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  1. denim

    SSA Demon Subwoofer (all new)

    Honest answer, we started many years ago with the Icon. Didn't really plan ahead with the naming structure, but the Xcon was born. They we kind of trapped ourselves with the *con names, until we veered off with the Evil. The Evil then became our premium line, and people really liked the name. So we have moved forward with that now.
  2. denim

    SSA Icon 12" vs. Fi SSD 12"

    I am pretty sure it was series, I can double check in the AM.
  3. denim

    SSA Icon 12" vs. Fi SSD 12"

    My biased vote is the SSA Icon.
  4. denim

    Wolfram audio 125.4

    Solid amp, our SSA customers have liked the performance and value.
  5. I see that often, but I can understand if funds are needed for more important things.
  6. The entire SSA Store is free shipping with orders over $99 in the lower 48 states.
  7. denim

    Help choosing 6.5

  8. denim

    6.5 midrange recs

    I submit my late vote for the SSA Evil 65's.
  9. That is a very tight budget to fit amp, sub, box, install into. Can you save up and have better options down the road?
  10. I hope you jump on it while on sale.
  11. The Dcon replacement is in production now, there is a Gcon replacement in the works, and an updated Zcon in the works. So lots going on at once.
  12. Does that budget include both box and sub?
  13. denim

    Help selecting 8"/10" for 4th order Bandpass

    Killer sub, in the budget and has worked well in 4th orders : https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/f8l-8-sound-solutions-audio-8-650w-f8l-series-subwoofer.html
  14. denim

    Best budget 12?

    Great sub from a great brand, on sale: https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/ampere-audio-2-0-rve-12-300w-rms-subwoofer.html