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  3. Lindsey Rauch

    Basic setup questions

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my setup for the first time and have some questions. I'm not an audiophile (maybe yet, haha) but I do love music and want it to sound reasonably good, considering price. But I wanna start with something basic and go from there. My plan is to buy the parts and get a local shop to install everything. Hoping to keep it around $500 (I'm Canadian but using USD to presumably make it easier for people here) all in if possible. I have a 1997 Honda Civic CX. There's an aftermarket Kenwood deck in it but its old and I'll be replacing it. Beyond that there's 2 stock speakers in the back, and none in the front, just the plastic things that look like speakers, which I found kinda odd. So onto the questions. How many speakers do I actually need? Can I just get a new deck, 2 speakers, and a powered sub and call it a day? Or do I need 4 speakers? The first scenario seems more convenient, because if I understand correctly (correct me if not), I can only plug in 4 things to the average lower-end deck. 4 speakers plus a sub would require me to get an amp, yes? Prefer to not go down that road if possible for budget reasons. Can I get 2 new speakers and keep the existing rear ones? Would that sound bad? Examples of components I'm looking at: Heads: https://www.crutchfield.ca/p_105KDX360B/JVC-KD-X360BTS.html https://www.crutchfield.com/p_130DS5120B/Pioneer-DEH-S5120BT.html Speakers: https://www.amazon.ca/Pioneer-TS-F1634R-200W-2-Way-Speakers/dp/B0081SRIFS/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=car+speakers&qid=1560738414&s=gateway&sr=8-5 https://www.amazon.ca/Kicker-43DSC6504-Coaxial-Speakers-DSC6504/dp/B01BLVEVNS/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=car+speakers&qid=1560738414&s=gateway&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.ca/Rockford-Fosgate-R165X3-6-5-Inch-Full-Range/dp/B00BF6HWCM/ref=pd_sbs_107_10?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00BF6HWCM&pd_rd_r=fd3d6628-913e-11e9-a19e-076b366cd722&pd_rd_w=kgvev&pd_rd_wg=T8GM0&pf_rd_p=5dcda75b-8643-4da3-9bb1-5c0233790500&pf_rd_r=VZNPG9H461JQCD2FM8N0&psc=1&refRID=VZNPG9H461JQCD2FM8N0 Subwoofer: https://www.amazon.ca/Rockville-RW10CA-Profile-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B019Z3R582/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=subwoofer+car&qid=1560738464&s=gateway&sr=8-3 (looks like it just sold out) https://www.crutchfield.com/p_777B8P/Sound-Ordnance-B-8P.html Will appreciate any help. Thanks!
  4. I still have a couple 2005 RE XXX's and the original xbl^2 XXX 6.5's around here somewhere. Ah the good old days...
  5. audioholic

    Subwoofer placement in 4th order

    In a 4th order bandpass, all the output comes from the ports, so the direction the driver faces is irrelevant.
  6. audioholic

    First ever amplifier

    Im not familiar with the Kenwood h/u the OP has, but it is no longer safe to assume h/u amplifiers only put out 15-20 watts. Some h/u's come with a MOSFET amplifier these days and actually can put out close to 50 watts per channel, and I consider a great option for people just dabbling in car audio and dont want a dedicated external mid/highs amplifier.
  7. audioholic

    Running two Subs In stereo On a 2 channel Amp???

    Keep in mind that just because our ears lose stereo separation at lower frequencies does not mean the recording devices, and playback devices, also lose it. If in doubt, its pretty easy to sum your audio signal pre-amplification. There really is no reason to ever run subs in stereo, because as you say, our ears wont hear any advantages, but there could be disadvantages in the reproduction (wave cancellation affecting output response). edit: this is of course assuming you are running a true subwoofer system, and not one that your system also relies on for midbass, which I wouldn't recommend either due to localization issues.
  8. audioholic

    voltage drops?

    No, you are not doing okay as long as you stay above 12 volts. Most healthy batteries will be above 12 volts when fully charged, and an alternator is ideally bringing your voltage up to 14.4 when the system/vehicle draw does not exceed the output of the alternator. I assume we are talking about a daily system, as opposed to a competition system where you are trying to maximize the output to tenths of a db. In the case of a daily driver system, basically as long as you never need to use jumper cables to start your car, its sufficient. This is because everyone's listening habits are different. How often you play the stereo while the engine is on, how loud you play it, and even (sometimes) the genre of music you listen to can affect the average-over-time draw your system puts on the charging system.
  9. Thanks but Im asking a more broad question than what you personally are planning to do.
  10. audioholic

    Liquid sound deadener in quarts

    What is your goal? Are you trying to block/absorb noise, such an engine or road noise? Or are you mass loading panels to lower their resonant frequency?
  11. I don't plan on doing a 5k+ watt build on a fully electric vehicle anytime soon so I am not worried about it.
  12. audioholic

    2 questions

    You didnt list what speakers were used, but if they are a component set they should have come with passive crossovers. And again you didn't list what ARC amp you have, but it possibly has a highpass filter which should block unwanted frequencies.
  13. I haven't been paying much attention to car audio lately, so I apologize if this is already a well versed topic. But I've been wondering, how will electric vehicles affect the car audio industry? We will no longer have a mechanical alternator driven from a gas powered energy source, our amplifiers and sound processors will draw directly from the vehicle's main power storage, and given a decent sized system with a decent electrical draw, would affect the actual range of the car. But its also technically true that spinning an alternator (or multiple alts) also burns more fuel and decreases range on internal combustion vehicles. I suppose once we have fast-charge batteries (such as graphene based) that this will be less of an issue. But Im curious what people think on how, or if, EV's will affect car audio.
  14. Jeffdachef

    Car amp and sub setup

    a 3rd solution is to get a better head unit. Sounds weird but my buddy going from a cheapo 60 dollar JVC head unit that claimed 4 volt preouts to a 150 dollar pioneer with real 4 volt preouts had a massive difference in bass performance alone. The old head unit at a certain point it stopped getting loud and got getting stinky coils and hot amp, hot subs. With the new pioneer it literally feels like 5 clicks louder than the max clipped output point of the cheapo JVC and the amps and subs are room temperature.
  15. Jeffdachef

    Car amp and sub setup

    any amp clipped will get hot no matter 1 or 4 ohm. Considering his subs takes a lot of power to move he'll want more output than 4 ohms can give him and definitely come close to clipping the amp even more, same amount of heat. So the most likely culprit is, you arent getting loud enough and you are pushing the amp pretty hard and your electrical might also be not up to par. The cheapest solution is to build an efficient high performance custom ported box so you can get the output you need without stressing the amp out. 2nd is to upgrade electricals and plop in a bigger amp so you dont have to red line the amp all the times which means cooler setup, cleaner signal.
  16. Yesterday
  17. DRBOOM

    Car amp and sub setup

    if possible, borrow an amp from a mate and run your subwoofer for a week to see how it behaves. If that amp also gets too hot then; You may be using a lighter gauge wiring for the amp; suggest you upgrade to 1/0 gauge power, ground wires; if you are unsure of your amps specs / requirements, read the manual to verify its ok to run 2 gauge or you will have to upgrade. The amp only gets hot under normal conditions if the power consumption is not met, Usually, under normal circumstances, it should get warm, but not hot so you can only put your hands on it for a few seconds. That definitely is an indication of not enough (current) amps is drawn by the amp and continued use will definitely shorten the life of your amp. Also allow for adequate ventilation around the amp as well. a big trunk area should be sufficient for ventilation and you will not require additional fans to keep it cool provided it is not obstructed by shopping bag, golf bag, garbage bag stash of vintage girly magazines etc.. Its very important to run the correct gauge wires as recommended by the amp manual or if you are not sure, ring up car audio shops who sell that brand to verify correct wire gauge used. Take care of your equipment and it will serve you in years to come.
  18. Metalbob

    Autotech Engineering alternators...

    Considering one as well, did you end up purchasing from them? thanks
  19. Anyone use any of their HO alternators? Considering getting one from them since they are somewhat local to me in socal. Been awhile since I've logged in here . Good to be back at it. Thanks
  20. Jeffdachef

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    Yeah he's just making recommendations to bassheads that normally watch his videos and that crowd just wants to max out all the times. Amps can be used in different ways. You dont have to use it like a basshead. An amp puts out power thats all it does, there's no sound quality difference as long as you arent clipping and distorting.
  21. JeeperVol

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    Great stuff...any sound quality differences between the taramps md1800 and hd750?
  22. JeeperVol

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    I've been confused bc several of the comments below the Taramps videos claim it's geared toward competitive play and not a daily driver listening to it alot over long periods of time. Also, claimed you should upgrade your battery and alternator.
  23. Jeffdachef

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    What a voltage meter does is tell you when your system is actually giving out (when volts drop below 12) and what you can do is just turn it down until the voltages are healthy again (above 12.0 volts) You can run a 10000000000000000000 watt amp on a stock electrical system with zero issues as long as you set amplifier gains via voltage. Will you get all those watts? no but your system, amp and everything will be safe and operational and you get as much performance as your current electrical system gives. Ps the taramps is way more energy efficient than the JL as long as you arent maxing it out like a dummy.
  24. Jeffdachef

    2018 Wrangler JL- Upgrading from JL Audio 8" microsub

    uhm bro how many times do I need to tell you that you are not going to be consuming anywhere near the amount of electrical power thats inside that video? How many times did I say that you can set however many watts you need just to get your dayton to play loud and sound good? just because you have 2400 watts doesnt mean you use all of it Those tests are on a -0 db test tone thats pure 100% bass notes with no stopping. While music is on and off bass hits with rests and the DB levels are around -10 ish What that means is you are literally drawing next to nothing in actual power consumption. I think i said all this literally 3 times in the thread but it flew over your head all 3 times. Stop all this theoretical amp draw BS because whatever you think on paper is completely different from what actually happens in the real world system install. This is why I urge you to get a voltage meter to monitor car voltages which is 10000000000000x more effective then doing these amperage calculations which literally do nothing.
  25. Ripkon

    Crown Vic 2-SA LCS Budget Build

    Had the windows tinted finally. Added a Deka Intimidator AGM under the hood. Also set of component speakers up front with a 4 channel amp. Thinking about getting the Morel Maximo 6 and replacing the Rockfords I have.
  26. I've used GT Mat liquid sound deadener from GT Sound Control for years. I'll need some more soon, but they seem to have gone out of business. I don't need much, a gallon would be way too much. Does anyone sell a similar product in quarts?
  27. fithwheel

    Thoughts on satellite radio

    If your wife has a tuner in her car just use her account to access the app. App sounds better than their tuners and no added fee as long as she has the package that includes the app. If not just upgrade. Would be cheaper than adding another tuner to the account.. If she uses the app you just can't access it on your phone at the same time.
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