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    You don't need an arsenal of tools, a drill and a jisaw is all you need. If you dont have a drill then a couple of bar clamps work well to clamp the glue. The last few boxes i made i quit using screws and just glue and clamp the bitch. If you arent smart enough to buy a drill and jigsaw from a big box retailer and then return them when you are done using them then you should just kill yourself.
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    Some jerkoff kid drove by my house with the Pups on full tilt... I've been homeless ever since...😭
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    i think he is under the misguided idea that any of us give a flying f**k
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    King of what? Can't even post in the right sub forum...
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    I changed this from 5 min to 24 hours. Hope that helps.
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    The Dcon replacement is in production now, there is a Gcon replacement in the works, and an updated Zcon in the works. So lots going on at once.
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    Sold my Soundstream amps just days ago....finally. No longer is SS in my life, unless it's the older amps. Some more pics with the 3k amp too. In the middle of reworking my amp rack. Oh btw, mine are same color.
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    Whats funny is that he claims to know how to design a box and just ends up scouring the net for prefabs and goes and tells noobs that prefabs are fine. What a fu ckin tard.
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    Nailed down a job finally today... I start dark and early tomorrow. I might be doing a little less designing as my time is more occupied now, so maybe charging is gonna happen... we'll see. Time to start saving some $ for another Sa and alt to finish the Honda. (cool weather is coming... yay!.. it's Phx) "Revisions" are bad enough... it's communicating the issues over the internet. Jeez... It's as simple as semantics sometimes... lol... That can be a headache for sure and I did 5 designs (different vehicles/configurations) for 1 guy before I realized... he raved about the results to me but no compensation either (I'm really embarrassed/pissed about that). I'm sure I'll be around... probably not as much after today
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    can you send me some plans that i can also ignore? thatd be great
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    If i ever see this van in person I'm breaking in and taking the wettest messiest dump and smearing in to the seats.
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    Take a knife to it when they aren't looking.
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    This is a thread for progress and results of the LTO battery banks I'm going to be building for my Jeep and my brother's Civic. So far so good. It was pretty scary sending a bunch of money to China but the cells arrived and the fella at the company was very helpful and on the ball with updates of order status. Everything arrived well packed and seemingly in good condition. I'm ordering some copper bar today and will hopefully get to building bus bars early next week or whenever my brother can get up here to help out for a day or two.
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    those are monsterous shallow mounts, at least from the specs and all PLEEEEEEASSEEEEEEEE GET THE SI!!!! LoL
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    Whew... I get scared posting sometimes anymore... so much aggression out there Even Gramps is learning how to respond... well... somewhat
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    OP... you keep sayin 3 cubes... not to treat you noobish but what external dimensions do you have to work with? That might let everyone know what'll fit. Cause 3 cubes externally after displacements (sub/port/thickness of materials) could be a lot less in reality. Sorry... someone HAD to ask
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    Apparently one of the russian finalist cars hit 181 db with the car off on battery power alone. 6 in a bank... can get a 160 ah bank for 432. I like where the lithium game is going with good cell sources finally getting leaked to the public.
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    son. them goddamn aliens , yo. kool aid jammer.
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    thats all about the provisioning system. if the mac of your modem was provisioned for service but their billing system wasnt linked to it, then you could have gotten away with it for a while, but there are software suites that ISPs use to sniff out bandwidth usage that isnt otherwise accounted for. Your modem still an ip assigned to it which would be traceable thru the hops that your modem took to get online tho. For cable service providers, the path from the ISP to you is NOC (network operations center), node, hub, pedestal, modem, all of which is traceable
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    Whine is typically from a ground loop or voltage potential on the signal ground relative to chassis. When you connect the sub amp RCA you create a loop, which may be why the issue is only when both amps are connected. The loop may exist because the amp grounds are tied together and the amps internally tie RCA ground to chassis ground or not (loop vs. floating) They may also exist due to damage in the RCA itself. I've seen RCA's made with incorrect solder connections. What if you feed the sub amp from the RCA outputs on the 4channel? You lose sub level control but it is worth a try to narrow down the loop location. What happens when you run a wire between the two amps' RCA shields? This shouldn't be a problem if everything is OK. You can also use a DMM to measure resistance from the RCA shield to amp/chassis ground in each amp, an also in the RCA shield to amp/chassis ground.
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    What is your budget? I have the Dayton IO655s for my pool area on a Taramps Home 400 amp for playing music and they sounds great for $80. For my home theater setup its a Sony STR-DH520 receiver, JBL N38 3 ways, JBL Flix 2 surround speakers, JBL Flix 10 center channel, and a JBL PB10" subwoofer. Sounds pretty good to me.