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    all your amp choices are awful junk. Taramps md 3000.1 if you want a real 3000 rms.
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    Why two ohms? The Ev3 is old. The Ev5 is out now. 1200-1500 watts wouldn't be enough power. 4 of these. http://www.caraudiobargain.com/b-stock-sundown-audio-ev5-8-subwoofer-500w-e-series/ On a Taramps MD3000 at 1 ohm. https://www.amazon.com/Taramps-3000-1-3000w-Audio-Amplifier/dp/B07F2JQKWX/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Taramps+md3000&qid=1550596042&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell I would side port personally. Load off the rear door.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Reminds me of that ohh that oldass movie with Tom Hanks in it....back in the 80's I think it was. The Money pit!! Fuckin hilarious.. Just one thing after another. I must say tho some of the older homes were much more roomier than houses built now. Just sqweezing a house on a small lot 2 stories tall, give it 2500 sq ft and no backyard for 1/5 a mill. It happens a lot around here. I gotta agree with you...looks more than what's needed. I could be wrong but never know until the renovation starts. But....leave some $$ aside for some surprises ahead. Feel sorry for the person that's about to buy that can of worms. @Slo_Ride
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    Don't put crossovers inside doors. They will get wet and rust quickly, then fail. Always keep crossovers dry. The space between the door panel and door metal (inside) can be used, but secure it well. A 3-way is the same as a 2-way, with just one more speaker connection. You said you understood my first description, what specifically do you not still understand about a 3-way with a tweeter, midrange, and woofer driver? Subwoofers aren't connected to 3-way crossovers. Subwoofers have separate amplifier channels with dedicated crossovers (usually electronic).
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    Which amp preferred

    I know it’s on sale there that’s where I would buy it, the HCCA I can get somewhere else.
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    Soundstream and Cerwin Vega use shitty Chinese build houses for their amps. They use low grade components and they are assmebled as cheap as possible. Every possible corner is cut so the companies can still turn a profit with zero fucks given about you the consumer.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Yup... he was all about good life choices... now hes gonna be a lady for a bit then fertilizer.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Inquiring minds wanted to know, they want $99,900 for the house and @Boomin_tahoe my guess was damn near spot on, it's 4100 square feet. Its needs complete renovation and I just don't have the time for it. Here are some more pics though.
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    Yes get the taramps, it's a tiny footprint and an amp that puts out actual power. Most of us dislike Skar because the owner is a dbag and scammed a lot of people a few years back but their drivers aren't bad 1-2kw rms is what those can take, so get an amp that can do around 2kw rms after rise. i.e. the hd3k or md3000.1. optionally get the md8000.1 and turn the gain down until you upgrade A LOT of people have taramps in their vehicles, not cerwin vega, not soundstream. We tell you to avoid brands that have been around for a while that have small sales because almost all the oldschool names were sold to knock off producers about 10-15 yrs ago
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    You'd think when someone posts on a forum asking for advice, and people provide it, that they would listen. Beating a dead horse here, it's been happening forever. OP, how about you just take our advice instead of pretending you're an expert who knows more than multiple people who have been gathering information for years
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    Soundstream hasn't been great quality since the 90s. What the f**k are you smoking????
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    wew lad

    Connected my sub backwards?

    That amazing piece of technology you used to write that post gives you access to unprecedented amounts of information but you still asked. It took me 3 clicks to find the manual. Go read the manual.
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    Soundstream sucks....needs to be kicked to the curb. Hifonics is just as bad as SS. What's your budget? I would get something like this...
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    I'd wire them at 1 ohm on a Taramps MD 8000.1 and turn the gain down if they can't take the power
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    Random Picture Thread

    A guy and a gal go out for dinner, he gave her his peas, she gave him herpes.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

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    "Junk in Her Trunk" VW R32

    She sent this to me yesterday IMG_7111 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    Will this work

    It's prolly a little late, but that setup should work. Good luck!
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    First off, wow, this place is great! So today, I went to an audio shop for a cheap replacement CD player for the wife's car and looked around and that old basshead feeling came back with a vengeance. The shop I went to had Sundown audio as their premier brand. I've never heard of it but upon a bit of research, it looks pretty good. I'm just so far out of sorts with knowledge of the industry, I don't know where to start. The brick and mortar setup of the past with amazing display options are all but gone, at least in my area. The shop I went to was once the best in the city by far. They only had one tiny display setup with one brand, whereas in the past, there was an entire room there with nearly 100 head units, 30-40 sets of mids/highs, and 20 or so sub arrays to sample. I don't really have any friends still into this stuff that I could go to for advice so here I am. Please excuse the nostalgia and rant, but I simply must geek out a bit. My first system was in an '87 Mustang with a low/mid tier Panasonic receiver + an 8" bazooka tube...which I blew...three times. The same Panasonic was put into a 94 Toyota PU, very small standard cab, into a 5 sided box with two JL 10 W0s (back of box was sealed to the cab) with an MTX "20x4" (incredibly underrated) amp, and Boston Acoustics mids/highs. This system sounded amazing and hit incredibly deep but sounded terrible outside. I replaced the Panasonic with a top end Premier, it was incredibly overpriced and supposedly top of the line at the time, it had a 13 band graphic eq and the entire face had to tilt down to change CDs, but no matter what I did, it never hit nearly as hard as the Panasonic. Think the beginning of Hail Mary, the Panasonic was insanely strong on those deep hits. I eventually replaced the JL 10s with some Pioneer 10s...if I recall they looked like diamond flake. They were rather disappointing compared to the JLs...they had more midrange bass but truly lacked the deep punch I'd grown to crave. I moved that system into a Mazda MX3 which I shortly thereafter totaled and I sold all audio gear out of it except the Premier. Next, I had a Jeep Cherokee with a Memphis Belle amp. I'd put in 3x JL 12 W6 subs which I blew two of simultaneously on one of those ridiculous 90's bass CDs...and that was it, I was done with car stereos...I hate to say it but my 2nd setup, with the cheap Panasonic cd player, the 5 sided box, the MTX amp, JL 10W0s, was by far the hardest hitting and most satisfying rig I ever had. Back then, if I recall, the cat's meow were the Cerwin Vega strokers.... I just bought a 2019 Honda Accord, I'm an older guy, almost 40, midlife crisis mode? Let's just say I made sure I got the sport package + turbo engine + Hondata kit on the way yet had to get something family enough for the wife and kids. I'd like a really nice single 8" or 10"...maybe even a 12" + an amp tied into the factory setup. I by no means want any electrical risk or my car developing major rattles over time. I don't want to add any other speakers to the car and I want to conserve as much trunk space as possible. I no longer seek to be Alma Gates, but think pure stealth with some punch. The most I'd want visually outside of the trunk would be a bass knob up front (with velcro, no drilling!). Summary of what I'm looking for: deep + good range bass (inside, I don't care about outside) tying into factory system no trunk rattle or chronic rattling elsewhere from the sub a stealth setup taking up as little room as possible in the trunk no additional electrical needs outside of power to the amp from the battery Looking to spend between $500-$750. Any advice is appreciated and thanks for listening. edit...am I posting this in the wrong place?
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    Best 12" subwoofer possible?

    Trump made him do it
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    i just mean hp xover on the amp.. either use that or get hu that has one they are easier to control from hu because u have a digital read out and easier to get to.. if u want best 4 channel cheap pioneer 8604 i think it is tested higher than rated.. i just have $120 kenwood x301 (new one is 302 i think) it has all xovers u need + 13 band eq, time alignment, 24 bit da convetor, bt, usb pretty nice for the $
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    For a SQ amp, get a Zapco ST-4x SQ.. they are 189. For a mono amp pretty much any sub amp will do, but an RF power amp in the 800w range could be found for that range used. As for the Sub, check out a Datlyton Reference HO they are 156 new and come with a 5 year warranty and will at least match an IDQ in SQ.