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  • When you do all the customer service, and another brand or another dealer gets the sale........

    so how much louder do you think the xcon will get then the L5?<br />

    i know the sq can only get better so im not going to worry about that topic

    hey you have helped me before and you posted on my forum... but i got a few questions as to i think you would know. i just blew my l5 15 and am looking to upgrade both sq wise and spl wise so overall want a sql sub to get. ive got 1500 rms clean power comin from a 1501d mtx amp. knowing that you know your xcon company pretty good what would you suggest?

    Your name is in yellow so I'm assuming your a mod. I'm trying to find out about how much I should price a subwoofer box and want to post a thread asking input but i'm not sure where to post in it can you give me any input? Thanks.

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