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  1. bigbassman

    2 4OHM subs

    maybe? Loyd L.
  2. bigbassman


    DJ is good people.. down to earth.. we shoot pm's back and forth just shooting the crap on here... Loyd L.
  3. bigbassman

    Wow.....what do yall consider loud then????

    if you can still drive while its playing... its not loud enough.. Loyd L.
  4. bigbassman

    what do u guys think would happen?

    it would eventually overheat and die.. slowly, because the goliath does full power into 1 ohm reactive... and the sony is a svc 3.6 ohm coil.. so maybe 1.2kw tops into it.. Loyd L.
  5. I'd venture to guess it would be a tight race between the MAW's, and the CVR's... the CVX's were around 2 db up on the MAW's, bandwidth limited, with the same power... hard to go wrong either way.. Loyd L.
  6. bigbassman

    DD 9918 (ultra rare quad stack) *PICS*

    those spiders will still bang she bang the plateau around 32mm... which is xmech on the venezuala frame... Loyd L.
  7. bigbassman

    DD 9918 (ultra rare quad stack) *PICS*

    duh.. :p but considering just how few of these motors there are around.... its a collectors' item of sorts.. Loyd L.
  8. bigbassman

    *post pictures of your 8" subwoofers*

    well whoever told you that is dead wrong... they do indeed come from the same place.. but they mock up, sound, and perform quite differently.. results from the great 8 challenge disproves them being the same really quickly.. they didn't come close to matching each other in subjective listening, overall output, or frequency response.. the crystal sounded vastly better, but the true bass was nearly 4.5 db louder overall.. sounds like another one of those "looks the same must be the same deals" Loyd L.
  9. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    when he was competing, he was living in New Mexico.... Loyd L.
  10. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    Nate ran DEI 1100d's didn't he chad? Loyd L.
  11. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    that would be him... ran dual 99's at finals.. but dicked around with some 10's while chasing points.. Loyd L.
  12. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    oh come on man.... you're the worlds biggest DD fan, and you don't know who nate munson is? shamey... Loyd L.
  13. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    I miss nate... good guy... easy car to push around too... Loyd L.
  14. bigbassman

    best bang for your buck

    yup... Mach 5 MAW line.. Loyd L.
  15. bigbassman

    JLW7 vs DD 3500d

    gee I dunno, does every letter model of 3500, 9000, 9500, and 9900 count?.. and what about back in the da when some lines didn't have letter designation... because if not... I guess I don't have any experience with them... Loyd L.