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    Moving right along

    Another box build for my cheap af type s 12s. Rushed through this one. Only one coat of the pre stain I like to use. Still turned out ok I think. Yeah i had some dowel i wanted to use up. Probably try window bracing for the next box. We'll see how it does probably Monday. Still have a little more poly to apply. Went for spl and efficiency on just a little over 700 watts. 6.3 @ 41 ish hz. It will be the 5th different enclosure I've built for this/these subs in.Purely for my entertainment purposes anyway They have been fun to beat on and a learning experience but time to move on to some different subs.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    run it at 14.5-14.8 v at all times.... if your as smart as you claim to be on your other posts...this question should be "12v 101" for you...interested in how you would wire up an adjustable charge for certain situations (this should be entertaining)