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  1. SPLThunder

    The Holy Grails - Image Dynamics IDW Subwoofers

    They have been sent to ebay
  2. SPLThunder

    The Holy Grails - Image Dynamics IDW Subwoofers

    bump before I ebay them
  3. SPLThunder

    The Holy Grails - Image Dynamics IDW Subwoofers

    Thanks, I would really like to keep one pair but I really don't have the room in my vehicle and the basement is getting too full of audio equipment
  4. Item(s) for Sale: 2x Image Dynamics IDW-15 2x Image Dynamics IDW-18 Item(s) Description/Condition: This is your chance to own a pair of the legendary IDW-15 and mythic IDW-18 SQ subwoofers. Both sets of subs sound impeccable as they are some of the finest free air subs ever made. As can be seen in the pictures, the IDW-18s have slight scratches on the magnet stickers. One of the IDW-18 was sent to Image Dynamics many years ago for a recone. The IDW-15s have the usual mounting marks that caused some of the red paint to flake. Price: $600 for the pair of IDW-18 $500 for the pair of IDW-15 Shipping is free to the continental US. Miscellaneous Item Information: I have owned these subs for at least 8 years actually posting pictures of them back in 2006. You're probably wondering about the weird color and magnet on the IDW-15s. Indeed these were not factory options. Many years ago I purchased these subs from someone on the forums who used them in their SQ competition vehicle. He added the paint job, heat sinks, and carbon fiber end caps for show. If any of you are veterans of the forum, you may remember seeing these subs before. Item Pictures: [ATTACH=CONFIG]26548821[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548829[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548830[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548831[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548832[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548833[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548835[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26548834[/ATTACH]
  5. SPLThunder

    Usaci Shows in Wi

    The Radio Doctor in Madison will be having two competitions this summer. Not up on their web site yet but I just called them. Come try to beat me June 22 and August 17 AMS in Madison is not having any As far as the Smooth Sounds and Effects comp in Baraboo. I can't find a web site for them, and google only brings up past events. Anyone have a link for more info on it?
  6. SPLThunder

    wtb big body cars

    66ish Chrysler Newport.... Its a freakin boat
  7. SPLThunder

    Suggestions for upcoming bookshelf speaker setup

    I am thinking of buying a pair of bookshelf speakers too and was looking at these http://www.madisound.com/cygnet2.html
  8. SPLThunder

    My Top 5 HU

    I absolutely hate the EZ500. Which is good enough reason for you not to buy it.
  9. SPLThunder


    Unfortunately our education system is flawed. The books used in our schools are chosen by a committee from all areas of education. Each member on this committee is supposed to read a bunch of the candidates and vote on the best. Unfortunately they hardly ever read the books and most of the time vote on which ever company has given them more bribes… It’s kind of like the senate. As an example I know of a physical science book that wants you to calculate the wavelength of "green" and "purple" stars. It's sad really. I have no doubt that if your book says those dB readings, it is wrong. On one hand I think you need to grow up and learn the meaning of respect...On the other hand Radio Shack has cheap dB meters
  10. SPLThunder

    pop trunk and fifth wheel?

    I am curious about this "nut up with the quickness" of which you speak. How much is it, and can I purchase it at a Wal-Mart near me or is it reserved for Texas.
  11. You should tell them to hook up the acc wire to the RS. Personally I start my car and roll down the windows to find it in a full parking lot.
  12. Why do you have to assume I meant it this way. I have and install 791xv's. I have read the owners manual and instruction manual and I know it states exactly how to turn the timer mode on. If you had read this manual you would have known about this feature. I just get people asking me questions like this all time at work and really want them to know it does help to read the manual on ALL new technology the buy. Usually after I ask them if the read the manual most people said no or that they just threw it away. I wanted to make sure you hadn't done that.
  13. and read the instructions
  14. SPLThunder

    IDW boner thread

    You're going to pee you pants when you hear them. Welcome to the club. I recommend IB install if at all possible.