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  1. denim

    Bought Funky Pups

    I love the suspicion. Funky Pups are no joke and shouldn't be trolled with as it is your duty to evacuate the area before usage.
  2. denim

    What brands do people like for subwoofer?

    He wasn't ready.
  3. denim

    What happened to Car Audio Forum???

    Side note, www.caraudio-forum.com is still up.
  4. denim

    Creepy info

    If the small super mod staff had more administration functions, we could help out, but it is only up to the admin.
  5. denim

    Hello all

    Welcome to CA.com
  6. denim

    Old member new name

    Welcome back to CA.com
  7. denim

    53 years young

    Welcome to CA.com
  8. denim

    Love car audio...want to learn more

    Welcome to CA.com
  9. denim

    Sup Peeps

    Welcome to CA.com
  10. denim


    Welcome to CA.com
  11. denim

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to CA.com
  12. denim

    Hello from Phuket

    Welcome to CA.com
  13. denim

    Narrowed down my decision

    XS Power batteries are on sale at SSA.
  14. denim


    I'd suggest you save up a few more dollars for a little better quality.
  15. denim

    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    Ah ok, but I do appreciate you giving me a heads up. Sometimes there is a rare occasion where someone in a random spot can't see the website.