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  1. kmu

    6.5 sub

    How would 4 SA6.5 on 1,200 watts rms sound? was thinking about doing a triple 8" set up for my next build but maybe 4 6" subs would do a nice wow factor
  2. The amp I will be using was dynoed at 1,037 watts rms at 2 ohms and 1,383 watts rms at 1 ohm With impedance rise I could do something like 3 Dayton ultimax getting around 300 rms each for a total of around 900 watts rms at 1.3 ohms or 2 SA8v2 with around 500 rms each for a total of 1,000 watts at 1 ohm
  3. I decided to do a quick search for 8" subs with low Fs and found the Dayton Ultimax to have one of the lowest Fs out of most 8" subs with 31.6 Hz, the Daytons handle 300 rms and require a .75 cf net enclosure tuned to 30 hz What do you guys think of them? with 3 of them in dual 2ohm voice coils I would be getting a 1.3 ohm load and probably be giving each sub about 300 rms
  4. So going by everyones suggestions it would be better to get a pair of SA8v3 instead of the Xs? I already got the NVX1200.1 amp, but I could alwas upgrade in the future if my truck could handle the amp upgrade without doing much upgrades on the electrical system besides the big 3 Thx again for all the suggestions
  5. The box can be up to 4 cf gross, the reason I was leaning into 8" woofers was just because it would fit just right (height wise for the box) and wanted to do 8" subs...
  6. by set up right you men with a good designed box? any suggestions?
  7. One of my local dealers is giving me a good price on 4 JL 8w3v3s, but wanted to look for something different, those should work good on 1,350 watts rms
  8. Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 amps are NVX 750.1 and NVX 1200.1
  9. Ive been debating for a long time on which 8" set up to go with to upgrade from my JL 10w3v3 set up, need some suggestions if its worth it and if Im going to notice any difference in output. Current system: 750 rms to a single JL 10w3v3 in a JL ported box (seems on the small side, don't know what its tuned to) Upgrade to: 1,350 rms to a dual Sundown Audio x8v2 (ported tuned low and I can go as big as needed to get the best output possible) Would I notice any low end improvement specially in the 30 hz to 40 hz area? how would the sound quality be with the sundowns compared to the JL? Im looking for a much better output in the low frequency area while still maintaining the wow factor by using small diameter subs. THX
  10. Can a larger diameter dustcap be added over the original dustcap on a subwoofer? does it affect the performance?
  11. Yes this is something I had in mind, to hydro dip a full face dust cap, can any sub have a full face dustcap?
  12. Just out of curiosity if anyone has done it, im finishing a hunting rig and wanted to see if it was possible to do it and add camo to the subs and how. Anyone done it?
  13. kmu

    Taramps MD 8000.1 amp

    Thanks!!! sorry missed that last reply
  14. kmu

    Taramps MD 8000.1 amp

    Do this amps have subsonic filter on them? been looking at amp pictures but can't find any
  15. kmu

    Taramps MD 8000.1 amp

    Thats some impressive numbers that little amp is putting!!! What do you guys estimate the 1ohm version would be doing at 1.3 ohms? Its rated at 1800 1ohm and 1400 2 ohms