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  1. Sounds like a reasonable way to go about it. Thanks for taking my input seriously and not just saying "whatever bro we know what we're doing" or something along those lines. Good luck with the rest of the build and let us know the results!
  2. I meant solid runs of wire from the alts to the rear. Not anything through the frame. You're trying to pass 1000+ amps through a frame rail. Copper is 10x more conductive than carbon steel. Realistically you would need 10x more surface area of steel than copper. Figure that a run of 1/0 is good for 300 amps at that distance. You need at least 4 runs of 1/0 copper wire to carry the amperage you have on tap. That means you need at least 40 runs of steel to do a comparable job. FORTY. Picture 40 runs of 1/0 together and you get the picture. Steel is not good for conductivity. Just my opinion, but you should do solid runs of wire from front to back. Take a look at any big SPL build and you'll see dedicated runs of negative wire, especially on vehicles with multiple alternators. Not trying to knock your build because it's impressive, but I'd hate for you to have voltage problems because you overkilled on positive runs without doing any negative runs.
  3. You know, I haven't posted here in several months but I felt the need to post on this topic. Running that many grounds to the frame only is pretty much pointless, as you've relied on the steel frame to carry all the current from the alternators and not copper wiring, which is far more conductive. Did you plan on doing any runs direct from the alternator to the batteries for the ground side? All I see is positives. But realistically that many positives is complete overkill as well for the amount of alternators you have.
  4. tommyk90

    Bent Distribution Block

    I believe those blocks are held together with screws on the back side? May want to check if it does, and if so, loosen the screw and straighten the block back out.
  5. tommyk90

    B2 Zero1 and B2 Quattro

    Drats! I just saw this thread. Oh well. GLWS.
  6. tommyk90

    B2 Zero1 and B2 Quattro

    Drats! I just saw this thread. Oh well. GLWS.
  7. tommyk90

    Recommend me a battery charger

    I have a c-tek on my ATV 24/7. Does the job. I also have a schumacher and an xs power. They all work fine. Personally, I think the basic schumacher will work for 99% of people.
  8. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    Also, if you are referring to william coats, he's in M4.
  9. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    I was looking for names. lol. Anyways, lets get back on topic here.
  10. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    Scott Van Riper also broke a 180 with dd's. I think he's testing with crossfire's now. Regardless, we're getting off topic here.
  11. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    Who's your buddy? I don't see anybody even close to Blake in M3.
  12. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    I haven't lost SPL since 2006. True story. Just saying, DD's have a stereotype around them for some reason. Given the proper setup they can play low and MEAN. Personally I wouldn't use them for a "low" setup, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. ---------- Post added at 09:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:01 PM ---------- Blakes build is stupid loud. It's brutally loud for how simple it is/looks.
  13. tommyk90

    Best 15" sub for music on 3k

    Bro, I've been running DD's in MECA since 2007. I still have the loudest Street 2,3,4, and currently 5 scores on record. Nobody close in your division? My buddy blake clements runs DDZ's in M3 and is currently sitting at a 159.2. Who are you again? And don't give me any bullcrap about being "daily" or tuned low or whatever. You brought up MECA scores and classes, so I don't want to hear about why you lost. To anybody who say's that DD's (new or old) can't play low, obviously they didn't try hard enough. One of my old teammates had 4 9515f's that did 155's on the dash, 156's at the headrest and 157's outlaw, all below 40 hz. But to answer the OP's question, SP4's are beast. Honestly, any solid 2kw+ sub will do the trick as long as you build the right enclosure. Zcon, SP4, BTL, HDD, etc.
  14. tommyk90

    First Build, Confusion...

    Don't get hung up on numbers. Build it and see if YOU like it.
  15. tommyk90

    10 big bass secrets

    Not bad, but definitely don't agree on several things, especially the port and subs needing to be on the same plane.