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  1. denim

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Phantom - Dimitri & Wayman
  2. denim

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    I am biased towards SSA. We are working on components.
  3. denim

    Focal or Morel or Alpine Components Speakers

    I feel the Focals are the best choice, the Morels will always be a strong option. Don't feel Alpine belongs in the group.
  4. denim

    What song are you listening to right now?

    B0RNS - Seeing stars
  5. denim

    Black Friday @ SSA® Starts Now! Ends 11/27/2018

    We added more to the sale.
  6. denim

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    Correct, they are no longer doing OEM work. With the new set up, QC has improved as we test everything ourselves before shipping.
  7. denim

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    Good list, but SSA needs to be bumped up a level.
  8. denim

    New guy needing a bit of advice on Sub woofers.

    AS a side note, the SSA Zcon will be back in production soon.
  9. denim

    Tc3000 > Btl??

    Here is a concise whale note:
  10. denim

    Tc3000 > Btl??

    Interesting, I feel we should have addressed the enclosure the BTL was in.
  11. denim

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    Production will be done in about 10 days.
  12. denim

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    If you like, we have a design service on the SSA Store.
  13. denim

    Looking For A Good Amp

    How about the SSA Icon's paired with an SSA IC2200.1. All on black friday sale right now.
  14. denim

    What brands are people running nowadays??

    10 years ago I was running SSA equipment, still am. ;)
  15. denim

    Adire Audio has returned (at SSA)

    Good catch haha.