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    wew lad

    Anybody know what this is?

    some classes of commercial vehicles require a sound be emitted when in reverse. it was probably used in a job that requires that kind of compliance in the past. oh its a e250, those things are notorious for healthcare use. definitely a backup alarm and a passive sensor probably on the left and right of the rear bumper or the front/back bumpers does the interior smell like old people?
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    Working in IT, on the help desk and some JO calls needing help with Outlook and they make more money than me. TF did you earn your degree in?
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    maybe the other guy he sold the car to has the title and is waiting on the car...
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    What sub is this? I have nooo idea!

    Oh that's right lmao
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    That's one of them there wooden boxes though
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    Sky High Car Audio WTF!!

    I normally buy 4 with fuses... Bam $25.... Always nice to have extras and always some broke ass friend that might need one.
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    wew lad

    Sky High Car Audio WTF!!

    not a 25 minimum, a $25 minimum. Huge difference. You probably shouldn't be in audio if $25 for multiple quality fuse holders is a lot to you
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    Sky High Car Audio WTF!!

    Those fuse holders are garbage. These are cheapppp and very high quality. All I use now. https://www.vtewarehouse.com/content/electromech/fuse/html/anl/anlfuse.php
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Biscuits aren't a bad idea. If you have access to the tool and it doesn't add a lot of cost or time to the build then it would be ok. Biscuits give you a cleaner look than screws and add a little bit of strength over glue by itself.
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    The modern term lab shatters hopes and dreams. Its a love/hate relationship.
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    Yes... me too... the guys on this forum straightened my "expert opinions" out. It's been a painfully expensive and sometimes embarrassing process relearning what I thought I knew. Medicine almost never tastes good but it beats the alternative.
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    No sound on subwoofers

    Asking questions ilke this is like saying "i saw a squirrel the other day, could it be rabid?".
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    Get the bill of sale. Its basically a reciept showing proof of ownership being transfered. And they say you have to have a title. Lmao.
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    You can both go to the DMV (i presume you live in the same state if not county) an he can transfer the car to you there and you order the new title. Ive done this a few times when i couldnt find the title, AND, to make sure the person buying the car got it in THEIR name cause if they dont, i am on the hook for anything that might happen while still in my name. It saves a step or two and possibly a few bucks cause it doesnt have to be notarized when done at the DMV.
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    Update: This guy is one of my ex-bosses from my other job. He is an ex military guy and it is I am sure, naive of me, but I didn't think any reason to not trust him. Lesson learned. He contacted me today and said his dad refuses to mail him the title until he (the guy selling me the car) signs over his half of some business they own jointly. So... before he contacted me I contacted my insurance company and my local DMV and what I am doing is getting a bond through my insurance company (It will cost me $100) I will take this "Bond" to the DMV and they said they will allow me to register this car and they will issue me a new title. Basically this guy is assed out if he decides to try anything. He has agreed to sign a Bill of Sale... though I do NOT need it. So, the car is mine, there is nothing HE can do about it and in a few weeks I will be driving it and doing my damn install... finally... shit lol.
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    Based on the specs provided above, that sub prefers a smaller airspace of .4-.5cf per sub tuned in the upper 30s. Larger airspace and lower tuning will make it sound more boomy. unknown 8.pdf
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    Because they’re only made out of wood right not fiberglass or any other material. I don’t know about you but everywhere I go they charge more for a fiberglass enclosure. I would think that would be cheap for a fiberglass box but a little on the expensive side for a wood one so I would’ve thought you needed to know what the box was made out of to know if that was a good or bad price, And second if that bothers you so much get a life. There’s so many angry people on here that worry about other people and not themselves and need to get laid
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    NEVER...I repeat NEVER but a car from and individual without the title in hand that is one of the dumbest ass things you could possibly do. ive bought and sold dozens of cars since I was 15 and any time the guy has some excuse why he cant show me a title I walk the f**k away.