes in bankruptcy.... Remotia you are treading on VERY thin ice, I suggest you keep your replies civil and more importantly PROFESSIONAL. You wouldn't see Polecat making comments like that if someone were disagreeing with his opinion. Next time before making a post I suggest you think: 1. "What would polecat say?" 2. "What would happin if Thilo were over my shoulder reading this post?" ps - do a google image search for XMX, and then a web search and read up, you have to admit its impressive!
  5. Bumpin' Yota

    Two 12" BTL's or one 15" LMS-5400?

    lmao! But comeon we both know that.... . . . DD owns joo!!
  6. Bumpin' Yota

    Two 12" BTL's or one 15" LMS-5400?

    Nick is right! Even if this sub is all that and 3 bags of chips, it will open up a few more frequencies that can be played at a certain level without distortion. However to get a lesser sub to play the same frequencies with equal distortion all you have to do is turn the volume down a click or two! Now I dont know about yall, but the last time I was at an SQ competition they didnt do any SQ tests at anything over about 100dB. Only the spl section (in which SQ doesnt matter) of the iasca judging lanes will spl need to exceed 130dB. And honestly getting over 130 legal, even on the TL, is cake! Besides, how you install it makes 95% of what you hear. Product is less than 5% what you hear...
  7. Bumpin' Yota

    Your db Numbers!

    The scary part is...and this is what I was told and seemed to experience...the new updates for the TL made it harder than before!! Im going to do some testing on my truck with the old TL software then the new to see if there is any change. With my 20.1s and 9915s the system is unbelievably consistant usually being dead on the money over and over and over no matter how many times you burp...
  8. Bumpin' Yota

    1/4 mile et...

    If you already knew, why did you ask, trying to stir the pot? :P Secondarily you better start thinking low 14s to the occasional high 13... The car may be capable of mid 13's, but that's going to be under the best possible conditions imo... what pisses me off is how around here, every single v8 mustang owner (well save one) is talking all kinds of crap about how their stangs run 12's all day long, yet their 4.6 only has a short throw shifter...lol Meanwhile Im thinking about nothing other than getting my hands on an '01 trans am...
  9. Bumpin' Yota

    amp not hitting mid notes

  10. Bumpin' Yota

    multiple runs of 1/0???

    i hear ya, Im REALLY dreading doing this but its something i have GOT to do....uggg Kicker is going to wonder why im suddenly ordering 5 spools of 1/0! LOL
  11. Bumpin' Yota

    multiple runs of 1/0???

    benificial being 0.5 dB or so which you will never hear the difference of. Considering you'd be dropping close to $300 on wire for 8 runs, I'd say no, just make 2 runs and be done with it.
  12. Bumpin' Yota

    multiple runs of 1/0???

    nope, just boosts the spl score. If it didnt work we wouldnt do it.
  13. Bumpin' Yota

    multiple runs of 1/0???

    If competing DEFINATELY (up to 0.5 to be gained, possibly more) If not competiting DEFINATELY NOT (1/0 is uber expensive even at comp prices)
  14. Bumpin' Yota

    multiple runs of 1/0???

    when running a loosely regulated powersupplied amp or even an unregulated one, multiple runs help significantly when the amp is quite large. (Read 2.5kW rms or greater) The reason being that their is less resistance to flow of current using multiple runs. Keep in mind those larger amps WILL pull in excess of 200 amps. Most street applications in dB drag will see a several tenth change in score for every additional run of 1/0 to the back. It is not uncommon to see 8 runs of positive to the back to feed a pair of amps, etc. Ideally I should have 32 (or more) runs for my 4 amps.... Currently i have 3.
  15. Bumpin' Yota


    Wiskey Tango Foxtrot? um that is not a valid reason for anything in db drag anyhow.... 1. your engine is off when you burp 2. max system voltage in street is 14.00v any higher and you = DQ