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  1. What would you suggest for the best output specially in the lower fz notes? THX
  2. Ive seen on SUVs subs and port firing back or firing up, and subs firing up and ports to the back but never seen a set up with the subs firing to the back and the port up, can it work? Its for a Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. Just placed the order for 3 F8L subs!!! What flared round port do you guys recommend I should use? I want to order it online I want to use the recommended .55 cf enclosure per sub (after displacement) size and frequency tuned to 33 Hz
  4. Awsome, Im on a vacation trip and currently posting here from my phone, I will get back to my computer in a couple of days to make order. hopefully the sale last until Monday night when I get back home Thanks
  5. Im thinking about starting with the 3 F8L sub set up and then upgrade to the Orion XR 2500.1 or if the Orion HCCA 2000.1 SPLX comes out get that one.
  6. Im ready to upgrade my audio system on my Grand Cherokee SUV, Im currently running a nvx 750 amp with a ported JL 10w3v3 and want more SQL output with 8" subs. I already bought a NVX 1200.1 which is dynoed at around 1,400 rms but I can always sell it and get the Orion XTR2500.1 What set up will sound louder and get better low end extension if both boxes where tuned low (32 to 34 hz) Im not dead set on subs. Option 1 Keep the NVX 1200.1 and get 4 subs like the image dynamics IDQ8 wired to 1ohm (200 sq inches of cone area and 1400 rms before impedance raise) Option 2 Buy a Orion XTR2500.1 and get 3 SSA F8Ls wired to 1.3 ohms (150 sq inches of cone area and around 2,500 rms before impedance raise) Thanks in advance
  7. kmu

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    Thanks for the box info!!! Where did you get that 6" port at?
  8. kmu

    Fusion rebuild with 8's

    Great 8" set up you got there, can you please give us some info on your box, what is it tuned to? what size flared port is it? What amp are you running to them and ho many watts rms are they getting?
  9. kmu

    6.5 sub

    How would 4 SA6.5 on 1,200 watts rms sound? was thinking about doing a triple 8" set up for my next build but maybe 4 6" subs would do a nice wow factor
  10. The amp I will be using was dynoed at 1,037 watts rms at 2 ohms and 1,383 watts rms at 1 ohm With impedance rise I could do something like 3 Dayton ultimax getting around 300 rms each for a total of around 900 watts rms at 1.3 ohms or 2 SA8v2 with around 500 rms each for a total of 1,000 watts at 1 ohm
  11. I decided to do a quick search for 8" subs with low Fs and found the Dayton Ultimax to have one of the lowest Fs out of most 8" subs with 31.6 Hz, the Daytons handle 300 rms and require a .75 cf net enclosure tuned to 30 hz What do you guys think of them? with 3 of them in dual 2ohm voice coils I would be getting a 1.3 ohm load and probably be giving each sub about 300 rms
  12. So going by everyones suggestions it would be better to get a pair of SA8v3 instead of the Xs? I already got the NVX1200.1 amp, but I could alwas upgrade in the future if my truck could handle the amp upgrade without doing much upgrades on the electrical system besides the big 3 Thx again for all the suggestions