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    • View Listing Focal K2 165krx2 6.5 Midbass Speakers Selling a used pair of Focal K2 6.5 midbass driver. These things pound and sound fantastic. In great shape. One speaker did have a hairline crack in the rim of the speaker. Has been fixed and has been playing for a few months with no issues whatsoever. Will be packaged in individual boxes and bubble wrapped. Asking $350 shipped to lower 48.  Advertiser theHAFnatty1 Date 04/26/2019 Price $350.00 Category Speaker Classifieds  
    • I am very much into cars and music and when I see them both together I feel amazing. It’s my dream to build the same car with such specifications of music and I will do it. As per your article is also very helpful because it gave me the links and knowledge to get the right thing. I am truly inspired by seeing  page what you’ve putted in your car.
    • Guys, I have 1 of these old Boston Pro 10.5lfs.  The 2 ohm.  It's in a small-about 0.4 cu ft sealed custom fiberglass enclosure for my dodge ram under the rear driver's side seat.  It's been running off of one side of a Rockford Punch 500s so getting 250W, according to the amp specs.  I don't have the certificate to know for sure what the actual wattage is.  The manual on these just says: Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-1100 watts.  That's a pretty wide spread but it seems it should be able to handle a lot more than the 250W.  It doesn't list max power.  The site speakerboxlite site says the max power is 2200 watts.  So I don't really know what the best RMS power would be to run this most efficiently.  Anyone here have any suggestions or real-life experience?  I bought a new Alpine PDR-M65 Amp, rated at 650 RMS into 2 ohms, the certificate says actual output is 796 watts into 2 ohms.  It seems that would do the trick pretty well, but before I take the plunge and switch out my amp, I thought I'd check here and see if anyone had some input.  Much Thanks.  
    • Help! I’m running JL Audio c3’s component in the front, c2’s coaxial in the rear and a 10 “  w6 sub in the trunk. It’s all running off an rd900/5, LC7i, and a TWK88 DSP. I love ALL music from Etta James to Datsik. I feel like I am missing some mid bass. I purchased another rd900/5 so I can lose the crossovers and grab either 2 jl 6” subs ( don’t know where to put them), 2 8”s (same prob) and another 10” w6 in the trunk. Do I need a new aftermarket head unit? I’m also sound deadening as much as I can. Where do I start?
    • Welcome back. Raise that post count bro. Don't be scared.
    • Love that the 49ers picked Nick Bosa at number two. He's by far the best player in this year's draft. I remember when San Francisco defense was dominant. 
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