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    Trump is synonymous with bankruptcy. Of course he's gonna do the same to this country. The people that voted for him are clueless.
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    Put that sub in a properly designed ported box and it will really wake up. Small sealed boxes produce next to no bass because they are a tremendous bottleneck.
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    Needing recommendations

    you dont want dual 2 ohm subs, you'll need to find a 2 ohm stable amp if thats the case and those cost more money. The P2 subs are all plastic, no motor, trash value for what they are worth. These monsters will absolutely smash the p2s in every way possible for the same pricing new. https://www.ebay.com/p/American-Bass-Elite-Series-12-Woofer-1200-RMS-2400-Peak-3-VC/13031087616 This amp is the best deal right now. https://www.amazon.com/Taramp-HD3000-1-Stable-Channel-Amplifier/dp/B00FGULS78/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=taramps+md+3000&qid=1554150387&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Build your own ported box around 50 dollars in materials, have home depot cut it for you if you dont have tools then glue and screw, borrow a jigsaw and cut the subwoofer hole and you done. https://www.srtforums.com/forums/f40/official-free-ported-box-plans-56k-no-435910/ thats 470 ish dollars so far, you have extra money for a rear trunk battery, yes you'll want a trunk batt. The rest is for an amp kit.
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    Q bomb box

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    You know how I know you are clipping? you are playing 20ish hz material which is usually rebassed music and that sh*t is -5 to -1 db recording levels and you set the gains with a -10 db recording level. Just because you used an oscope doesnt mean its clean or its a correct gain setting. Its only correct for playing that test tone, not correct for playing music. Music is dynamic not a test tone, Its not the same when its 1 ohm or 4 ohm. 4 ohms you have box rise up to 8 ohms or higher thats the power you see out of your amp, i'm guessing you've never clamp tested the setup ever. You then run into the issue of not having clean dynamic headroom aka when some music has higher bass strength in the recording levels than others. WHen you wire to 1 ohm, you have all the headroom in the world for this. You also just set the gains via voltage drop so there's no excuse if you dont have the electrical. I have two 15ks off one single battery right now at 1 ohm each because my other batteries died in an accident. Its running completely fine because i found the proper level, none of the subs nor amps nor electrical system is stressed. When you wired to 4 ohms you were literally maxing out the amp 100-120% vs running 1 ohm the amp would be barely lifting a finger. which lasts longer? which gives a cleaner overall signal? I dont know how to make this any clearer to you.
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    How long will it last?

    I just love it when someone asks for a design/recommendations and actually follows the plans. It's just amazing when that happens, and... voila!.. it turns out well. I love seeing an enclosure built exactly according to plan, that's not always the case tho... believe me. Side note... my BL-18 is being built I'm informed... and its killing me waiting.
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    No sound from subs?

    This can't be real...... Besides wiring the subs to the power/ground.....are those two 30A fuses and a 2A in the amp?? How long are those drywall screws that you used to secure the external fuse into the factory fuse box? I'm really hoping you didn't use anything over an inch.... If this is a real post, please stop what you are doing. Disconnect your amp to prevent further damage to your vehicle and system. Please, for the love of god, take this to a reputable shop to have it professionally installed. EDIT: I just realized it's supposed to have two 30's and 1 2A. I am guessing the 2A is for the illumination since this is the "illuminite" series of Dual amps? I thought that was the high level ouput next to the fuses but apparently that is for running running the external lights.....high level is on the opposite end. Well, I take back my ill thoughts towards the OP because I thought he used different sized fuses because he didn't know any better lol.
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    Moving right along

    I'll have to wait till next weekend to try it out but pretty much done. Hard to get too excited about a pair of 8s but after all the work put into it I'll still be looking forward to trying it out. Hopefully it'll put the problem of front facing side port in that truck to rest...
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    Help me choose my setup!

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    wew lad

    Old School Roll Call

    The autistic shithole called "Facebook Groups"
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    Amprack rework

    Once I got all the dowels in the holes, I cut off the excess and sanded everything flat. Then applied some bondo in areas needed, dips, etx. Sanded that flat too. Had to go over a few areas with bondo. But turned out pretty flat and looks pretty good. Afterwords, I corner rounded the sides and front only. The back I left as is because it's not gonna be seen.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

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    Port size ?

    I'm still making payments on my winisd
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    Port size ?

    Well it’s kicker so anything under 40hz tuning is a waste of information......
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    Port size ?

    i thought sealed was the best?
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    Lmao... homie looks a lil' uncomfortable at the moment
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    "Junk in Her Trunk" VW R32

    IMG_7355 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7357 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7361 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_7364 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    New 12" Brahma

    my rta shows a fairly flat response (which was my goal) so it just kinda worked out perfectly...i dunno, im all smiles though....im not doubting your plans at all, i will point the finger at the builder
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    New 12" Brahma

    tested with SSD and Brahma both same result.... 26ish extremely different suspension between the two subs...Fi after a year is still extremely tight, Brahma brand new was as loose as my wifes asshole
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    I can't remember the name of the box but it's the one that comes with a saw and a circle jig.