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    Does any know how to make their own thread?
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    Random Picture Thread

    The world need more people like this.
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    wew lad

    Taramps HD3000 for $179

    I didn't think the prices would get this low lol @bigblank69 this will certainly be a big deal for your budget gem list
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    It's not making rated power if the voltage is dropping that bad to below 12v. You need a clamp meter to accurately measure its true output. 18a at 11.7v is 210w, it can't produce more than what it is drawing and no amp is 100% efficient. Impedance is reactive, so the sub isn't at a constant 2 ohms, the impedance changes with every frequency so your measuing technique is not correct and you are lacking the correct equipment to properly measure what you are trying to do. Whatever electrical system you are using to power that amp is too weak for the amp and you are getting voltage drop which is not good and can blow up the amp.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

    Ive never been a fan of Studebaker's, but this custom '39 Commander is sweet af.
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    Amplifier output is wired to the crossover inputs then each speaker (tweeter, mid, woofer) is wired to the crossover outputs for the respective speaker. Don't mix those up. The manual for the speakers should include diagrams (otherwise you can reference manuals for other brands like Alpine).
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    ANSWERED Alternator whine

    McHammer??!!?? *scratches head* Anyhow, I would try a diff set of RCA's see if that works. And check your ground. Bare metal to bare metal. These are the main reasons for alt whine.
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    ANSWERED Alternator whine

    Hey there mate! Thanks for bringing up your issue, The issue is with your head unit poor grounding inside the unit itself. I have had this issue previously with Sony and Pioneer head units. What you need to do is": take out your current head unit; apply speaker wires around your rear RCA inputs of your head unit, into a figure '8' to all of the RCA Inputs, ( if you have three, do all of them) after you have go the bare copper speaker wires to form a figure 8 shape, apply solder so it holds it shape; Ground all the speaker wires to the rear of your head unit to one point; Reconnect all the RCA with the figure 8 wires and the RCA CABLES will hold them in place; Check your grounding point and distribution connector terminals are all securely tightened on the amplifier and the grounding point as well; Check your head unit grounding point is getting a good contact as well; Hopefully, this should rectify your issue mate! Let us know how you go.