Another pic of the six-pac

Another pic of the six-pac

You are a jackass i do not know why but you are a jackass, it could be because you rated me a 7 but i dont know let me sleep on it.

Main Entry: 1great
Pronunciation: 'grAt, Southern also 'gre(&)t
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English grete, from Old English grEat; akin to Old High German grOz large

1 a : EMINENT, DISTINGUISHED <a great poet> b : chief or preeminent over others -- often used in titles <Lord Great Chamberlain> c : ARISTOCRATIC, GRAND <great ladies>

or maybe that
i've got to say this install really worked out. we may end up putting the subs in diferent boxes and ol' boy really needs a new head unit and a component set but i think we have the bass covered.
i havent had personal experiance with ss (second skin) but i have heard nothing but good things :)
check it out
why so many small subs instead of a few larger subs with greater surface area?
so your dumbass would sit at the computer and scratch his balls trying to figure it out?? Because they were cheaper and i gots a budget aight??
and he gets to brag about having a six-pac when he has a beer-belly, or is it a heroine-belly?