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  2. peeps on here don’t like the boss amps so much peeps more like amps that have been dyno’d by bigblank or bigD In all seriousness an amp that’s going to make 450-550 watts paired with an American bass xd or b stock e series sundown will make for a damn nice budget friendly respectable sittem
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  4. DirtyDuzit

    What brands do people like for Amps and kits?

    Depends on your budget. Skar rp2000.1D refurbished is about the best bang for your buck at $159.99 But for more quality: Sundown Crescendo DC Korean versions of budget brands like soundqubed Q series Skar SK series, Wolfram audio, Alphard. For wiring kits I like Sky High and Knukoncepts. Generally you're better off going with OFC and welding wire is more cost effective. However sky high CCA 1/0 is actually 2/0 and at $40 shipped for 20ft is a really cost effective wire for ~2,000 watts.
  5. fireplace369

    Alpine Type X vs Type R 6.5" Component

    Hi. I'm trying to decide between the Alpine Type X or Type R 6.5" component system for my car. I will also be getting the same model (whatever I choose) for just 6.5" co-axials for my rear deck as well. All 4 of the speakers will be powered off Alpine's new Type X 4 channel amp (the X-A70F). Do the type X really sound that much better and are worth $200 more a pair than the type R's? Thank you.
  6. u could get the rockville k6 sub get a pretty large ported box for it which will make it more efficient.. if u can make a box pm me i could check it and tell u what size to make it
  7. winkychevelle

    SQ Subwoofers

    The ultimax is rated a touch less because even though it has more excursion it requires a larger box to use the excursion. In turn this lowers the mechanical power handling The ho is a small box sub. The small box suspension is nice but it requires more power in the small enclosure to reach full excursion The hss is a lower excursion sub iirc and requires less power over all to reach mechanical limits Honestly I'd throw 800-1000w to either the ho or the ultimax assuming it is cleaning power and you have the proper enclosure to keep the sub from unloading. The hss I'd run 500-750w with clean power and taking care to not bottom the sub out
  8. Finally managed to get .3 volts drop this weekend briefly playing hard at idle. Also it has been down to 30 degrees at night here over the weekend and there is no noticeable loss of performance with the cells. I'll keep updating as it gets proper cold but any of you fellas that live down south should have absolutely no worries. Got the bank almost mounted in my brother's Civic yesterday. Need to go out and buy some bolts to get it grounded to the frame then a few hours to get the front battery gone and mount and connect the amp.
  9. youdoofus

    What brands do people like for HU's?

    youre going to find tons of pioneer responses to this question, and for good reason. JVC is making a comeback too. Sony makes some good stuff, Alpine isnt a bad choice albeit spendy
  10. Accord90

    SQ Subwoofers

  11. Oh yeah?! You know Colin Buckeye huh?! I've had these amps for a few months now still waiting to install them.
  12. randpost

    What brands do people like for HU's?

    Any decent double din HU head unit with wireless Android auto/ Apple car play. I hate wires. I also required a rear video output and zone audio. I went with a Pioneer 4400NEX since at the time it was cheaper than the Kenwood equivalent and it checked all my boxes.
  13. 2RZ-FE

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    I got my 360bts at Crutchfield. Got the Metra dash kit, wiring harness and antenna extension adapter for my car included You can choose the slopes also if you choose a frequency. HP has two slopes and LP has four. I just use the ones on my 8604 and GTR-1001 and set the deck to THROUGH on HP and LP. I may use the HP on the deck and turn it off at the 8604. No on/off switch on my 1001 so I will use the amp LP Make sure you are 100% sure you won't be using CD's since the 360bts has no disc drive. I haven't used them in over a decade
  14. justboughtaz

    Build suggestions

    Ok, i will remove the capacitor from my setup. Im trying to keep this setup light and reliable.
  15. i already know that boss is not a good brand... but that JBL might be better than a shitty shallow mount boss "1000watts" subwoofer that i blew up my amp? thank you for your answer!
  16. selling my amp might be a problem, i am stuck with having to buy a shitty subwoofer so at least i can have something to work with, but your answer is still helpful, thank you so much! maybe you know which is the best sub that my amp can move?
  17. selling my amp might be a problem, i am stuck with having to buy a shitty subwoofer so at least i can have something to work with, but your answer is still helpful, thank you so much! maybe you know which is the best sub that my amp can move?
  18. problem is that amp is really like 180 watts rms or so i agree with him get rid of it. u can get a power acoustic 2300 at walmart tested 600rms for like $70 (and it's a copy of a precision power ion 650, it's the same amp).. if u keep boss u need to look at sub rated low power with high db rating and since amp is 2 channel SUB MUST be 4ohm svc or 2 ohm dvc so u can bridge amp, something like https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-CS1214-1000-WATTS-12-CS-SERIES-SINGLE-CAR-AUDIO-4-OHM-SUB-WOOFER-NEW/391124580378?epid=112099926&hash=item5b10d7781a:g:kCAAAOSw1p1amZ-b:rk:1:pf:0

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    it shows on pg 27 that it does have hp xover set that at 80 hz and if u ad amp to the speakers select off or full or bypass the hp xover.. just use the 1 on hu because it's easier to change and set, set at 80 play song drop down to 60hz if u hear distortion at all go back up.. it'll depend on what music u listen to and how loud u play it.. i just added $ foam speaker baffles to mine today and i can lower mine to 70hz instead of 100hz because it sort of acts like a box
  20. GabeDahlinghaus

    Rear speakers not working, help!

    Just ordered new speakers, problem solved. Thanks for your help!
  21. Sell that boss for $40-50 locally, it’s junk then you have $120...sell some misc items you no longer use to get another $60 Now you have $180 which is your new sub AND amp budget. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/american-bass-xd-1044-10-inch-450w-rms-dvc-4-ohm-subwoofer.html The pioneer 8601 seems to have gone up in price a bit...you need to sell some more belongings ...watch some Garyvee YouTube videos on how to hustle...
  22. randpost

    New to car audio and can use some advice

    Conclusion to my problem: I ended up picking up a T400X2ad 2 channel amp for starters. I figured I would order a DSP in a week or so to keep everything under the spouses radar. I hooked up up my front comps to the 2 channel amp to test it before installing it. The high end crackle/static was non-existent on the 2 channel amp. At this point I'm thinking it might have been a bad connection to the 4 channel amp. So I removed the 2 channel amp and hooked up the 4 channel amp again making sure all the connections were solid. The static/crackle at high volumes is present again. I placed an ordered for a replacement T400X4ad. I didn't want to return the 4 channel amp until I tried a new unit. I installed the new 4 channel amp today (same model). It looks like I just had a bad amp because I have absolutely no issues with the new 4 channel amp. The amp I am having issues with is still within the return window with Amazon so all is well. I never thought it was the amp, I though that as long as its delivering power its good to go. Perhaps it was an issue with some of the internal electronics of the amp? I don't think I will use the 2 channel amp now, my stock 120 amp alternator most likely doesn't need more of a load than it already has. I am now happy with the sound in my vehicle. I may sneak the 2 channel into the wife's car with a set of Morel Ultra 602 Integra's. I've been wanting to try those and needed an excuse.
  23. Joel114

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    Thank you, where did you get your wiring harness? I have an 05 Pontiac Sunfire (mostly the same as a Chevy Cavalier). Nevermind I found one
  24. i have a short budget (70$) and i want to know if would be better the smaller sub with more watts or the bigger sub with less watts. Those two models, the pioneer TSW311D4 and the rockville w10k6d4, fit in my budget. It is for a chevy spark. My amp is a Boss CH2502, "2500 watts" and 2 channels.
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  26. Joel114

    What brands do people like for speakers?

    I also looked an my amp has one.
  27. hispls

    2018 Subaru WRX

    I was also thinking IB would work well but it's pretty permanent to do it right.
  28. Ridinhi

    Jbl sale?

    Glad someone has a good experience
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