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  1. most likely selling the 30s however mite end up doing 26" 3 piece.... was gonna do 28" however im trying to get off the car stuff as much and spending more money and time on my family.... so the rim size isnt a big deal to me anymore... as long as im happy with the outcome is all that matters well see down the road what happens with the wheels situation
  2. 408... and running 411 gears on a highly modded 700r..... motor got around 525hp.... gonna have it dyno'd for exact numbers after i get it all together
  3. thanks man. ya i rode it basically stock last year... this year it wont be out til its 100% complete... hoping by june it will be ready. im riding with xplizit cc now so gotta go hard or go home!!! hit me up we can figure some stuff out if you want 708 937 3120
  4. uppp to the top..... aint really did **** lately.... bout to yank the motor and trans out.... gotta get the trans built up to handle the power of the motor i did buy some new stuff however got me a 96 impala ss steering column (no column shifter,,, floor shifter conversion) got me a floor shifter for a 4 speed from a 442 cutlass with all the brackets and necessary parts to do the full swap. got a few trim pieces from a doner car - b pillar chrome trim (came on newer broughams) also got some quarter panel pieces cut off a car so i can weld them on so the car wont be cut anymore (previous owner cut the quarter panel to fit 26s on big tires) i dont like CUTTT i like NO CUT NO RUB!!! and looks like ima be ridin the 30s since people to broke to afford them!!!! lol
  5. paint? i havent painted it yet? lol you mite be referring to some of my pix of work i did??? but na no orange peel on my chevy either that **** gonna be wetsanded to straight GLASS!!!!!! but thanks.... told everyone im building the hardest box chevy in the midwest and im not backing down on that!!!
  6. Motor got dropped off last nite....... O yeahhhhhhhh fun time starts now!
  7. UH OHHHHH CAN YOU SAY MOTOR???? this is that GROWN MAN ****!!!!
  8. sweet stuff man.... everytime u keep adding it keeps me motivated to keep on moving forward with my fiberglassing haha
  9. i just swapped the brackets on the seats... however they are narrower now so you will have to drill out holes for one side of the seat brackets and run bolts thru the floor/tacweld in bolts
  10. thanks man. just do what i can..... glad i started messing with fiberglass cuz i kinda like doing this **** and not paying people to do it hahaha
  11. made some adjustments.... the tweeter didnt look right sitting down in that pocket... so raised it up.... looks alot better
  12. panels pretty much ready for primering after about another 10minutes of sanding
  13. this car rides just as good as some fwd cars on 22s ive owned.... im bout to pull the lift off and it will ride 10x better... going back to 28s... but ya its all about the suspension u got... the little tires all feel the same regardless of what size its all on your suspension setup to how stiff it is
  14. rims for sale 6500$ rockstarr 557 with all paintable inserts and 255 30 30 tires......... **** near brand new condition
  15. been slowly working on **** still..... redoing my door panels.... rounded over all the edge and flush mounting a 6.5" and 1" tweeter on them dash is pretty much ready... been fixing some minor edges and **** i didnt like... filling pin holes minor stuff not much left to do to it but reprimer a few spots that i touched up rings made to flush mount