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    Get a dash cam. I put my own in my company vehicle because it has the company name on it and even if the other person is in the wrong, they'll lie out of their teeth to try and f**k your life up. I just purchased a new one that is very high quality for the price so if you want the link let me know. Playing devils advocate... holding a screwdriver, in view, is pretty stupid and did escalate the situation, even though he initially escalated it. Driving 26 in a 25 can be infuriating if you're in the left lane or the flow of traffic on that road is around 35. At the least you could have gone 30, which I understand is breaking the (traffic) law. I've been in plenty of situations like this where I pushed it myself. Even though, in one circumstance, the other driver was a fool with a child in his car trying to fight me in the middle of a highway for nearly causing an accident by coming into my lane I still stayed in my car and mostly kept quiet while standing my ground. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing, everyone has road rage. The stress you're going through because of it isn't worth the few words you get in that make you feel better in the moment. You know as well as I do nothing is going to happen and it'll be forgotten in a week.
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    Single Cab Truck

    You should be louder but the big question I'd can the jl subs dig deep in a sealed enclosure. In this case the oversized box will help. You will likely be happy with your planned setup. In the future you may want to look into the stereo integrity bm mkiv pr the alpine type r shallow mount. If you want to keep the same box. If you go custom you can fit 2 8s ported behind the seat as well as 1 12 ported
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    F8L 8"

    Here's the box. I'll be making a new one. Original plan was to kerf the front corners to match the seat curves, but this box was planned to sit about 3 inches from the seat edge, so I figured I would trim out the front and sides and curve them some. But the box doesnt fit all the way back. About flush with the seat so no room to do so. The open area is a storage cubby. Wanted that bigger as well. So the new box will be a little smaller in airspace and less port area will give me a larger cubby
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    Where to buy

    yep, @denim is a dealer and SSA is very reputable.
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    Not a bad start. Up my way that power level would be "rookie" class. I used to do 148.7-148.9 in that. One fella broke 150 a couple years ago running some old school RF amps well below safe impedance.... his daughter couldn't break 150 with the same gear in a different vehicle last season. If your boy enjoys competing you should carefully read the rules and learn about classes of whatever org is local to you and build around being in a class in which you're competitive. Against rookies running 1000-2000W amps mid 140s is competitive, if you're in a class where guys will turn up in a CRX running 5K you'll need to be able to get up more towards 155 or you're going to not have a great time. It's only money and time.
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    Bassin in Acura RSX

    Well.. At least you have an option that most do not. Hopefully it all goes well.
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    Thats a great start on a system. Never hurts to upgrade your electrical on a decent after market system. Supply for the demand is always needed.
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    Checking cheap flights now
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    I will try to get some pictures up this week, I got my son's first stereo build finished. We went to a Stereo comp in Shreveport La this last Saturday 15th at Audio Anarchy, a great stereo shop IMO. This was our very first Stereo comp and we didn't really know what to expect but I have got to say every one we met was really nice, offered up advice for free and demoed to us their very nice builds. My son took First place in Street 2 and he could not be happier. He did a 142.6 at 47 hz, good enough for 1st. We met some amazing people and had a really great time. I think my son is hooked and we talked about upgrading all the way home even though I just got this all finished with the help of Audio anarchy. Final build.......For now in his 2002 Toyota 4 runner Pioneer 500EX HU SSA Evil 6.5 Skar tweeters in pod's in A pillars two 12" Amepere 2.5 subs in a ported box at 36Hz Skar RP 1500.1 with Knu 0-Ga Skar RP 150.4 with Knu 4-Ga Big 3 Knu- 0-ga I'm already going to upgrade. I'm going to do sound deadening 100%, I'm thinking about buying a better subwoofer amp and upgrading some electrical. Thanks every one.
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    Will this build work?

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    Random Picture Thread

    Was a good movie.
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    F8L 8"

    Yea I'm thinking maybe build a new box, not happy with how this one fits under the seat. Maybe 1.2-.3 ish with a single 4" flared aero port. However this port has a lot of velocity. Going smaller might not be good. Overall I'm really impressed with the subs, on a low volume they are smooth and blend well. Turn up the knob a little and they are banging pretty good. Definitely more than I thought.
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    best 12" for $100

    Most people don't realize it but a pair of 500rms subs should have at least a 2kw amp on them if you want to reach their max potential. I've done over 140db with a pair of 200rms Boston G1 12s with a low tuned daily box. The unfortunate thing is there is a LOT of bad equipment out there at this price point so it takes education and experience to sift through the snakes n sparklers in order to find the good stuff.
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    best 12" for $100

    I personally was in the same position but for 15s. Trying to find the best 15 for $100 each. I decided on the Orion XTR. Next years XTR will be reconeable as well.
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    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    Sounds rowdy to me man... lol
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    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    @denim I am debating on a pair to swap into a box. How would a pair of the Icon D2s in 4.2^ft @31hz box on 4k at .5ohm do? What do you think?
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    Hmm sell that stuff and move it.No sense in hoarding??As I have much room to speak.You need to keep hydrated and at the least eat something to keep your body fueled. peanuts are easy to buy and have on hand. Protein
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    He was never clear on much. He just puts the rope out, bro.
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    PSI Audio amps

    Can i just chime in here. Bear with me here. I'm no expert on all this believe me but i am lady that like good sound in my vehicle. I have been in and out of car audio since the 90's. When i found this web site just a few years ago i had not dealt in car audio in some time. I then found out that many of the classic American built brands back in the days got bought out or out of business or so on. I like to put a system in my vehicle that sounds good and just leave it for a number of years till it needs to be updated or changed out. So as I'm reading this post I'm over here in the corner listening to all of you talk about these PSI amps. Some say it is just a cookie cutter off the shelf amp from Korea like the 10 other brands. Some are questioning the price issues and why it is more expensive if it is just another standard Korean amp and so on. Why is the amp more money. If it is more money is it worth it and on and on. You read the same things i read. Well i can understand both sides of this, the business side and the consumer side. I think that in this country USA we all have the free market ability to start are own companies. Capitalism right. So if PSI wants to start selling amps let them. If it is just a same old cookie cutter amp like the other 10 brands out there so be it. If they have done something new or used say high quality components in the amp to justify the higher price ok. I think the free market will determines if it wins or fails. Since i have been back last few years and seeing all the new companies on the market it is amazing to me that many are still around. What I'm trying to say is that i feel that as a consumer side of things there are way to many car audio companies out there. And for many of us it gets overwhelming especially to a regular person looking to buy a decent car audio system for there vehicle. As many have said that these new PSI amps are just a cookie cutter off shelf amp like 10 other brands. That's because like some have said, if you have $20,000 laying around you too can get some amps build from Zenon and now you have a fancy amp company with all the stickers you want on it. That's true but are you going to be around in a few years if they don't sell. Maybe you will be different and have a awesome customer service that customer like and they will buy your products. What ever it is. And maybe not. There are already many companies that are already establish and been around for years also. I just feel that this car audio market is just too saturated with too many companies out there. It is just to easy to go to Korea of China and for a relatively small investment you can have some speakers and amps made with your name on them and BAM know your a car audio company. I remember back in late 90's where there was some good established car audio companies and car audio started growing and then into early 2000's many other new companies showed up. Production started going over seas and it got cheaper and easier to have some stuff made with your name on there and now you have a new car audio company. Well we saw the correction and what happened in the mid 2000's when many companies including US made companies went away, got bought out, or even left and got out and moved to other products. So maybe you can all understand my point here. It may be time for a correction in the car audio industry. That is one reason this Car Audio website is here right. It is to chat and discus stuff and even have it bench tested and even help others that are new to car audio. If there are these 10 amps out there that have been built from same Zenon assembly line and one company has that same amp at a good price and has good customer service and an other has it for a way higher price but has crap customer service. Then we will know who will survive and who whou't be around. So for this PSI amp debate, we can discus it and comment but ultimately it will be the consumer that buys it and likes it and the company or not. And if they can show or justify the higher price compared to the other same 10 amp brands out there or not. just my 2 cents Thanks.
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    Where to buy

    SSA has been a long standing American Bass Dealer: AB @ SSA
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    The Ampere stuff I've seen is pretty decent. Nothing special but about as good as anything else in their class. Old school RF you can't go wrong with and SSA doesn't sell junk so I'd say you did well. Definitely post up some pics after they're done.
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    • Keep in mind that just because our ears lose stereo separation at lower frequencies does not mean the recording devices, and playback devices, also lose it. If in doubt, its pretty easy to sum your audio signal pre-amplification. There really is no reason to ever run subs in stereo, because as you say, our ears wont hear any advantages, but there could be disadvantages in the reproduction (wave cancellation affecting output response).

      edit: this is of course assuming you are running a true subwoofer system, and not one that your system also relies on for midbass, which I wouldn't recommend either due to localization issues.
    • No, you are not doing okay as long as you stay above 12 volts. Most healthy batteries will be above 12 volts when fully charged, and an alternator is ideally bringing your voltage up to 14.4 when the system/vehicle draw does not exceed the output of the alternator.

      I assume we are talking about a daily system, as opposed to a competition system where you are trying to maximize the output to tenths of a db. In the case of a daily driver system, basically as long as you never need to use jumper cables to start your car, its sufficient. This is because everyone's listening habits are different. How often you play the stereo while the engine is on, how loud you play it, and even (sometimes) the genre of music you listen to can affect the average-over-time draw your system puts on the charging system.
    • Thanks but Im asking a more broad question than what you personally are planning to do.
    • What is your goal? Are you trying to block/absorb noise, such an engine or road noise? Or are you mass loading panels to lower their resonant frequency?
    • I don't plan on doing a 5k+ watt build on a fully electric vehicle anytime soon so I am not worried about it.
    • You didnt list what speakers were used, but if they are a component set they should have come with passive crossovers. And again you didn't list what ARC amp you have, but it possibly has a highpass filter which should block unwanted frequencies.
    • I haven't been paying much attention to car audio lately, so I apologize if this is already a well versed topic. But I've been wondering, how will electric vehicles affect the car audio industry? We will no longer have a mechanical alternator driven from a gas powered energy source, our amplifiers and sound processors will draw directly from the vehicle's main power storage, and given a decent sized system with a decent electrical draw, would affect the actual range of the car.

      But its also technically true that spinning an alternator (or multiple alts) also burns more fuel and decreases range on internal combustion vehicles. I suppose once we have fast-charge batteries (such as graphene based) that this will be less of an issue. But Im curious what people think on how, or if, EV's will affect car audio.
    • a 3rd solution is to get a better head unit.  Sounds weird but my buddy going from a cheapo 60 dollar JVC head unit that claimed 4 volt preouts to a 150 dollar pioneer with real 4 volt preouts had a massive difference in bass performance alone.   The old head unit at a certain point it stopped getting loud and got getting stinky coils and hot amp, hot subs.  With the new pioneer it literally feels like 5 clicks louder than the max clipped output point of the cheapo JVC and the amps and subs are room temperature.
    • any amp clipped will get hot no matter 1 or 4 ohm. Considering his subs takes a lot of power to move he'll want more output than 4 ohms can give him and definitely come close to clipping the amp even more, same amount of heat.    So the most likely culprit is, you arent getting loud enough and you are pushing the amp pretty hard and your electrical might also be not up to par.  The cheapest solution is to build an efficient high performance custom ported box so you can get the output you need without stressing the amp out.  2nd is to upgrade electricals and plop in a bigger amp so you dont have to red line the amp all the times which means cooler setup, cleaner signal.
    • if possible, borrow an amp from a mate and run your subwoofer for a week to see how it behaves.  If that amp also gets too hot then; You may be using a lighter gauge wiring for the amp; suggest you upgrade to 1/0 gauge power, ground wires; if you are unsure of your amps specs / requirements, read the manual to verify its ok to run 2 gauge or you will have to upgrade. The amp only gets hot under normal conditions if the power consumption is not met,  Usually, under normal circumstances, it should get warm, but not hot so you can only put your hands on it for a few seconds.  That definitely is an indication of not enough (current)  amps is drawn by the amp and continued use will definitely shorten the life of your amp.  Also allow for adequate ventilation around the amp as well. a big trunk area should be sufficient for ventilation and you will not require additional fans to keep it cool provided it is not obstructed by shopping bag, golf bag, garbage bag stash of vintage girly magazines etc.. Its very important to run the correct gauge wires as recommended by the amp manual or if you are not sure, ring up car audio shops who sell that brand to verify correct wire gauge used.  Take care of your equipment and it will serve you in years to come.   
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