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  1. 97dakota

    Couple of questions

    Ok so I am looking for some recommendations for an amp for my speakers. I bought Focal 165 vr1 RMS Power=75 watts Peak =150 w 4 ohms Dumb question but I am assuming I need a channel for each woofer and each twitter so four channels. Is it as basic as finding a four channel amp putting out 75 watts rms per channel? Would I want a slightly more powerful amp per channel so I can turn the gains down? My plan is to run them active off of the computer I am now almost completed building. My goal is SQ. I am not looking or really have any desire to compete with it but want to learn how to make it sound awesome. All comments are welcomed.
  2. Well I'm not giving them away but I am sure I'll be the cheapest guy selling them. Not sure what they are worth. Make an offer I can't refuse!
  3. Here is a picture of them on the box. Haven't opened them yet.
  4. If anyone wants to buy the crossovers they are the stock that comes with these speakers.
  5. Bought focal ps165v1. Now I need to find and amp to match them. Any suggestions? 80 rms 160 max Going to get rid of the crossovers if anyone wants them. Going to start/finish the door prep and figure out a way to mount them. Hopefully there is enough clearance without to much work. Now I need to find a sub and amp. Again any suggestions are great.
  6. Maybe, can you tell me more about them?
  7. Ok, so lets talk speakers. These are what the guy at the shop, which seems to deal in large numbers with DD Audio said I would like. He also said these are probably the best sq speaker out there. I have not been able to listen to either, so there's that. A second place had these, in shop for 299. Not sure why they are showing 699 online. Maybe it was just the speakers with out the crossover. I listened to them and loved them. Edit: It was just the 6.5 and not the tweeter. I suppose my question is are there parameters for these speakers that I should or could compare? I know listening is subjective to some degree and I have only been able to listen to the one set. The higher priced focals I didn't like at all but I suppose they could have been hooked up differently or incorrectly or something. The focals I linked to seemed very full bodied so to speak I guess and the higher end focals were very metallic sounding. Opinion's vary I know but what say ya'll.
  8. Yes, I decided on a carputer. For a few reasons, not the least of which being I don't really have any idea how it all works and I wanted to figure it all out. It has not been easy and quite frustrating but once I get it all figured out I think it will be enjoyable. I am into for a tad more than a good high end head unit and I feel I will have even greater flexibility with it once it is completed. Same reason I am attempting to learn how to code using python, and I have zero experience with it. No illusion of it being a money maker for me but I am interested so thought why not. I put audiomulch on my laptop and I am figure out how that all works, so that is good news. My plan is to have wifi which can tether to my phone for the kids in the back to stream videos, and just to say I have it! Thought it would be nice ot be able to run upgrades via wifi at home as well if I want/need to. Seems that I will have a bit more control over the sound system as well with a computer based system versus a HU. Time will tell, I am not in a huge rush so I can take my time and hopefully figure this stuff out as I go.
  9. I bought it mainly for the 10 year 200000 full warranty if you keep up withthe maintenance. I put more than 100 miles a day on it just for work so having a little piece of mind is nice. I have done nothing to it yet. Been working on the computer stuff but I think your assumption of it not being difficult is correct.
  10. Ok Have the carputer put together outside of the car and running. Haven't had much time to work on it but I plan on using centrafuse as well audiomulch and a few other bits of software for the audio processing signal. Still working on the soundcard/car audio interface but its moving along. I'll put a parts list together if anyone is interested. Went to th local high end If there is such a thing and he said i want dd audio A class speakers and tweeters and either 2 8 or 1 10 sub. Outside of the dd audio he talked about infinity reference I believe though they were a bit higher priced, and neither were able to be listened to. I listened to some focal speakers as well, and loved them. They were not the highest end but the second highest in price at least that I liked. It seems like dd audio is not mainstream and i kind of like being different. I'm on my phone and will link to both in a bit but would appreciate any opinions on either.
  11. I will thanks. I have not updated this but I have decided to do the carputer. I've bought most all of the parts and working on install audiomulch and a few other items. Still have not decided on the speaker system yet but that will be next after I get all of this installed. I'll take a load of pictures and write up what I did. Plan is to make it as stock looking as possible. Should be fun.
  12. Fair enough. Is that because of the added complexity of the computer and the sound system together makes it difficult to know which could potentially be the issue or just that it is a lot of work?
  13. Another question. As stated my goal is to have a kick ass sweet sounding system in the car and if it's loud so be it but not the first goal. I found the Carputer thread and now I can't quite comprehend some of the techyy stuff but I like the idea of having the, to a novice, seemingly endless possibilities. Can I get awesome sound quality running from a home built carputer? I have multiple friends/family that are software dudes and the like so I can bounce questions if I need. I really enjoy having projects and learning something new, just don't want to get %2000000 over my head.
  14. Thanks for the info. I think I like the idea of prepping everything and then doing the install. I like having projects to work on to numb the drumming of life. Thanks again.
  15. Perfect, I was thinking I might go that route while I figure out excatly what it is that I want to put in it. Is there preferred sound deadening material or manufacture? I think I used some kind of roofing metallic rubberized tape on my build 20 years ago. I would assume stuff has improved greatly since then.