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    • I follow what you are saying... maybe my speakers are just that beastly. I run them on average 3 to 4 hours a day at 3/4+ volume which is pretty darn loud. They say 80w rms... I think my ears give out before the speakers would.
    • I for whatever reason didnt notice the power your working with and the box size. Sorry..  Your kind of limited with the power you have however, some of the subs I listed need more power than 1200 watts. You maybe better off going with a single 12" if you're working with 1200 watts and 2.5 cu/ft. Would ultimately be cheaper & in many instances be louder than 2 10s sharing 1200 watts and with the box size you want to build. 
    • What are you looking for out of your sub? Do you just want it to get as loud as possible, or are you looking more towards blending with the rest of your setup geared more towards SQ? Something in middle? If your looking for an all around great driver I'd 2nd the Audiofrog GS10. Around the same price as the W6 but IMHO a much better subwoofer, the W6 is a very good sub, but your paying for the name, you can get better for less and way better for the same price. I'd also look at the Dayton Reference HO- cant get much better for the price https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rss265ho-44-10-reference-ho-dvc-subwoofer--295-463 Also highly recommend an Image Dynamics Max 10". Another excellent sub, amazing SQ and will get loud. I had 2 of them in a small sealed box in the trunk of a Lexus IS300 & they sounded amazing.  If you want something that will be really loud but still sound good I'd look at a Sundown SA, FI SSD or Q, Crescendo Contralto.  Theres a lot of subs in the price range your looking at, but theres plenty of guys on here that know their stuff, so I'm sure the advice ull get will more than suffice.
    • Original to the truck. He just graduated from UTI and is working at a shop now so I'm telling him to test some things. He's going to get new Rca's and rerun them along with his remote wire. I had the equipment in my truck with no noise whatsoever. 
    • Another old school trick that you still see now and then is the current limiting bulb in the tweeter circuit. It diverts power away from the tweeter coil above a certain threshold.
    • JL- Everyone that had JL subs in my area when I was in high school 2001-2004 were just always so cocky. They'd have their 3 10s or 2 12s  W0s or W3s crammed in a sealed box thinking they were the shit n would talk all kinds of shit on my setup, had 2 12" L7s and would really let me have it when I had the RE SX 15" cuz theyd never heard of RE so theyd just yap yap n I'd let them and funny enough they always lost their voices after I'd play my setup.  Never liked RF or MTX for the same reason. And I absolutely HATED Audiobahn n their chrome shit, although I refuse to recognize them as a good brand...
    • It's one of the old ones that's gray with red and white stickers. I think they were Zed designed. Look very similar to the alphasoniks of the time. If I need a little more power I have a Zapco AG350. I'm just not sure I want to run 2 amps with my current alt. I've done the big 3 to max what I have, but it has to power an MSD 6AL ignition as well. Once I upgrade the alt I plan to make a larger enclosure out of the spare tire well. For now though I just need something that fits in that box, I've been looking at the american bass sub, but I haven't been able to find any recommended enclosure info. Thiele Parameters is too much work for a prefab box.
    • I bought a B Stock Sundown SD3 12" from them 2 months ago. Was nervous at 1st but was such a good deal that I said screw it, very glad I did. I still cant find anything wrong with it. Cosmetically it was perfect, there were like 1-2 extremely small scratches on the motor, but I'm talking tiny, like the only reason I noticed them was because I was looking so hard to find anything wrong. Got me a bit nervous cuz then I thought something might be wrong mechanically, maybe a coil tick or something, but its performed perfectly too. So they must have crazy strict QC guidelines. I think anyone who would have paid full price for my sub wouldn't have had any complaints. In other words dont be worried about buying b stock from them, you wont be disappointed!
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