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Box fit test #2

Added by AlTeR EgO
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Eclipse_Alum_15  Box fit test #2  Infinity Perfect 6.1 components
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    12:14 AM
    AlTeR EgO
    Box fit test #2
    This is the second fit test for my box. The front panel on the box is part of the subwoofer amp rack. Two Rockford Fosgate RFx7's will be flush mounted inside the front panel on the box. My component amp, a Rockford Fosgate RFx3 will be flush mounted on the back of the box behind the back seat. My 25 farad cap, a Rockford Fosgate CPCC25 will be flushed in the upper right section, on top of the box. I will keep you posted..........
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    11:53 AM
    Box fit test #2
    yeah....sweet....if you wanna pay seven grand...hehe....looks good yo...
  3. #3
    11:11 PM
    Box fit test #2
    Looks like a good fit...cant wait to see it finished.

    - Steve
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    11:37 PM
    Box fit test #2
  5. #5
    11:04 PM
    Box fit test #2
    7 grand for all that? jesus.. How did you get the dimensions for the board to fit so nicely?
  6. #6
    11:36 AM
    AlTeR EgO
    Box fit test #2
    Well the seven grand estimate isnt fully accurate, everything im doing should have cost me closer to ten grand. As for the top of the box lets just say a very crafty wood worker is making it fit nicely.
  7. #7
    01:41 PM
    Box fit test #2
    will be nice when it gets done
  8. #8
    06:08 PM
    Box fit test #2
    yah know something that looks just like my box in my blazer mine execept for the fact the subs are faced up intecd of back but that is one of the easiest ways to make the install clean
  9. #9
    05:37 PM
    AlTeR EgO
    Box fit test #2
    + I can fit 4 twelves on top
  10. #10
    04:11 PM
    its been a while so any updates?

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