dang! it's loud in here

dang! it's loud in here

well as i said i found the subs on the side of the road, the things some people throw away. but the amp i got from a buddy. he sold it to me for $300.00 and from the way he explained it thats only $1.00 per watt and that's a good deal. but i don't think you could afford a setup like the one i've got drugy, not on your sallary. why don't you get a real job like unemployment?
wow dude are you seirous? you must be retarded to spend that much on that shitty amp and i bet those "subs" **** *** too
no way! i got a smokin' deal on that amp. and my subs are top of the line. what were you thinking?

your mama obviously doesn't know much about high end car audio.
Why does he need a new system?? cant you see the guys ears are hurtin, i mean he had to go to the hospital after that one thats some serious bass. how many people have you put in the hospital with your bass??
Yo dude, Yur setup is the $h1+!! Dude you need to start your own install school with that talent. Just let me know where to sign up.
ok with those speakers u have no right to plug ur ears 87 decibels is weak, ur a ******* ***** and stop copying my ***, AND GET A REAL SYSTEM
Aww looks like the wittle bass_head is butt hurt. i'd calm down if i were you i met this guy when we were in the penn. he'll whip your little *** and jack you for your pyramids