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    • Im a director for a managed print company. I get to travel all over the place, all expenses paid. 
    • Best perk of my job is i have a job and get paid.
    • Can i just chime in here. Bear with me here.  I'm no expert on all this believe me but i am lady that like good sound in my vehicle. I have been in and out of car audio since the 90's. When i found this web site just a few years ago i had not dealt in car audio in some time. I then found out that many of the classic American built brands back in the days got bought out or out of business or so on.  I like to put a system in my vehicle that sounds good and just leave it for a number of years till it needs to be updated or changed out.  So as I'm reading this post I'm over here in the corner listening to all of you talk about these PSI amps.  Some say it is just a cookie cutter off the shelf amp from Korea  like the 10 other brands. Some are questioning the price issues and why it is more expensive if it is just another standard Korean amp and so on. Why is the amp more money. If it is more money is it worth it and on and on.  You read the same things i read. Well i can understand both sides of this, the business side and the consumer side. I think that in this country USA we all have the free market ability to start are own companies. Capitalism right. So if PSI wants to start selling amps let them.  If it is just a same old cookie cutter amp like the other 10 brands out there so be it. If they have done something new or used say high quality components in the amp to justify the higher price ok.  I think the free market will determines if it wins or fails.  Since i have been back last few years and seeing all the new companies on the market it is amazing to me that many are still around.  What I'm trying to say is that i feel that as a consumer side of things there are way to many car audio companies out there. And for many of us it gets overwhelming especially to a regular person looking to buy a decent car audio system for there vehicle.  As many have said that these new PSI amps are just a cookie cutter off shelf amp like 10 other brands.  That's because like some have said, if you have $20,000 laying around you too can get some amps build from Zenon and now you have a fancy amp company with all the stickers you want on it.  That's true but are you going to be around in a few years if they don't sell. Maybe you will be different and have a awesome customer service that customer like and they will buy your products. What ever it is. And maybe not. There are already many companies that are already establish and been around for years also. I just feel that this car audio market is just too saturated with too many companies out there. It is just to easy to go to Korea of China and for a relatively small investment you can have some speakers and amps made with your name on them and BAM know your a car audio company.  I remember back in late 90's where there was some good established car audio companies and car audio started growing and then into early 2000's many other new companies showed up. Production started going over seas and it got cheaper and easier to have some stuff made with your name on there and now you have a new car audio company. Well we saw the correction and what happened in the mid 2000's when many companies including US made companies went away, got bought out, or even left and got out and moved to other products. So maybe you can all understand my point here. It may be time for a correction in the car audio industry.  That is one reason this Car Audio website is here right. It is to chat and discus stuff and even have it bench tested and even help others that are new to car audio. If there are these 10 amps out there that have been built from same Zenon assembly line and one company has that same amp at a good price and has good customer service and an other has it for a way higher price but has crap customer service. Then we will know who will survive and who whou't be around. So for this PSI amp debate, we can discus it and comment but ultimately it will be the consumer that buys it and likes it and the company or not. And if they can show or justify the higher price compared to the other same 10 amp brands out there or not. just my 2 cents Thanks.         
    • fordperformance_BrV_G0vAepT.mp4
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    • Shit is hilarious!!!!!!¡!!!! bitch_BqyAxSsBUCo.mp4
    • 14-0 Chiefs  Td pass number 45. Most tds in one season 55. This is is rookie bro. A f*****g rookie!
    • I'd like to think though, that @Administrator is smart enough to know what's acceptable and what's not. If it's allowed on IG, Twitter, YT, etc then it should be allowed here. We aren't posting any nudity. Shit got ridiculous for a minute but I think this forum is headed in the right direction now. Only the classifieds need moderating.
    • Td Chiefs. Bro know I ive said this but it's unbelievable. Patrick Mahomes is amazing. I haven't loved football as much as I do now since I was a child whatching Montana and the 49ers. 
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