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  1. Well guys, I can give you all updates but they will be without pictures till I get my laptop back or a replacement from Asus. I ordered my 4 D4 SA-8 V2's on Thursday. Going to take 3 days to get them shipped out because they need to go through Quality Control first. So I'm looking at getting a sub woofers in by Wednesday or so. Right now I'm currently working on a temporary box made out of wood, not with a fiberglass bottom like I originally planned, although im going to still try to give fiberglassing a shot. So by my calculations of dentistry wood box only I can get 3.65 cubic feet of air space before displacement. I'm going to make 2 ports. 1 firing on each side at the rear driver side door and one firing at the rear passenger side door. I am also going to be doing slot ports. 3 different ports making them interchangeable to slide in and out just to play with them. The 30hz port will be in the box primarily. The other two are just to play around with. 1st - 30hz 2nd - 35hz 3rd - 40hz I'm going to be doing a fiberglass front baffle for my subs so I can get some experience on fiberglassing. Maybe this will help me learn how to fiberglass so when i make my second box, I will have already played with fiberglass and will know how to fiberglass the bottom portion of the box. I was surprised that my calculations that I can go and get 3.65 cubic feet of air space just by building a wood box. So I'm making 2 boxes, one on each side and a middle piece to connect the two. Still haven't figured out how I'm going to mount my super long Audiopipe 30001D amplifier. I'm not gonna worry about it too much because this is only a temporary box and I am not going to use my plexi glass to make this box to all custom. I'll focus on my customization with the windows and the plexiglass with leds, logos in the plexi and everything else. So when I do my fiberglass bottom box, I should be able to get at least probably 4 cubic feet especially by using Precision Ports.
  2. Not sure if a 1/2" is enough, or atleast it wouldn't be for me because my Audiopipe AQX-360.4 is a bit thicker than most amps. I still haven't figured it out yet. I have been focusing on other things. If you do it or find another solution, please post your results in this thread. When do you plan on doing this? Im a out to install my subs next week
  3. Im beginning to build up my threads of useful knowledge, experiences, and answers again. Its been a while. I need to get my laptop back so I can update my build log and add another build log of a customers car I did a couple weekends ago on my birthday weekend. He drove 250 miles for me to install it. I had him help since he wanted to learn so I had to stop every 10 minutes to help him, show him how to do something, redo/correct his mistakes, etc... or I would have had it done in two days instead of 4 days. Didn't help the first 2 days we were running around all over north Dallas getting stuff like an amplifier wiring kit that he said he already had, but it was cheapo junk and 8 guage power and ground and among other things like s "2000 watt amp" that actually only put out 400wrms at 2 ohm + more crap we had to chase down last minute
  4. Indeed you did! Im beginning to build up my threads of useful knowledge, experiences, and answers again. Its been a while. I need to get my laptop back so I csn update my build log and add another build log of a customers car I did a couple weekends ago on my birthday weekend. He drove 250 miles for me to install it. I had him help since he wanted to learn so I had to stop every 10 minutes to nelp him, show him how to do something, redo/correct his mistakes,etc... or I would have had it done in two days instead of 4 days. Didn't help the first 2 days we were running around all over north Dallas getting stuff like an amplifier wiring kit that he said he already had, but it was cheapo junk and 8 guage power and ground and among other things like s "2000 watt amp" that actually only put out 400wrms at 2 ohm + more.
  5. [QUOTE=Bettr n' Revrse;7990556]@Trancer...[/QUOTE] It is I Better is saying I know these trucks extremely well. I have done plenty to my 08 crew cab Sierra, subthump ultra deep dual sealed 12" box. Ran RE SeE12Msomps in the 12's till decided to go louder, so that sub set up is gone. I have ran 3 amps, now im down to two now. Big 3 upgrade, inatalled the kicker PDK01 0/1awg amp kit, Installed 6.5" woofer and 1 7/8 tweeter Focal component set. I had to run 3/4" MDF speaker ring adapters to clear the window. I believe it was fo the front, but you could be ok as I am running Focal Utopia comps in the front and Focal K2P. Comps in the rear. Now that I think about it, due to the rear foor being smaller than your front door and your front window and window track location. Depending on your midbass driver's mounting depth, you may have to make your own or buy a pair. I have an extra pair in my garage if you need them. I ran my front tweeters in the factory APiller location. For the rear comps, I flush mounted my tweeterd in my foor just above the mids. I kept my factory cd player on purpodr. An aftermarket deck would just look tacky in our trucks, so im running a Digital Sound zp Processor, the Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.1. They made a .2 also, but both aren't made anymore so you'd have to buy one used. If you aare keeping your OEM cd player, then grt a Digital Sound Processor. Don't get s cheap LOC. Its cheap for a reason. This will be the source of your audio. I plan on upgrading my zozezm cd player to a full 7.1" Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT. Its their flagship GPS/DVD model and retails at $1499.99. This way here, still looks stock woth the optional overpriced Navigation screen, but the Z130BT will be 10 x's better than the OEM Navi @ hlf the price. I raised my rear seats 3 inches with T6 aluminum square tubing. Im currently building a ported box for 4 Sundown Audio SA-8 V2's which will ne here middle next week. Im getting roughly 3.7 cu ft gross just by building a full wood box. I, will be working on a fiberglass boc after this one is done. I get impatient so if I have bSs in my truck, I can really take my time and get creative and make it look really good. I swear up and down and I am a true believer in Audiopipe amps. Taking off the trim is easy. Start with the flat long door sills. Work your way around. There are 3 bolts, 7mm I think? In the rear door. Pop off the plate behind the pull handle, there are two of your 3 bolts in there. Right below that, behind the door handle, pop that off. There is your 3rd bolt. Pop off the window up and down switch block. Its about 8 inches long or so. Unplug it. Start from the bottom and once you get one good pull off, the rest of the rest oof the door comes off easy. I wrote all of this on my phone. I still have alot of advice to give but my $1700 laptop took a crap on me so its getting sent to Asus today maybe. Advice on tips and tricks, exhaus5, etc... Go in the build log section and search for my thread. I need to update it, but its harder to do withou my laptop.
  6. Trancer

    FS: (2) Napa batteries

    No, they are not
  7. Trancer

    What noise is this from my subs

    When I installed the top and bottom assemblies, it took me a bit to get them to align right, but after about 5 minutes on each sub, I was able to get them to bolt down with them being straight. TJ, if they arent straight, dont force them. Make sure they are aligned perfectly straight. I got all 4 bolts on both subs to align perfectly. it takes time and a little patience, but they align up. What I had to do was tighten the bolts down like you do when you put on a tire. Do one bolt with a full turn, then go directly across and do a full turn there, then do the side one with a full turn and so on till you have it bolted down completely. I believe I told you thats how you had to do it in a text message when you were having issues getting them to align.
  8. Trancer

    What noise is this from my subs

    Thats correct. That is the reason why his subs arent performing properly. Since its not tightened down all the way, there are several mechanical issues that are causing his issue. They need to be tightened down all the way in order for the subwoofer to function properly. TJ, if you ran this sub like this for very long, you very well may have damaged the subs. I took the subs out of the box and assembled the top and bottom and i fit flush. It was purchased brand new from TC Sounds a couple months ago and had been sitting on my kitchen counter during that time while I was trying to sell them. I never got to test the subs. I traded in two of my TC1000's that were blown and Thilo offered me a deal to trade. I sent in two of my TC1000 12's and was given an LMS-R 12. I wanted a pair so I purchased another LMS-R so I could sell these as a pair, knowing I had no way of running these subs in my crew cab Sierra. I have been planning for the past 6 months to run 4 Sundown SA-8's, which I just ordered from my dealer and I get to go pick the 4 SA-8 V2's up at his store next week. I purchased the LMS-R 12's to sell, not so I could run them. I dont have the room in my truck and it was never my plan to run 12's. I have been running 12's for the past 10 years. I wanted to do something different. So the money left over was going to my SA-8's. But since the OP wanted them by Friday, I opted to upgrade his shipping, insure them, ship two subwoofers in 4 boxes, just like they came from TC Sounds, insured them, Indirect Signature Required and ended up paying $99.98 for shipping so I actually didnt make any money on them after shipping. So TJ, you need to tighten the bolts down all the way and make sure there is no gap, reinstall the subs and hope that you didnt damage the subs by rwn and with running power to the subs with the gaps in like that. You can see pictures from my For Sale thread that I had both subs with the top and bottoms attached, bolted down and no gap in between the top and bottom assemblies. If there is an issue with the subs, then they were damaged either by running power with the gaps and not being bolted down all the way and/or the one thing that I said was EXTREMELY important when I told you when you were marrying the two assemblies and sliding the voice coil down into position. Its very important when doing this, that you do not let the voice coils touch the sides when lowering it down to the motor. If you do this, you can damage the voice coils. Another thing while you have the subs out, is to use a DIMM on each voice coil. If the readings are off, then you damaged the voice coils unfortunately and would have to buy a new top assembly, which Parts Express sells them seperately, which is actually good for you so you wouldnt have to send them off to get them fixed. Let me know how it goes after you bolt them down. I can work with Thilo and/or Kyle with you, but like I said, if its still not working, its due to either or both of those reasons I stated above as they are brand new subwoofers that never saw any power or been inside of a subwoofer box. I even have pictures in my For Sale thread showing DIMM readings I believe. I could be wrong. Since they are brand new, then I may not have taken the time to use my DIMM.
  9. Trancer

    What noise is this from my subs

    They come shipped seperately. The top piece (cone, voice coil, and basket) is shipped in a box and the bottom assembly (Magnet) is shipped in another box.
  10. Trancer

    What noise is this from my subs

    That's how the new TC Sounds voice coils look. Its a new baking process they use. Correct guys. If the voice coil was cooked, would the entire voice coil on both subs look like that? No
  11. Where at in Texas are you located? I got screwed on an Amp kit today that is marketed as a 4 gauge but is clearly an 8 gauge. I understand that the strands wouldnt be as high as my Stinger or Kicker wire I was running, but when strand size was the same size as some 8 gauge cable I had from walmart, then there is obviously something wrong.
  12. Trancer

    Mechman 270A alt

    They should have supplied you with the invoice showing you the receipt. If you lost it, then they should have it on file and can give you the SKU# which will identify which exact alternator you have.
  13. Well this didnt help much regarding my first post
  14. Well guys, I just got my truck back from getting my new black larger 4" tail pipes installed along with replacing my Flowmaster 40 Series muffler to a SpinTech 6000 ProStreet muffler. I must say, I love the look of the new black exhaust tips. Since I have painted the chrome front and rear bumpers along with the factory grill black to match... I have gotton rid of all of the chrome. The only chrome I had left on the truck was the 3 1/2" exhaust tips. So now its official. Im fully blacked out (unless you include my rims, which I havent decided if I should save up and get some black 20's. I like my factory 20" wheels.) Let me know what you all think about me getting black 20's. I had some in mind. I'll have to start looking again. Now as for the sound. WOW. Im simply amazed. Its lower, has more authority, deeper, nice low loud rumble, and its louder. It was well worth switching it out. I loved the sound of my Flowmaster 40 Series muffler, but it was time for a change. I'm one of those guys who like a change every 3 years whether its a new vehicle, different exhaust, different subs, etc... I'll have to bust out my GoPro Hero2 HD 1080p camera and mount it to my tailgate like I did last week to hear my Flowmaster 40's. I did that so I could show all of you the difference in the sound and so when I sell my Flowmaster, people can hear how great that Flowmaster sounded. It's a great muffler. Nothing wrong with a Flowmaster 40 series. I enjoyed it. This would fit on a car or a truck. Its a single in, dual out. So if anyone wants a great sounding muffler, which I believe the Flowmaster 40 is the best sounding series muffler made by Flowmaster, let me know. Im selling it for cheap. What do you guys think of the exhaust tips? Here are my old tips. Sorry I dont have a better pictures. This is the only picture I have of the rear of my truck. This is when a couple of @ssholes decided to attempt and steal my wheels. They had all lugnuts off and got one wheel off and the jack fell on them so my drivers rear wheel was halfway on, halfway off. Good thing was, was that my truck was just a few months old so when I got a new wheel and tire, there was no difference in wear and tear. But hey, I got me a new jack out of the deal. I invested in Gorilla locking lugnuts for every single stud. New tail pipes