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    The sub over the port will be ok, they dont look too close together, what i don't like is that wide brace sitting on top of the port, it will restrict airflow in the box. You should prime with a shellac based primer like BIN so the top coat doesn't soak in.
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    NEVER...I repeat NEVER but a car from and individual without the title in hand that is one of the dumbest ass things you could possibly do. ive bought and sold dozens of cars since I was 15 and any time the guy has some excuse why he cant show me a title I walk the f**k away.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Yep lol, a few chips a day is about the extent I will go with processed foods. I draw the line at fast food restaurants.
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    ANSWERED Help with my enclosure

    I think you should get a 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid and put your sub in that, if you want it ported duct tape 2 3" pvc pics on the outside for maximum dbz
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    you can always turn it down with the sub level on your head unit. Get more power than needed. Your alt is solid, you just need a 2ndary batt to the rear. If you want to keep it in the engine bay and dont want to upgrade the alt, consider getting a LifePO4 lithium battery like jy power or limitless brands around 20 ah is more than enough for two jl 1000.1s.
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    You can kinda just upgrade along the way and test it as you add things to calculate whether it's enough juice or not. Start off by swapping out your stock battery with the biggest AGM you can fit and do the big 3. You have a pretty decent stock alt so I would see if it can handle it first with the load and if not, HO alt is next in line. No need to put extra batteries in the trunk unless you want to upgrade to bigger amps in the future. Otherwise, you're headed the right direction. If you already have the JL equipment, just use it. That's a classic setup right there. A lot of nostalgia that is worth keeping. I would've said go with the 2 1000/1's screw it but since you already have the 500/1's and you know what they're capable of, why not?
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

    And you talk shit about me eating processed foods. Jesus f*****g Christ.
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