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    Q bomb box

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    You know how I know you are clipping? you are playing 20ish hz material which is usually rebassed music and that sh*t is -5 to -1 db recording levels and you set the gains with a -10 db recording level. Just because you used an oscope doesnt mean its clean or its a correct gain setting. Its only correct for playing that test tone, not correct for playing music. Music is dynamic not a test tone, Its not the same when its 1 ohm or 4 ohm. 4 ohms you have box rise up to 8 ohms or higher thats the power you see out of your amp, i'm guessing you've never clamp tested the setup ever. You then run into the issue of not having clean dynamic headroom aka when some music has higher bass strength in the recording levels than others. WHen you wire to 1 ohm, you have all the headroom in the world for this. You also just set the gains via voltage drop so there's no excuse if you dont have the electrical. I have two 15ks off one single battery right now at 1 ohm each because my other batteries died in an accident. Its running completely fine because i found the proper level, none of the subs nor amps nor electrical system is stressed. When you wired to 4 ohms you were literally maxing out the amp 100-120% vs running 1 ohm the amp would be barely lifting a finger. which lasts longer? which gives a cleaner overall signal? I dont know how to make this any clearer to you.
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    Want advice now? I quote you in that other thread... "lol your funny i have a high output alternator actual one is pictured here , 4 batteries , i dont need to tell you these details .. im just looking to build a box and got a lecture about sealed isnt good..lmao forget i asked you guys.. i know now never to ask for help here again.. its fine with me i got my box designs through email direct from orion audio... see ya later and its a adjustable box. sealed and ported" Then this nugget... "went with ported... sorry sealed ...lol" Why ask for advice if you're just going to do whatever you are bent on doing anyways.
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    Got the meter today and finally learned what incredible deebeez this thing is hitting. 141.8 lol Keep in mind that my electrical system is bone stock and I'm running these on an audiopipe APMI-2K wired @ 2 ohm. With box rise, realistically these things are only seeing about 700-800 watts (if that). In the video I had a brain fart and said they were wired @ 4ohm. Anyways, here's the video:
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    Looking for sub recommendations

    There is a search function on this site and Google still works I believe, ported vs sealed has to be the subject of hundreds of threads, or even a simple recommendation has turned into exactly that subject. There have been some hard-headed folks lately and they've been less than willing to learn as well... just getting tedious... that's all. There has been a rash of these type of questions lately on this site, hopefully this time the subject does not degenerate into a roasting like it has pretty much every-time.
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    Only question now is what are you gonna bitch about next? You're not married are you?
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    Port size ?

    I'm still making payments on my winisd
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    Port size ?

    Well it’s kicker so anything under 40hz tuning is a waste of information......
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    "Junk in Her Trunk" VW R32

    IMG_7355 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7357 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7361 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7364 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    Im doing everything wrong plz halp

    the main rule of car audio is, less is more. Too many speakers in the system will make everything sound like sh*t and you want all the amplifier power in front, nothing in the rear, that can be left on head unit power. You will need a new radio around 100 bucks, and the steering wheel retention hardware costs around 70-80 bucks my personal suggestion, screw the steering wheel control, you can play music with bluetooth on your phone and save that money for an amp. those 600 watt numbers are not the numbers you should be looking at, you should be looking at construction material usually go for silk domes on the tweeters. You'll want decent sensitivity ratings as well aim for 90db or higher sensitivity. Go for components or raw drivers aka seperate midrange and tweeter drivers and use the head unit to actively crossover.
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    Use those new proton fuses. Filters out the dirty power to your amp.......
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    Fuses are for pvssy
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    RCA's that are threaded with a nut...
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    Might have to Google "Black cocks" to find out.
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    Bass only on 1 side

    Depends on what side your Canooter valve is on.......
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    Factory sound processors?

    So when you say prep the doors... Do you mean dynomat etc? Not trying to sound dumb, it's just happening by accident lol
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    The only movies worth my time have a Brazzers logo in the bottom right 🙃
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    Looking for sub recommendations

    The sealed vs ported subject seems to be constantly brought up by folks who have heard generalizations, have preconceptions, are scared to attempt designing/building one and have zero experience hearing a properly designed enclosure. It's easy to just make statements but to actually expand one's knowledge it takes some willingness to learn, facts are facts.... sometimes those facts might be unpleasant but they're still facts. I'd suggest you demo someones well setup system that is actually loud... it is not the 90's anymore I've heard sealed pretty loud as well, cone is king and they're inefficient and huge wastes of space and power imo.... as long as the driver is one that will work in ported I'd do it. My .02 I'm out Maybe subjective can be a bad thing if actual facts are not considered... Idk
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    Biscuits aren't a bad idea. If you have access to the tool and it doesn't add a lot of cost or time to the build then it would be ok. Biscuits give you a cleaner look than screws and add a little bit of strength over glue by itself.
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    No sound on subwoofers

    Asking questions ilke this is like saying "i saw a squirrel the other day, could it be rabid?".
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    Working in IT, on the help desk and some JO calls needing help with Outlook and they make more money than me. TF did you earn your degree in?
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    Because they’re only made out of wood right not fiberglass or any other material. I don’t know about you but everywhere I go they charge more for a fiberglass enclosure. I would think that would be cheap for a fiberglass box but a little on the expensive side for a wood one so I would’ve thought you needed to know what the box was made out of to know if that was a good or bad price, And second if that bothers you so much get a life. There’s so many angry people on here that worry about other people and not themselves and need to get laid