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  1. skadude016

    sale between skadude016 and raptor727

    Agreed. Raptor will be paying shipping. I will build a crate for the sub to Raptors liking for shipping the sub. $145 received
  2. skadude016

    Alphasonik PMA1000HCA Monster 2 channel amp fs

    No external fuses though. Fuse rating there means nothing
  3. 1. Product: Alphasonik PMA1000HCA 2. Specs: RMS power Rating: 3000 watts x 1 chan. at 1 ohm Mono RMS power Rating: 1500 watts x 2 chan. at 1 ohm Stereo RMS power Rating: 900 watts x 2 chan. at 2 Ohms Stereo RMS power Rating: 500 watts x 2 chan. at 4 Ohms Stereo 3. Description/Condition: light blemishes. This amp is old school Alphasonik and is awesome quality. The plexi has been removed but it still functions perfectly. 4. Price: : 260 shipped to the lower 48
  4. skadude016

    2 Audiopipe 1500d's Minty

    great amps! had my pair strapped for a year now with no issues. If they are still available in a week ill pick them up for a friends build
  5. skadude016

    FS: i touch 8 gb 2nd gen

    Price drop to 105 shipped!
  6. skadude016

    FS: i touch 8 gb 2nd gen

    sure does ---------- Post added at 06:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:41 PM ---------- no 3g sorry. wifi only
  7. 1. Product: Apple I touch 8 gb 2nd gen 2. Specs: 8 gig's comes with case 3. Description/Condition: used but in good condition. Comes loaded with Decafs 5-21 zips! 4. Price: : $120 shipped 5. Pictures:
  8. skadude016

    Two eights or one twelve...

    the 12 should get louder. Nearly double the cone are of the 8's
  9. skadude016

    The $500 dollar 4 15's build

    screw spare tires! You have friends and a cell phone right? They can just bring you a tire
  10. skadude016

    The $500 dollar 4 15's build

    5 cubes tuned to 28hz with 70 sq. inches of port would be great for that sub and that jeep
  11. skadude016

    The $500 dollar 4 15's build

    I had that issue also. The box in there now will do a 151 @ 36hz and a 143 @ 28hz. IT does quite well on the lows. I have found that bigger boxes usually do the trick. I had a 12" RE MT in a 4 cube box tuned to 32hz and it got down extremely low. Made my steering wheel shake like crazy.