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    How long will it last?

    On music at the park... Sure feels stronger than the 4th I had in there... maybe I'll have a chance to meter it soon. I'm extremely pleased.
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    And this place looks like shit. Can you admin/developer types stop tweaking shit every other day? Fucking gay icons, colors, bubbles and stats all over the place is a bit much. It doesn't look like a car audio forum, it looks like faycbook. But I guess that's what you're going for, huh? SHARE SHARE SHARE, LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!! COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER, WHO'S ON THE LEADERBOARD? WHO'S GOT THE MOST FOLLOWERS? I remember when they were called friends, not followers. How long before the algorithms start flagging shit for the social credit system? We need this to be the safest, fairest, PC culture around, you know. Wouldn't want any of these snowflakes getting their feelings hurt.
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    Good choice. I personally would stay away from the Chinese S series amps from SoundQubed myself. That Wolfram 2400 will pair well with the FU 1500 at 1 ohm.
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    How long will it last?

    You have to enjoy it for a bit. I generally try different set ups. I change things up from time to time till I get tired of one set up. then move on to somethingelse.Always trying different things.keeps it enjoyable.Ive always said.. run what you have and try to make the best of it.😀
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    Random Picture Thread

    Does a one legged duck swim in a circle?
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    How long will it last?

    Crunched some #'s and finalized the approx volume/tune... Update... Officially I'm impressed... no small feat.... 145db or more was a good guess for sure, and now since I've had some time to set everything (str8clippin') Lp, Hp and gains...I honestly believe that the install (port location) is really close to optimum for what I'm trying to achieve (Sq/SPL)... it sounds phenomenal on music IMO, (I just play with the sub gain a bit ill the the fronts image well and you got staging or drop the knob to SPL). It's accurate and punchy without being obnoxious till I gain it up a bit, (and it still digs fine on music... Bless cabin-gain) then it'll Bang hard (SPL)...i'm guessing 147db+ or so?... lol... who knows?.. the ol' ear-o- meter has been broken for years... bottom-line is that I'm extremely pleased with the result... and that's what matters. Shout-out to those OG's out there on the forum (too many to list) who've pushed, cajoled and flat-out told me the deal from time to time (medicine is never tasty) but goin' from the 90's with HC systems into the current era has been a whole new learning curve (and those 3 laws just won't bend). I've learned a bunch and still look forward to absorbing more info as it becomes available..."IE"... learning new things (you never know it all). I'm still not speechless obviously... But to be honest... all jokes aside, I honestly would never have thought a 750 watt sub wold get so nasty in any install... I'm not speechless just close to it after having 2 12's on 4K... and to me this sounds better... Oh, it don't dig to 23-24hz but who cares?.. the sheer SPL, clarity, enjoyment, looks I get at stoplights and musicality of this setup is something I really wouldn't have thought was possible from a single 750 watt 15" sub and a set of relatively inexpensive 5.25" components, I thought I'd need 5K and a buncha $$$. As it is on a 3K amp at 2 ohm (subs), and 4 ohm stereo on the highs it's fine on stock electrical and It seems very close to an actual live performance in the impact and realism, and a little loud...very close to what my goals were setting out from the get. Once again...to state the obvious... I'm gonna stick with this setup for a bit... it's decent. To all the 1st timers starting out... just do your research, listen to advice (even if it's painful) and learn to DIY your own stuff, the internet/forums can be a powerful tool to assist you. .
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    Random Picture Thread

    💩 If I could figure out how to blur out nipples I would post a thanksgiving related picture...
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    1966 El Camino

    Since I can't leave well enough alone, I contacted the son and daughter of the owner and asked if they had got anything for their dad for Christmas yet and said if they buy a sub and amp I'll take care of the rest. I was able to bust out a quick pattern before returning the vehicle. The plan is to have the fab work done and give it to him unupholstered with the amp and sub mounted on Christmas day. IMG_6277 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6278 (1) by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6282 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6283 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6284 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6286 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6301 by Jon Polo, on Flickr IMG_6302 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    PSI Audio amps

    So much this. These "newer companies" that keep coming up with these pretty looking amps with prob the same boards 10 other companies use and charge more $$ than it's competitors. I can get 3k for 400 bucks. That's doubling my power with the same amount of money. And I did....
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    Bought Funky Pups

    No vehicle in history has been able to hold together long enough to register a score on the meter for a funky pup wall build. It's always total carnage on the first note. Maybe the army will sell you a decomissioned tank or heavily armored truck.
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    new cars

    John, how many dicks have you sucked in your life?
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    You would be a lot less grumpy if you had put together a nice box and thrown two or three nice TC subs on 5K this summer. Site is surprisingly active for this time of year anyway, I'm still not a huge fan of the makeover.
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    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    If you're using this level of equipment you shouldn't have to ask about power handling.
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    Bass track thread!

    Do you people actually listen to this slowed down garbage like when you're driving to work in the morning, like line up half a dozen songs and listen to them all the way through? I can't sit through more than 20 seconds of that shit.
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    PSI Audio amps

    $399 for the 1500...I’m good even if it’s underrated
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    B0RNS - Seeing stars
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    When I was young, over 30 years ago I was into Stereo's but have not done any in a very long time. I'm installing a stereo into my sons truck, a 2012 Toyota 4 Runner. I was hoping for any and all help or guides that I could receive. I spent a week looking around and reading and I've ordered the items, remember this will be my sons first stereo. Rockford Fosgate punch 300.2 for mids and highs. SSA Evil 6.5 components, a single FU Audio 1500Ti 4-ohm to run at 2-ohm to help on electrical, Hifonics brutus 2016 amp to run at 2-ohm. Pioneer 500ex HU, Knu RCA, Knu concept 0-ga wire for sub amp and Knu concept 4-ga for mids/highs amp. Knu 0-ga for Big 3 run and he also has a Duracell Gel battery. I will need to build a subwoofer box but I'm doubting my ability to do that and I do not want to use a prefab. Am I missing anything or made a bad call on any Item? Back when I was young (30 years ago) Hifonics was great stuff but I'm not sure now days, so was Fosgate but still not sure. I only knew about the FU audio and the SSA from reading around, I've never listened to them so I'm taking a chance on pretty much everything. Thanks for your help and advice.
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    I would swap to the 2 ohm subwoofer. Those hifonics don’t do rated. The 3016 dynoed 1800 watts rms. With impedance rise you will most likely rise to 4 ohms and not be seeing much power at all. I personally would pick up a Wolfram 2400 amp to run at 1 ohm on the FU 1500 or if you want to keep the amp I would go with the FU 750 subwoofer. Which are fantastic subwoofers btw.
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    Install help

    Ok the Kicker box terminals is clearly marked 2 ohm so you have to use the Bridged terminal on your amplifier to connect the wires to it. Just make sure your amp does 2 ohms in bridge mode and that should be ok then. Read your amplifier manual if you are not sure is its usually not written on the reverse side of the amp. Secondly, invest in a multimeter is its your best friend when it comes to car audio and it takes the guess work out of installation. Hope this helps you out mate!
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    How long will it last?

    I really think he's caught-up trying to keep up with his buddy with a XXX 18... He (the buddy) was stuck on the idea of a 4th at 1st. I helped him by redesigning his current 4th (at the time) then eventually after a bit I was able to convince him a ported was what those old school RE XXX 18's will like so he performed some surgery (no kidding) and turned the 4th into a large ported. Here's the final product, completed today... At 1st it was this... after the 1st redesign... After he finally went ported, loaded the port correctly off the rear of the cabin and moved the amps and processors to the rear for room behind the box he seems really pleased with the outcome. Damn... this guy IS MacGyver!.. box surgery is never a joke. But it's gonna be hard to hit big #'s with that HCCA for sure on an XTR 2500. I'm waiting for a vid on that XXX 18... I'd sure like to hear it in person. Jeez... coulda' possibly metered the Honda tonight but new job (again) tomorrow early, eventually I'll get it done.
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    Looking for a great set of tweeters for your ride?! Look no further. The Ampere Audio JH2's. One Sale now! Finance your purchase with Klarna! Get 0% interest for 6 months, or spend over $3,000 and get 9.99% interest for qualified buyers!! #ArriveLoud #SSABlackFridaySale #AmpereAudio https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/black-friday-sale/
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    Random Picture Thread

    That's what it looked like back home in AZ too, lol.
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    Bought Funky Pups

    I'm calling BS on this troll thread. His joining yr date and post count just doesn't add up.
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    How long will it last?

    That box has potential to do fairly well on the meter for its cone area on lower power.
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    1 12W7AE Vs 2 Fosgate T1 12s

    JL is cool and all but in the end I think I would go with the all RF set-up. More power and more cone area. It IS going to be louder than one 12. Think about it... if you go JL, you're getting half as many subs and roughly half the power. Why settle for one Blonde with B cups when you can have two Brunettes with B cups.