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  1. For acutally listening to music I've never understood the desire to have two giant subs or 4 12's or anything over the top like that. A few years back I put a 15" Diamond D6 in my nephew's grand prix with a $140 1000w Audiopipe amp and a ported box I designed and built. I could hear him a the end of his driveway over 1000' away (yes I measured it). I have a single (~$150) 12" on 1kw in my minivan -- it is plenty (more than enough) to keep up with my components that get ~400w, and it's loud into the mid 30's. IMO - if you can't blow the doors of a CR-V with a quality pair of 12's, you're not doing it right.
  2. n2audio

    do i need good speakers for a sub?

    sooo, which HU's offer that kind of power?
  3. Assuming you're only using 2 channels of the amp what you're doing should not be causing any significant problems. Any standard 4 ch can be used with two channels bridged to power a 4 ohm sub. So what's the problem? My guess is that you simply have a low quality amp that's not responding well to being run at its minimum impedance. The only other thing I can think of would be to make sure the amp has room to breathe.
  4. n2audio

    Pioneer GM-D8604 Amp Dyno

    No SSF on that? Strange. Regardless, 36 is pretty average. From the plots I've looked at tuning usually has to change quite a bit to see (hear) a noticeable difference in performance. Unless you're cranking out ultra low stuff at full volume or close to it I wouldn't worry about it. You'd have to get well into the 20's before anything gets weird.
  5. n2audio

    do i need good speakers for a sub?

    well, in that case, sure. Just keep the gain down, probably set the low pass pretty low too, they'll sound fine. An amp to support your front speakers would help things blend better -- also would give you a high pass filter to cut the lows, which is what causes the majority of the distortion in full range speakers.
  6. n2audio

    do i need good speakers for a sub?

    With what you're describing you have no need at all for a pair of 12's. One decent 10 would probably be enough to drown out your full range speakers at high volume.
  7. n2audio

    its cheap, but is it that bad?

    Sub is weird -- EBP makes it look like a sealed box or HUGE ported box sub. It plots OK sealed, big. Ported -- if you assume it's tuned high like most prefab's (~40?) it will be peaky at 50-60hz, dropping about 8dB from 56 to 35hz. That might work out ok if there's some cabin gain in the lower freq's. I could see mechanical issues if you're trying to blast Techmaster (mid 30's and down). Decent amp, decent sub (it seems), functional box -- for $360 shipped seems like it would be hard to lose if you're looking for a budget 15" set up.
  8. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    Not EVERYTHING, but getting there.
  9. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    I need 200x2 min. I'd prefer 250-300x2. Doing that with a 2 ch at 4 ohms is not as cost effective as a bridged 4 ch. Been doing it this way for years. Sure, I could get a Pio or PPI or something everyone knows is a decent amp for a good price, but that takes half the fun out of it. I want to find that cubic zirconia in the rough.
  10. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    Optimizes powah mayng!
  11. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    Uhhh - I didn't. I was just identifying an amp and trying to guesstimate power output. With brands like these I usually just look at fuse size.
  12. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    4500.2 -- what, maybe 350x2 at 2. 200x2 at 4? That led me to the Orion zt1500.4. Says 90x4 at 4.
  13. n2audio

    It's official, I'm a cheapskate

    That's a misprint. I think that is the 2 ch dimension. The 4 ch's ~12.5" IIRC. WIth a pair of 30's it ought to make SOME power.