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  1. djjdnap

    Ford H.O. alternator

    I dont think that came off of a crown vic. all 4.6/5.4L fords other than i think a mustang look like such [ATTACH=CONFIG]26539428[/ATTACH] or [ATTACH=CONFIG]26539429[/ATTACH]
  2. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    Second interesting thought. I can run my car with no alternator. I can also run my car (after starting) with no battery. Also dc circuits power runs from neg to pos. The only neg is the battery. The alternator serves to charge the batt. the neg cable is connected to the chassis(ie chassis ground) I dont see where the idea of the alternator being a ground comes from when it is only a generator and the battery is what completes the circuit not the alternator. edit: The only thing i can see is that the engine block is cast iron v and aluminum housing which would conduct better.
  3. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    Pulls what in? The alternator doesn't pull anything in it only generates power. This is not AC, well it generates AC, but thus the diodes in the alternator that convert it to DC. Also if that was the case why don't Alternator manufacturers have a Neg post coming from the Alt? But that is besides the point, even if you are correct the Alternator is still mounted to the block directly, So anything connected to it would still be sufficent
  4. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    The easiest way i see you running this setup would be. adding another battery in the rear. Running your runs from the front to the rear batt. From the rear batt to the Amp. The rear batt would act as a distro block and give you more reserve
  5. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    By the way its not the alternator, its the engine block that is the best ground.
  6. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    Interesting guess strands dont matter, lol, scratch the editted part above. and refer to the 2 runs of a certain gauge is 2 gauges below the beginning gauge number. Edit: 1 last thing lol, catching up on some reading. http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=44574.0 Basiclly
  7. djjdnap

    4 runs?

    2 of whatever gauge wire = the 2gauge below it. so 2 runs of 4AWG= 2AWG so 2 runs 2AWG = 1/0AWG Same thing, but it would be easier to run the bigger wires to a bus bar/Distro to amp. FYI Edit... After doing it by strands however it is a significant difference.. 2052 strands for 2 runs of 1/0awg and 1568 strands for 4 runs of 4awg
  8. djjdnap

    Still Dimming

    smaller alt pulley, extra batt maybe. 1500w shouldn't tax your electrical that bad though
  9. djjdnap

    Re mt motor

    How much for both? Gonna make them 18's anyway
  10. lol +1nage I think for the shipping address they called me. and i just took a pic of my id
  11. Clear your PM's says your inbox is full
  12. Hard earned $$$ sent!!! Hopefully this is the last amp i buy lol