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  1. Administrator

    Creepy info

    The information shown has been drastically cut down per request. If you don't want members knowing your location or age, you can easily remove this in the profile section of your account. To be honest however, since this is a car audio related sales/transaction site, it seems the more information a potential buyer knows about you the better. This was the main intent on providing the user information tidbits.
  2. Administrator

    Creepy info

    There is an option of whether or not to show this. I went in and turned it off for you in your profile.
  3. Administrator

    Old School Roll Call

    Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat took a lot of wind out of the sails. Instead of sitting on here, members decided to go there instead.
  4. Administrator

    Paid vendor area?

    The new vendor memberships allow you to post ads in the corresponding classifieds area and also allows you to create your own storefront in the classifieds to sell items.
  5. Administrator

    WTT Massive Audio EX5 for Wolfram w-125.4

    You must post a photo of your item with your forum username visible in order to post an ad here. Please correct this ASAP.
  6. Administrator

    Where did Build Logs go?

    Please try again now
  7. Administrator

    what happened to my SHIT!

    Everything should be accessible from your profile at: https://www.caraudio.com/profile/559176-sethphillips/?do=content&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1
  8. Administrator

    truck box install 003.jpg

  9. Administrator

    truck box install 003.jpg

  10. Administrator

    Yo. Administrator.

    I changed this from 5 min to 24 hours. Hope that helps.
  11. We're working on this right now.
  12. Who wants to be the first to try the new Classifieds? In trying to make things easier and more streamlined for selling, buying and trading items, we've implemented a new classifieds plugin for the forums. It should help members buying items be more informed about the products and make for a safer transaction. In turn, it should help sellers also, in helping make listing items easier and transaction tracking more simple. https://www.caraudio.com/classifieds/
  13. Just an update, we're still working on the rebuild process to restore all previous functionality, such as search and itrader feedback, etc.
  14. Administrator


    The newest posts is working on being brought back online up at the top.
  15. Hey everyone, we're still in the slow process of getting the forum back active again. We still have a long way to go, in returning it to full functionality, so please bear with us. The forum migration and rebuild process is very slow and things will continue to improve as the hours pass. We apologize for the long time it has taken for this, but sincerely believe it's the best option for the forum in the long run.