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    my bass killed my neighbors cat.
  1. bri487

    Anybody have any exp with these Zapco comps?

    i have a set of the reference blue cones. i have also had two sets of the iforce coaxials. they are a great speaker. i think i am going to get a set of the iforce coaxials for rear fill, maybe a set of 4" refs though.
  2. bri487

    HOw do you know when your amp is clipping?

    wrong. totally wrong. clipping essentially is a DC signal being sent to the speaker. so if you think about it, it is like a speaker is holding that note for extended periods of time building up heat, which is how it kills speakers. thats kind of the laymans terms, but you get the idea. its taking a ac sine wave and flatening out the peaks, to create a square wave.
  3. bri487

    Size of fuse?

    the fuse under the hood is to protect the WIRE. a fuse in front of the load is to protect the load. 4 gauge can carry a maximum of 135 amps, so fuse it at that.
  4. bri487

    Slotted or Round Ports?

    i just moved into an apartment that is 12 hours from my hometown where all my tools are. i only have basic stuff right now, but my gf is bringing my jigsaw, my freedom light, my drill index and a new drill.
  5. bri487

    Slotted or Round Ports?

    i prefer square, or slotted, but usually square if at al possible. it think that a lack of proper tools (all of them are at home in cali) will force me to do a sqaure port for my new setup.
  6. i am going to get to use one in about 2 weeks.
  7. bri487

    amp for treo ssi 12

    i wouldnt doubt it, but i would really have to calculate it out.
  8. bri487

    amp for treo ssi 12

    the 1100.1 would be a good match to a single ssi. i have had a bunch of ssi's, and i own a DC1100.1 by the way.
  9. bri487

    AZ Meet?

    if i have everything done in time, i am so down to go. it might be a while though before i have a chance to get all the finishing details complete. i wont have time to wrap my box and pad/wrap my amp enclosure (not that its even built yet). and i have to run power wire. but i am down for next month for sure.
  10. look at soundgate. they make all the modules to retain the door chimes, onstar functions, and steering wheel controls. make sure you get the onstar module w/bose. they make one with and one without the bose stereo option.
  11. bri487

    *New Guy* help please

    totally subjective. whether SQ is subjective or not, you cannot deny the fact that the W7 cant hit any upper notes with authority. if you tune one any higher than 35hz it will shit on itself.
  12. bri487

    Need Help for Future Car Audio shop.

    mmats, treo, and dd. all the same shit. dd has far superior build quality. all three are the same woofers and a great product.
  13. bri487

    Rainbow/ARC system set-up Question?

    you can always do a custom under rail tool box setup in the bed will all the gear in it.
  14. bri487

    Rainbow/ARC system set-up Question?

    you might want to consider a dynaudio 7" mid as well. that is a sweet speaker.
  15. bri487

    Digital Designs Who know bout them???

    i think about 2.25 cubes ported at 40hz for two of the 500 series 12"s