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    Need advice on speakers/amp

    youre asking a question that might have MANY responses, but the fact of the matter is that you can easily get away with this guy for $140. Youre going to perhaps get people to tell you to run active on the fronts and forgo the rears altogether, but i find that to be a preference thing. I like having rear fill personally. The class of the amp is mainly about efficiency nowadays, as the original class d amps were only able to process switching up to 200 hz, that is no longer the case and they can do full range all day now. I still prefer the warmth of the class a/b, but it just might be all in my head. The preference of a/b is akin to guitarists preferring tube amps even tho solid state modeling amps have fooled many trained ears.
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    Thank you for everything Aaron.I cant wait to order my icon
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    Budget 4 channel amp

    its very surprising that a brand like Dual is doing as well as it is, but all i ever hear about them is good stuff
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    Budget 4 channel amp

    https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dual-Electronics-XPR84D-2-1-High-Performance-Power-MOSFET-Class-D-Car-Amplifier-with-1-000-Watts-of-Dynamic-Peak-Power/137888849 These go on sale quite often for $72 and do rated power.
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    so, roughly and inch larger than the size of a sheet of paper in both directions. Not bad
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    Size (L x W x H) in 12.4 x 8.9 x 2.2
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    I randomly watched that one night and was surprised at how much I liked it. Great movie.
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    I'm not sure why you are thinking the gain, subsonic and Lpf will achieve "optimal sound", I'd advise an custom enclosure 1st then worry about all those settings. Let me add this... I built the Skar recommended enclosure once upon a time and quickly found out it could be improved upon. Depending on your goals, a custom enclosure will let you achieve "optimum sound" a lot better than filters and gain... amp gain is for matching input signal strength so your HU signal does not send the amp into clipping and SSF and LP filter settings are for attenuating unwanted frequencies and those are mostly subjective anyways. My .02
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    I can't find LIGMA....
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    Just let me add my location so you sick fucks can find me.
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    PRV amps

    I did a large build with 8 of their Brazilian line amps and liked them but still prefer Taramps. I wouldn't buy PRVs new ones though.
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    ahhhhhh, the moderate exotic awesome gocart on roids!! :)now i see why a single din is up your alley. looks like this guy will do it https://www.crutchfield.com/p_105KDAV41B/JVC-KD-AV41BT.html?awkw=174571727545&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=89732643025&awdv=c&awug=9017953&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoaKgjInS3wIV2rjACh03yw-hEAQYAyABEgIs8vD_BwE. you could also look at a new rear view mirror that will also display the vid from a rearview cam