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    Which Brand??

    You mean there's other companies out there other than Sundown? I'm gonna have to look into this.
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    The Amp Lab

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time to give a huge thumbs up to the amp lab! i reached out to them about the M7 set screw i was in need of and couldnt find locally nor on any of the sites i looked on (i.e. fastenal etc etc) and they replied asking me for my address, i gave it and they VERY promptly replied with a tracking number. I got it yesterday and it was EXACTLY what i needed! I asked them if i could pay them for it (the package said it cost them $2.85 to send to me) and they refused instead asking for me to spread the word about their kind act and prompt service. Big props to those dudes!!
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    You don't need an arsenal of tools, a drill and a jisaw is all you need. If you dont have a drill then a couple of bar clamps work well to clamp the glue. The last few boxes i made i quit using screws and just glue and clamp the bitch. If you arent smart enough to buy a drill and jigsaw from a big box retailer and then return them when you are done using them then you should just kill yourself.
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    Best budget 12?

    Some jerkoff kid drove by my house with the Pups on full tilt... I've been homeless ever since...?
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    Welcome back

    Which is an absolute nightmare to navigate quickly. This is absolutely terrible. Posting interface looks much more powerful and modern but seeing just the recent active thread titles without scrolling was indeed the most convenient part of navigating this board. That said, does this mean Goob cares about this place now? Will he appoint some active mods to keep things clean? Oh I put up a personal best score this weekend of 158.7dB. Hopefully the new batteries show up in time for me to get a 160 on the books before the end of our season up here.
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    Will this amp work

    Shut the f**k up and get the f**k outta here. People who know way more than you gave you very helpful info and your sandy ass vag couldn't handle it. Buy your garbage bro, but don't come back here crying about it.
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    Random Picture Thread

    I wept just a lil bit
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    Wiring under 1 ohm

    Wiring a cheap amp like that Hifonics under 1 ohm is just asking for trouble and will seriously shorten the life of the amp. If you have to ask about wiring that low then you probably shouldnt be doing it.
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    Are JVC's crap stereos?

    Shows how much your friend knows. JVC and Kenwood are the same company now. I don’t think you will go wrong with that head unit.
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    As I said... this is slow going but today I got the first pair of speakers for the Active Build. AND..... It is going to be a three way build!!! I was waiting to pick up my paycheck which wasn't at work yet so I stopped by the car audio shop where I had the credit. I ask the installer if he ever came across 3.5" speakers that didn't have a tweeter on them. He said only in a component set. I said yeah, that's what I found but I don't want to buy a 3 way set. He paused, said hold on and came back with these. These will do perfectly in the factory G6 3-way speaker pods. I paid the tax on them after they used up my credit. They said they were in their sop less than an hour lol. What do you all think? Here are the speakers. They are DD Audio EX2.75 midrange speakers. Specs: EX2.75 2.75" 25 - 75 watts rms 200 watts max 4 ohm F.R. 160hz - 20khz dbSPL 87
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    Where to buy

    SSA has been a long standing American Bass Dealer: AB @ SSA
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    How long will it last?

    On music at the park... Sure feels stronger than the 4th I had in there... maybe I'll have a chance to meter it soon. I'm extremely pleased.
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    And this place looks like shit. Can you admin/developer types stop tweaking shit every other day? Fucking gay icons, colors, bubbles and stats all over the place is a bit much. It doesn't look like a car audio forum, it looks like faycbook. But I guess that's what you're going for, huh? SHARE SHARE SHARE, LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!! COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER, WHO'S ON THE LEADERBOARD? WHO'S GOT THE MOST FOLLOWERS? I remember when they were called friends, not followers. How long before the algorithms start flagging shit for the social credit system? We need this to be the safest, fairest, PC culture around, you know. Wouldn't want any of these snowflakes getting their feelings hurt.
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    Unlimited access to the hoes that hustle fo me
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    Not much .... lol You're thinking small. You need chargers/monitors, load testers, meters ect.. Drill press, band saws,drills and taps(and jigs, made for every configuration of battery you build, for drilling the holes) OR a CNC mill to make all the connecting bars/bussing in. Strong work benches that are non conductive (or mats for them that are non conductive).And all the power/hand tools required to do the job efficiently. And 1/4" 6061 is on the small side, I generally use 3/8" and up for connectors, and much larger for bussing. 1-1/2" x 2", 1" x 3", 2" x 2-1/2", ect .... a 72" piece of those is generally $100 and up by itself. And that only makes one set of 36" buss bars. I'm building batteries for systems clamping 20k+, so running 2500+ amps through the buss bars. And don't use stainless hardware, plain old zinc coated hardware is a better conductor. Make sure to use oxgard on all your connections. I won't be doing anything soon. World Finals is in two days. Get on FB, look up the DIY LTO lithium groups. Find Michael McCormick, he has a few cases of the pouch style LTO cells left . And Colin,( from Wolfram Audio) just helped organize a group buy for the same cells hispls is using. The supplier hispls is using has proven to be the best one to go through, as well, for that cell.The only one I would trust with my money The cells hispls are using are much easier to build with than the pouched cells some of us are using. But, the pouched cells have been around for a decade + and are a proven cell. And we have been using them with great results in car audio for about a year now. People are just starting to test with these new cylinder type cells. Just do your research, and choose whats best for your needs.Build it correctly, don't try and cut corners to save a dime, and you will be very happy with your end product.
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    Yo. Administrator.

    I changed this from 5 min to 24 hours. Hope that helps.
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    i think he is under the misguided idea that any of us give a flying f**k
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    convince the dumb f*ck to carry sundown. END OF STORY.
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    By the way..Grow a set ,and dont let yourself be intimidated by douche bags
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    If I was admin I would have banned him a year ago... Parts Express has 10% off for Labor day sale. Code is LDAY18. ThxOne recommend some good stuff. Then a Pioneer 8601 and 8604 for good budget amps.
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    Random Picture Thread

    She is a tad bit thin in the back side, but I am diggin them shoes though.
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    Where the hell is gramps, this thread is like the bat signal to him.
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    What does your desk look like?

    This is mine.
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    That's why I do it like this.
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    I'm so happy!!!

    Here ya go, some noods