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Featured Car Audio Review

Vertex Ultra Subs PRM-12
By Member: keep_hope_alive

I am currently running the A-12 and this sub is an evolution of that one. Everything about it is beefier. This will replace the A-12 in the car currently and I will report back as soon as I do. Overall, I think this is a decent offering. I will get some side-by-side pics when I pull the A-12 out. My application will be IB. When putting this sub in, the need to re-do the carpeting around the IB wall was very apparent. Please excuse the carpeting, it's on the to-do list... (continued)
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Sundown SD-2 Subwoofer
By Member: AAAAAAA

So what are these exactly besides from being huge, handsome and intimidating? Well these are sundown audio's offering for small box beefy 8's. Looking at them, the last thing one would think of would be small box subs. Indeed they look monstrous and they also look like they would be expensive. After man handling them a bit I have to say I am surprised at the hardware provided for the price (in a good way). These reached me in Canada pretty quickly... (continued)
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Audison SR4 and SR1D
By Member: 8thGenSI

I purchased my 2011 Honda Civic SI about a year and a half ago, the day, or should I say minute I drove it off the lot it was clear that the stock stereo needed to go. I slowly began accumulating the equipment I would need to start a build; I had no choice but to keep it modest because of budgetary constraints. I started with a Pioneer AVH-4300DVD, Kicker SS 6.5" component system for the front stage, cheapy kicker 5.25" for the rear fill, 12" JL W6 V2 for sub stage, Elemental Designs Nine.1 for sub, and a Elemental Designs Nine.4 for mid/high... (continued)
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PHD Audiophile Sound Systems FB 6.1 PRO
By Member: av83

I recently found myself in need of mid-range 6.5's after foolishly setting the HPF too low for my CDT COM-6 mids. They were paired with CDT TW-25 tweeters. This was my first and, previously, only components (I have heard, but not owned, many sets though). I bought them used, and they performed admirably considering the amount of power I had them running on. In fact, I was so impressed by those entry level CDT's that I was dead set on obtaining a more capable set of mids from them... (continued)
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Massive Audio Nano Bit BX4 Amp
By Member: AAAAAAA

Well Well, I haven't reviewed anything in a while. One of the things I have reviewed the most for those who have kept track (yeah no one has) is definitely small foot print 4 channels. This time around It's the smallest I have had the pleasure to handle yet. Let’s get to it. About the Nano bits. These are no longer made at the same build house that massive has used before (SoundMagus) and these particular models are said to be massive exclusives... (continued)
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Pioneer AVH-P8400BH Head Unit
By Member: neo_styles

Just received my 8400 from Crutchfield yesterday. Got it as an Open Box item and saved myself about 100 bucks even figuring the harness adapter I needed for my 2006 Passat ($ it for $65 because I ordered the HU). Was pleasantly surprised to find some of the cables in the wiring harness had printed labels on them; took out a lot of guesswork when wiring it to the harness adapter. Big ups to Pioneer for this one considering this was my first install. Current configuration of my Passat is all stock. Pack-ins are fairly impressive... (continued)
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