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  1. denim

    idea for admins

    Good idea, just a lot to take on.
  2. denim

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    That is awesome to hear.
  3. denim

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    6-5/8" Mounting depth, 5/8" from top of gasket to top of surround, Motor diameter is 7-1/4".
  4. denim


    I love this suggestion.
  5. denim

    Which Brand??

    We (SSA) are hustling to get 10's back in production asap. But, IA, Orion (if in stock), and DC have some solid choices. All available at store.soundsolutionsaudio.com
  6. denim

    Best SQL Woofers?

    The SSA Icon can still thrive sealed. Give it about 1.0 cube with 1 lbs. of polyfill.
  7. denim

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    My vote is for the SSA F8L.
  8. denim

    Best SQL Woofers?

    Really appreciate all the love for the SSA F8L and SSA Icon. Both are great options, but if they are not the desired cone size, yes, I do suggest the IA LI or IA FL.
  9. denim

    2 sundown e8 v5 or 1 sundown x8

  10. denim

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    These are pretty rare. GLWS.
  11. denim

    Best alt and batteries on a budget?

    SSA Alternators.
  12. denim

    2 soundqubed hds8 or Skar Zvx8

  13. denim

    2 soundqubed hds8 or Skar Zvx8

    [quote name='BOOMINGRANDPA']lets see what @denim has to say about power handling on the f8l [/url][/QUOTE] [b]We have more than a few people running over 1200. I am not suggesting too, but it is happening.[/b] ;)
  14. denim

    Best 8 inch subs for the money

  15. denim

    Looking for a 12 inch subwoofer that matches my amp!

    SSA Icon will love that power.