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  1. maylar

    Amp Protect help...

    I'm thinking bad amp too. Current sensing is shutting it down when under load.
  2. maylar

    I just got burned on eBay

    The pics that the OP posted show the package is damaged. Maybe the FedEx yo just looked inside and saw a big azz amp and decided he wanted it.
  3. 50-150 is the range of the lowpass filter, not the amp's specs. That web page is misleading.
  4. maylar

    Ground Loop Help

    By ground loop do you mean alternator whine? And does it go away when you unplug the RCAs from the HU?
  5. maylar

    amp repair?

    Unsolder it & remove it, then measure the resistance across the outer terminals. That's the resistance value. If the amp is 2 channel then the control will have 2 identical 3 terminal sections. Then go to Mouser electronics or DigiKey and search their list of "potentiometers". You'll need to find something with the same physical size and terminals. Since it's a gain control, you will want an "audio taper" pot. search example - dual audio potentiometer | Mouser Electronics, Inc.
  6. maylar

    amp repair?

    If you're OK with opening the amp up yourself, that problem can often be fixed by spraying a cleaner solution into the gain control and rotating it back and forth. This assumes of course that the control is an "open" style and not sealed. If the control is sealed, it'll need to be replaced. Radioshack - Products
  7. maylar

    Does anyone know when Pioneer head units start clipping?

    I believe he's referring to the volume level where speaker outputs clip vs. the preouts. On most head units the speakers clip earlier - I have no idea why manufacturers do that.
  8. maylar

    Mid Bass Not Sounding Smooth?

    The doors may not rattle, but they can resonate and cause boominess. I would put damping in the doors. Nice taste in music, BTW.
  9. maylar

    6.5" Speaker box dimensions

    Typically 0.2 cu ft. is a good volume for 6.5's or 6x9's. I'd probably use 1/2" MDF or birch ply.
  10. maylar

    Need help with car audio PLEASE

    Lights dimming is not a gain issue - it's a battery / alternator / wiring issue. Have you done the "big 3" wiring upgrade to the Jeep? And where is the amp located?
  11. maylar


    What roadster? If it's an MGB it could be positive ground, which will make it a challenge. Convertible? $109 for a stereo and speakers is bottom rung stuff. What is your budget? What size speakers does the car have, and does it have a cutout in the dash or will you be mounting it custom?
  12. maylar

    Installing a new amp - Fuse Question.

    Yup. Just tape em up. It's OK to leave them connected in the dash if it makes it easier for you.
  13. There are 2 ways to do this. 1) You can run each channel to its own sub. That would require opening the box, rewiring the subs, and either adding another pair of terminals or just use wires poked through a hole in the box. or... 2) Your amp is capable of being "bridged", which means the 2 channels are configured such that they can be combined into one. You would use the outer 2 terminals on the amp's + - + - terminal strip. There is a caveat for that - you need to be certain that the subs do not present less than 4 ohms of load, else you can damage the amp. If you can get an ohmmeter (or a DMM) measure the resistance between the 2 terminals. If it's around 4 ohms then bridging would be safe.
  14. maylar

    Installing a new amp - Fuse Question.

    For 180 watts 20-25 amps would be fine. Music is about a 5:1 peak to average ratio, so under normal use you won't be drawing 13 amps average.