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    The Amp Lab

    I just wanted to take a moment of your time to give a huge thumbs up to the amp lab! i reached out to them about the M7 set screw i was in need of and couldnt find locally nor on any of the sites i looked on (i.e. fastenal etc etc) and they replied asking me for my address, i gave it and they VERY promptly replied with a tracking number. I got it yesterday and it was EXACTLY what i needed! I asked them if i could pay them for it (the package said it cost them $2.85 to send to me) and they refused instead asking for me to spread the word about their kind act and prompt service. Big props to those dudes!!
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    Will this amp work

    Shut the f**k up and get the f**k outta here. People who know way more than you gave you very helpful info and your sandy ass vag couldn't handle it. Buy your garbage bro, but don't come back here crying about it.
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    The Amp Lab

    wow... gr8 guys.. if I ever need an amp fixed, I know who to call.
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    Will this amp work

    No one was rude until op said he didnt care about anyones opinion. Popwar simply suggested better performing equipment for the $ and op got instantly butthurt. There was nothing rude about informing someone the amp they are considering doesn't make the power that it is advertised to. It's not our fault op is too ignorant to realize good advice when its right under his nose.
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    Power Acoustik EG1-2500D

    or just get a decent amp
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    Will this amp work

    I wouldn't take advise from someone who runs power acoustik and couldn't figure out how to turn his gain up... ūüėā The thing you are failing to see here is that with your subwoofers you will be at a 2 ohm load. That Rockville amp does 1200 watts at 1 ohm. At 2 ohms and after voltage drop and box rise you wont have shit for power.
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    Will this amp work

    Unless the amp is blown and you load the thing at a stable impedance... it ought to work man. Jeez... the threads that have been on here lately are tedious AF Op... just install it right and you'll likely be underwhelmed
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    Will this amp work

    hey boomin, he knows it all and has made his mind up that his subs are awesome, so im sure that he thinks that his amp is too. Guys like this deserve to get no answers if they cant be at the very least polite. Im with @Popwarhomie on this. Sianara sucka
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    Will this amp work

    Figure it out yourself then.. It's pretty f*****g simple. Good luck lol
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    Not SQ but not SPL?

    huge cone area, SQ enclosure tuning, based around cabin peak frequency and subwoofer TS parameters with lots of watts. for an SUV lets say at least 4 15s walled on 10k. heavy DSP action and lots of midbass cone area talking about 12s in your door with sensitivity levels higher than 94-95 db, 4-6.5 dedicated midranges on your A pillars or lower door panels(shielded from the midbass) and tweeters up top, can go with some 92 db sensitivity or higher tweets try to avoid super tweets, if you do go supers, get alphard, they are the smoothest super tweets i've heard to date. It'll basically 3 way active front stage usually needs two 4 channel amps. One bridged to the midbass, the other for mid and tweeter at least 125+ watts rms per channel and a fk ton more for bridged. You always want more output than you ever need so you can just lower the volume down and keep everything heat/stress free which usually means distortion free and when you need to show someone up, you can send that shit and fk em up at your leisure. You can always lower the sub level down till it blends with the midbass. Key important part is MIDBASS which most spl setups have ZERO of. A DSP is vital. Get a dayton audio dsp. Sh*ts absolutely bonkers and amazing, forget any mention of head units, the dayton DSP even sh*ts on my 80 prs which is a known audiophile head unit with good SQ. Shits on as in 80 prs fully tuned, vs dayton out of the box, the dayton sounds better with no eq work and some basic crossover points.
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    Random Picture Thread

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    Best place to buy Car audio online?

    HEH!!! i was wondering if you were gonna catch that!!! gotta jibe ya every so often didnt see much action on the other forum, what took you so long?
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    Random Picture Thread

    Im going to do this to anyone that wants me to ship things from now on
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    Looking good my man.. you finally heading the right direction.. slowly but surely.. Great choices in equipment btw. Everything looks solid. Wait till you start tuning this beast. You're gonna sh1t yourself for real lol.
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    Well, this is the door set-up. Silverflute, Digital Designs, Alpine. I am going to run the US Acoustics Barbara Ann 100 x 4 on the DD's and Alpines @ 4oms per channel A US Acoustics Lisa will be bridged on the Silverflutes 170 x 2 @ 4ohms per channels A US Acoustics Mike will run the Dayton Ultimax 10 1500 x 1 @ 1ohm If this doesn't give me headroom for days I am gonna shit myself.
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    small system with clear sound

    always the option with the subwoofer. edit: reasoning why is when you force door or rear deck speakers to play bass, they will distort and your overall clean output gets limited vs door speakers on a high pass filter focusing purely on mids and highs while the sub handles the low end.
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    As I said... this is slow going but today I got the first pair of speakers for the Active Build. AND..... It is going to be a three way build!!! I was waiting to pick up my paycheck which wasn't at work yet so I stopped by the car audio shop where I had the credit. I ask the installer if he ever came across 3.5" speakers that didn't have a tweeter on them. He said only in a component set. I said yeah, that's what I found but I don't want to buy a 3 way set. He paused, said hold on and came back with these. These will do perfectly in the factory G6 3-way speaker pods. I paid the tax on them after they used up my credit. They said they were in their sop less than an hour lol. What do you all think? Here are the speakers. They are DD Audio EX2.75 midrange speakers. Specs: EX2.75 2.75" 25 - 75 watts rms 200 watts max 4 ohm F.R. 160hz - 20khz dbSPL 87
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    Will this amp work

    popwarhomie amongst others on this forum do know what they are talking about, and are rarely wrong. i could name drop some others that you dont want to get into a pissing match with if youd like. not saying that to be mean, just to give you a heads up on whose advice to take as literally as humanly possible and take it as pretty much gospel truth
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    Headunit rca voltage

    Which tone did you check the RCA voltage from HU? I just literally watched an EXO vid of him tuning someone's system and he did the same exact thing. Pretty good. You're leaving a few details out of the issue here. Also I don't know if I would trust a budget oscope. Like youdofus said, I would be concerned if a company rated pre out RCA's as 2v and you checked them and got 4. So who's lying?! Btw, I just got this HU this week...
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    Audio Control ?

    Kicker. @Spider Monkey works for them. You can get a discount but you'll have to start a new thread in the Thunderdome.
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    Yo. Administrator.

    It's all your fault slo ride....posting pics whore!!
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    HU Crossover or Amp Crossover??

    When traffic was booming, we had a big team of mods, but I think I am the only remaining original moderator. But there are a few others, overall there very little moderation that is needed anymore.
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    Best 12" subwoofer possible?

    Trump made him do it
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    ANSWERED Alternator whine

    McHammer??!!?? *scratches head* Anyhow, I would try a diff set of RCA's see if that works. And check your ground. Bare metal to bare metal. These are the main reasons for alt whine.
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    Been thinking about this for a bit today. The pic above... Would it be stupid to build an amp rack here and not put the lower back seats back in? You know what... It's a good idea. Amp rack where the back seat used to be