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    Let us know how that works out for you. Also you will probably never get that much turbulence out of a trunk with a single 15 and certainly not with 3K power. Brazilian amps do make legit power but reliability (mostly due to QC and component selection) is dubious. Buy with warranty from established seller if you go that route. Otherwise all those Korean amps are the same except for the brand name and whatever customer service/resale value that name is worth. You're way over-thinking this.
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    The Amp Lab

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time to give a huge thumbs up to the amp lab! i reached out to them about the M7 set screw i was in need of and couldnt find locally nor on any of the sites i looked on (i.e. fastenal etc etc) and they replied asking me for my address, i gave it and they VERY promptly replied with a tracking number. I got it yesterday and it was EXACTLY what i needed! I asked them if i could pay them for it (the package said it cost them $2.85 to send to me) and they refused instead asking for me to spread the word about their kind act and prompt service. Big props to those dudes!!
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    Looking for sub recommendations

    There is a search function on this site and Google still works I believe, ported vs sealed has to be the subject of hundreds of threads, or even a simple recommendation has turned into exactly that subject. There have been some hard-headed folks lately and they've been less than willing to learn as well... just getting tedious... that's all. There has been a rash of these type of questions lately on this site, hopefully this time the subject does not degenerate into a roasting like it has pretty much every-time.
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    Only question now is what are you gonna bitch about next? You're not married are you?
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    Thick MDF and Brace Pieces??

    This is a garbage ass post and I refuse to take it serious.
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    Dafuq is this 7yr old bullshit getting bumped. Fuckin noobs at it again
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    ANSWERED Help with my enclosure

    What is it with ignoring good advice and coming up with dumb ideas? Between this thread and a couple of others regarding mtx subs I'm afraid of mtx subs. I'm afraid they'll turn me into a retard
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    Gram of distillate? LMAO. Thats just a few droplets of what looks bunk and dark AF. I spill much more than that out of my RBF's 5x a day and throw it away. Cannabis consultant my ass, you probably moved to Colorado and grow the boofiest garbage mids possible loser, Kill yourself.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    "Junk in Her Trunk" VW R32

    She sent this to me yesterday IMG_7111 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    How long will it last?

    Cheap 3/8" x 3/16" foam weatherstripping, with some silicone underneath to adhere to, worked pretty good imo,... I had to really bar clamp it down (3 at once) to close the gap as much as possible, once the edges were sucked down along an edge, I ran the screws in and repeated till it was tight all the way around... then went around the whole thing again and got it even tighter. #8 2 1/4" coarse to pull the center down where the double baffle is and #6 1 5/8" coarse everywhere else. It was a long process. It's in and sounds great. Out with this monster and back in with another... lol still adjusting the filters but I've missed that under 30hz stuff apparently... I just had the dash jumping a bit... 😁
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    Will this amp work

    Shut the f**k up and get the f**k outta here. People who know way more than you gave you very helpful info and your sandy ass vag couldn't handle it. Buy your garbage bro, but don't come back here crying about it.
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    wew lad

    Anybody know what this is?

    some classes of commercial vehicles require a sound be emitted when in reverse. it was probably used in a job that requires that kind of compliance in the past. oh its a e250, those things are notorious for healthcare use. definitely a backup alarm and a passive sensor probably on the left and right of the rear bumper or the front/back bumpers does the interior smell like old people?
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    Biscuits aren't a bad idea. If you have access to the tool and it doesn't add a lot of cost or time to the build then it would be ok. Biscuits give you a cleaner look than screws and add a little bit of strength over glue by itself.
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    A fucking train horn in an Altima coupe? I'm out
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    Not Chinese but Brazilian. MD1800.1 $200 MD3000 $250. HD3000 $185 For Chinese. Pioneer 9601 $185
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    Subwoofer Box Question

    Tuning higher has worked for me, that said... it's all about goals and how the driver acts in a certain environment (vehicle, enclosure) imo. So I agree to disagree. And that Evl-10 sure don't model-up anything like a Sq sub at any tuning so I agree if it's output you're after maybe (big maybe) I'd recommend one (not), I would have stuck with the Sundown personally. Glad he found the issue.
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    Why do you continue to do this type of work then? Of course it isn't handed to you, but decent jobs are out there
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    Downfiring in a truck usually yields the opposite of killer bass.
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    This makes no sense

    Yeah have fun with your 9” for $900...takes you back to that time you were in Bangkok paying $600 for 6” huh?
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Bass sounds muddy in my car

    You have what you have. You're sending the amp a weak azz signal withthe swl at 3. Why your gain is so high. Generally a sealed set up needs all the power it can handle. You're not helping anything using that amp on it imo.
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    Will this amp work

    I wouldn't take advise from someone who runs power acoustik and couldn't figure out how to turn his gain up... 😂 The thing you are failing to see here is that with your subwoofers you will be at a 2 ohm load. That Rockville amp does 1200 watts at 1 ohm. At 2 ohms and after voltage drop and box rise you wont have shit for power.