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    Spider Monkey

    Random Picture Thread

    We don't need 15 year old boobs here bro.
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    2018 Subaru WRX

    Time for another build log. Traded in my truck a while back and decided to go with a WRX again. I previously had a 2015 WRX. I got a great deal on a used 2018 with only 300 miles on it. I've been working a lot on the interior, exterior, performance, and of course the audio. So let's start with the exterior. I installed a grillecraft grille, cheap eBay front lip, tint, subispeed sequential taillights, some new emblems, debadged the rear factory emblems, and some new fog light bezels with DRLs. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Yeah taxes blow. It's the only reason they're starting to legalize marijuana, greedy bastards just want a piece of the pie. Speaking of pie, it seriously doesn't make any sense to me that prostitution is illegal. They'd be taking that ass for sure.
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    Home amps and raw drivers?

    On second thought $50 is pretty cheap for crossovers..... 😂 The only buttersworth I know is Mrs. Buttersworth..... 😆
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    Cd skipping

    Sounds like it isnt very well secured to the dash/the HU.Though just depends on how well the HU can hold up to vibrations within the vehicle as upon trial and error so to speak.There is no way I can run a CD in any of my vehicles past the volume of 10-15 with the power I generally run.And as for a flip out unit? Ive had one last about 3 weeks tops before falling apart.USB or a Laptop or bluetoothe is where I have to listen to music other than the radio stations.Transfer your music to a USB drive or continue having issues. You may want to see about bracing the HU behind the dash to see if this helps
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    Replacing 12 inch XFL

    What happened to the XFL if I might inquire?.. nice sub if installed correctly IMO. Are you just looking for more? A 1200 watt amp is kinda anemic for some of the subs listed IMHO. All you might need is a new enclosure... whats the current box like?
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    Staining birch is really easy. Wipe it on wipe it off. At least to me that's easy. It's the polyutherane part that's difficult. I did my 1st stain project:
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    @audiobaun I used to have this very same amp back in the early 90's. It was my 1st amp and dam was it expensive!! Guy originally wanted 250 back then but took it for 200. All the $ I had at the time which was not a whole lot for a 16 yr old lol.