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    Sony Xav-602bt, Focal K2, Focal Performance, PG 8's PG 10, PG Ti2 amps

    focal k2 power 165kr sound terrible

    Try flipping the + and - wires at one of the 6.5's and see if the bass returns, from your description sounds like one of the speakers are out of phase.... If you are using the xovers that came with the set you can do it at the midrange output on the xover....
  2. Dang just saw this and I'm sure I have a few in stock if you still need one...
  3. I wouldn't say that 90% of the customers but yes it is a high amount and I do agree that this industy has gone to sh*t!!!!!! We still have to keep up the good fight by having knowledgeable TRAINED techs, sales people and owners that are more than just order takers. People whom take pride in what they do and the services they provide....great customer service goes a loooooooong way and being in business you know that people will pay more for same product if they feel that they are being catered to and taken care of.
  4. I will say this then, you should know everything that I'm talking about and yes furniture is an entirely different beast that has always had better margins than car audio. I spent a year in the furniture business sort of...(Rent to Own) but the margins in car audio don't come anywhere close to what it is in furniture though so as I stated before, you can't keep your doors open just charging labor.
  5. Jeff I know that there is a ton of competition in Cali and me not living there has nothing to do with anything because I know several shop owners there and they all would kindly decline that job. Some of the best shops in the world are out there and they absolutely charge more than that. Do you understand that there are a lot of shops that wouldn't even entertain the thought of that install because they have a ZERO policy about installing customer supplied parts ie if you didn't buy it from them then they will not install it. Those super low install prices that you speak of is just further proof of the RACE TO ZERO which has all but destroyed this industry.....
  6. You obviously don't understand what it takes to run a business either because if you did, you'd know that it takes a HELLUVA lot more than just charging labor to keep your doors open my friend.
  7. STFU????? Really, grow up dude and get out your feelings.....I've been to Cali more times than I care to count and I know several of the shop owners out there and like I said before, no self respecting shop would touch that job THAT cheap especially not having sold anything. You and I must have different definitions of what's ghetto. Hell the standard of living and income there in Cali is far greater than it is here in Arkansas, heck we are considered poverty level compared to Cali and with that being said, even ghetto shops here (which are pretty friggin bad) wouldn't touch that job for the $180.00 you say an average shop there would.....lol
  8. He better run with the quote that he got because no self respecting shop should touch that for that low of a price especially when he's not even buying anything from them either!!!!! Hell even an average shop dang sure shouldn't for the $180.00 you stated, I don't know how you came up with that stupid low number but that ain't happening bro....lol
  9. If it's like most 5-channel amps it should have a switch which lets you feed the sub channel from the main inputs...

    Mosconi AMPS


    Sony MEX-XB100BT

    I'm still playing with the Sony and a few others on display and trying to learn all the feature sets on each diff unit is a pita lol. Believe it or not but I've never played with that Pioneer unit but have always read great things about though... I will say this about the Sony's though, I'm a Sony and Alpine dealer but the Sony units out sell the Alpine's 5-1 and both are awesome brands for us.

    Sony MEX-XB100BT

    I haven't looked at the Pioneer decks in a while but I always thought the PRS80 was close to $300.00 or more????

    Sony MEX-XB100BT

    Amazing deck that out performs anything else in it's price range and then some....

    Phoenix Gold SX 6.5s any good?

    Examples please, direct driver comparisons so I can have a better understanding of your reasoning...