SX trunk firing

SX trunk firing

low q pic going on but with a nice setup
Keep it that way = LOUDER, also tighten, screw down every hole on your licence plate to reduce rattle, also secure all wiring around the area!
i'm gonna start dynomatting this week, but i turned it back around for now.
lol to much rattle for you at teh moment?
you are gonna turn it the otehr way again when the dynamat is installed right?
Looks good. We can be in the "No, your luggage will have to go in the backseat" club together.

- Steve
chuch - yeah, i'm gonna turn it back post-dynamat and give it a try. If I don't like the SQ it gives, i'll cab fire it again.

Steve - that would be a cool name for a car audio team - - Backseat Luggage ;)

or something to that effect.
make sure to put lots of dynamat on the trunk lid, and make sure to tighten up anything thats rattling and making noise. after u do that u will see that firing out the back is much better than into the cabin
You guys should hear it.....
OK, dyanamat is in, and it's trunk firing. Hurts my head realllly bad. :)