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Left View

Added by RYMAN023
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Comments for Left View (7)

  1. #1
    12:18 PM
    Left View
    looks like it is a bandpass box.
  2. #2
    09:48 AM
    Left View
    I dont understand, why do you say that it looks like a bandpass? Its completely sealed. The plexy is just so you can see in and see the amp mounted in the back. ???
  3. #3
    03:03 PM
    Left View
    but where the subs firing into ??? it looks alful like banpass to me
  4. #4
    07:02 PM
    Left View
    The sides of the box are cut out. The subs fire right out the sides.
  5. #5
    09:24 PM
    Left View
    well i am sorry that i said it looked like bandpass. just looked like it cuz i can't see the cut outs on the sides. good work
  6. #6
    11:33 AM
    Left View
    NOt to bad.
  7. #7
    01:10 PM
    Left View
    are the sub's alpine type -s 12"

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