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18" Skar Audio ZVX-18v2-D2 Sub with Custom Box

18" Skar Audio ZVX-18v2-D2 Sub with Custom Box


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Selling my brand new Skar Audio ZVX-18v2-D2. The box was built from a shop that the guy has won many DB drag events in this state and others. He’s been doing car audio for over 30 years. It was built to fit perfectly behind rear seat of a Yukon, but I’m sure will fit other vehicles. Now this is not your average garbage 3/4” MDF cookie cutter crap box. It’s made with double 1” HDF from a specialized lumber yard not junk wood from Home Crapo. And when I say double 1” I mean the entire enclosure not just the front baffle. This box is as dense as you could possibly make it. Now if you know anything about true car audio you’ll know the enclosure is 80% of it, and the sub quality is second. Now that being said the Skar ZVX series is not for the faint of heart, this guy kicks you hard right in the chest! It is right at home musically as well as a BEAST with the lows. I have it running on low power for break in purposes. It’s getting around RMS watts from a Skar RP-1500.1D. For most this would be plenty the way it is for sure, but this sub can take triple that daily if you had good clean power and be literally BRUTAL! It’s barely flexing on the 1500 watts and it still gets down hard. The box is fully lineX coated and is running two 4” Aero Ports for that clean sound over a vented box. No huffing whatsoever. The dimensions are 48”Lx24”Hx16”D box is built to Skar specs 5.25cuft after all displacements and tuned to 32hz. Also you better bring your back brace and have good shocks on your ride, because this guy is a heavyweight puncher! The enclosure alone weighs 196lbs and the sub 60lbs so 256lbs of pure chaos! The whole setup is about a month old and works amazing. I have over $1400 into this setup in the last month my loss $750 **PLUS SHIPPING**. I’m only selling because I’m going bigger on my build. You won’t be disappointed!

Mesa - United States

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