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    Digging jbl sub tuned to 42 hz

    So I had some wood and plenty of dowel left over from a previous build and a jbl s3. I didn't put a lot of effort into trying to be neat with it since i wasn't sure I'd like it plus scrap wood. kinda thought it might be a throw away but I've been contemplating trying a higher tuned box and why not considering 99 % of the music I listen to doesn't go below 40hz. Pleasantly surprised by just how much I like it. Currently have it on my k1000 at 4 ohms. 1.49 after displacements. I've had this sub in a couple of different boxes from 30 to 33 Hz tune but i must say for what I listen to this is my favorite box for this sub..
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    PRV amps

    Why? Are they getting more expensive? No such thing as a free lunch.
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    also, if the sub aint actin right, take its ps4 away for a month, that should straighten it up pretty quick (couldnt resist)
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    Random Picture Thread

    Dammit. I tried to keep it a secret. Traded in my s10 for it. I found God.
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    Chick just sent me a message saying she was jamming out to this. Love some Halsey. She's supposedly dating Yungblud now.
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    How long will it last?

    Helping folks pays off eventually, especially if they are legitimately decent people. A member let me acquire my newest family member today, for a fantastic price and I can't wait to hear the difference between the Sa-15v3d4 and this newest addition... RE SX-18d4... I already got something all designed Tyvm for the sub sir... you know who you are and we'll see if it gets louder (ha-ha) than the current setup, I'll be sure to give you the 1st demo... Thx again sir, I'll see it gets put to good use!
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    Budget 4 channel amp

    The Rockville certainly did pretty well, as did the Pioneer, Soundqubed and Dual. I have got a Axxera 40D here that is at crutchfield right now for $65 and its rated 4x100 CEA.
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    Random Picture Thread

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