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My truck

Added by Johnny Drama
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a cops compliment  My truck  Same intsall hidden wires
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Comments for My truck (7)

  1. #1
    09:55 PM
    dude i gotta no how those sound?????
  2. #2
    10:08 PM
    Johnny Drama
    Awsome, I couldn't have got a better deal on them too. $89.99
    I am getting an SS silverado and port them this time!!
  3. #3
    10:42 PM
    are they accurate, can they be distorted, and is it a tight or loose bass>
  4. #4
    10:58 PM
    Johnny Drama
    since they are in a sealed box 1.4c.f with fill they are very accurate and tight. They do get low for the application though. I was very surprised at how good they sound. The other day I took off my 600 watt amp and put my orion 275 HCCA amp on them to my surprize no distortion.
  5. #5
    05:22 PM
    Johnny Drama
    Re: My truck
    Boy was I ever the typical noob
  6. #6
    09:48 PM
    Re: My truck
    Nice job here!
  7. #7
    11:55 PM
    Re: My truck
    Your V-Max>Mag...just letting you know

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