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  1. We're working on this right now.
  2. Who wants to be the first to try the new Classifieds? In trying to make things easier and more streamlined for selling, buying and trading items, we've implemented a new classifieds plugin for the forums. It should help members buying items be more informed about the products and make for a safer transaction. In turn, it should help sellers also, in helping make listing items easier and transaction tracking more simple. https://www.caraudio.com/classifieds/
  3. Just an update, we're still working on the rebuild process to restore all previous functionality, such as search and itrader feedback, etc.
  4. Administrator


    The newest posts is working on being brought back online up at the top.
  5. Hey everyone, we're still in the slow process of getting the forum back active again. We still have a long way to go, in returning it to full functionality, so please bear with us. The forum migration and rebuild process is very slow and things will continue to improve as the hours pass. We apologize for the long time it has taken for this, but sincerely believe it's the best option for the forum in the long run.
  6. We're aware of issues and are working on it as fast as we can. Please bear with us.
  7. Administrator

    DNS Issue

    We forgot to remove some firewall blocks, so only partial traffic was getting through.
  8. Administrator

    DNS Issue

    The issue should now be repaired. Please post here if you notice any issues with outages.
  9. We're aware of a DNS issue and working on resolving it. In the meantime, you may notice brief site outages. We apologize.
  10. Administrator

    ? instead of picture

    What format are they?
  11. When did this start occurring? I've noticed feedback left is a lot lower than usual, since the ordeal a few weeks ago.
  12. You will need to do an advanced search, by clicking on the advanced search link and selecting the individual forums you want to use.
  13. Administrator

    Not loading

    I think the plugin is working normally again, will see. I won warez at auction. Tried to get warez.com at auction also. This was around 2008 or so I think. But opinions are welcomed! I'd love to get traffic back up to 2008 levels. I realize I've devoted too much time to other projects lately, but I'm very open to helping the site get back to it's "glory days".
  14. Administrator

    Not loading

    Coincidently, I own warez.org for an investment. Anyways, the main reason we have to keep the site "clean" is because of the sponsors and advertisers. Most will not allow their ads to be displayed on a site unfit for their target audience. Which is usually shoppers who want to feel safe purchasing from that site, among other ethical reasons. The frontend/backend will be fixed and new mods will be implemented, just doing things one step at a time right now so to speak. A site can always be hacked however no matter what version software you're own. As I had said earlier, I try to make sure all security holes are plugged, when notified.
  15. Administrator

    Not loading

    Is it a popup window or takes you to an actual page with a password box?