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    • I'm looking to do the roof and doors in the Honda, it's a 2003 passport 4dr. I'd like to get 70-80mil for the roof and enough 50mil for the doors without bleeding money. I have been cruising the internet and have hit overload. So I'm asking if anyone has some links that might help me out. Tyvm in advance
    • Not entirely sure but I know one of the 1-3k skar mono's does this A LOT There's a defect in the board design that can sort of be fixed
    • Lotta motor for that little cone!
    • Hello everyone, Its been several years since I was in the car audio scene.  I am interested in getting my sub up an running again in a cost effective way.   Last I was involved, team PSI was doing a lot of customizing subs, many many people were running Sundowns, and Audioque, DD, and FI.   I had an 18" Treo Engineering SSX which was rebuilt be PSI as a dual flatwound alum VC.  I was running an Autotek MM3000.1 at .5 ohms tuned to 33Hz.  Daily I was doing about 148+ db.  I saved this sub for the last 5-6 years because I loved it so much and swore to myself I would use it again some day.  Team DOA was killin it in the Chicagoland competitions, especially Mike and his Barney van!   What are the common subs/ brands that people are running today? Any amp I can look for- for around $500 to power this thing (used of course). Thanks
    • Skarrrrrbage.    Under warranty? 
    • I recently purchased a skar rp 2000.1 to run my 2 fi audio ssd 12’s Wired to 1 ohm on its maiden voyage the amp went into protect . I ran it half gain subsonic 3hz lower than box tune as recommended by fi. The subs were running great with limited voltage drop suddenly it went into protect and I can’t get it out . I disconnected all power grounds and rca inputs per skar let it sit overnight. Took the dmm the every portion of the system and everything checks out . My 4 channel runs just fine with no issues . For a back ground I should mention I have a mechman 240amp alt big 3 plus 2 added grounds a secondary battery with dedicated pos and ground from front battery a stinger 200 batt isolator and 1/0 running throughout . The only thing I can think of is the dual power and ground input reducers I have running to the amp I saw the thread from 2 years ago on this same issue but I checked all those boxes and still nothing can someone please tell me wtf is causing this issue I have no bass and I’m really stumped at this point 
    • I want to see it mounted sideways 😆
    • Aluminum grill. Electro-chemical dimensional processing.
    • View Listing Image Dynamics CTX65CS 6.5" component speakers (100W RMS) Image Dynamics CTX65CS 6.5" component speakers (100W RMS) They work great! One of the tweeter covers does have a scuff as shown in photo.  $90 shipped CONUS Advertiser eddie_93 Date 02/23/2019 Price $90.00 Category Speaker Classifieds  
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