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the aftermath

Added by bass-head
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frc4369  the aftermath  they're in folks!
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Comments for the aftermath (9)

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    03:45 PM
    Yeah it's great being out and i really needed a 6-pak
  2. #2
    10:54 AM
    yeah! hey LINE X finaly came through. holla!
  3. #3
    12:27 AM
    oh yeah by the way those boxes are for sale you know? they're ROCKFORDFOSGATE so i won't be able to go under $60.00 per. let's make a deal.
  4. #4
    01:15 AM
    I thought i would return the favor with your sorry a$$ pyramid..***
  5. #5
    10:19 PM
    this is CARAUDIO.COM twisted. come on. what's up with those lame *** pics you post? go buy a speaker. i think you might have the wrong bass-head.
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    10:25 PM
    AlTeR EgO
    Twisted your thinking of bass_head <---notice the underscore. I agree bass-head is an ***, err *** as he would say, but bass_head is an incompetent tool that doesnt know two shits about car audio...
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    12:47 AM
    I dont' have a digital camera and thats why i don't post pictures of my stereo system. None the less both the bass heads are worthless to me and if you really think pyramid is that great, well then you spend to much time posting worthless comments on peoples car setup then you do researching the forums, you might actually learn something.
  8. #8
    01:22 PM
    yeah yeah yeah. man twisted here says he has a system. i don't belive it for a second. if he did he would find a camera, hell if you go to walmart, and i know you do, they will give you a cd with your pics on it when you get your film developed. so where there's a will there's a way but i don't think there is a will in this case as if ol' boy does have some sort of a setup he probobly got it at walmart. hell he won't even try making some **** up "i have a blah blah blah amp and some blah blah blah woofers." because he knows that those of us with even an entry level background in psychology will see right through him. man i have seen your gallery twisted. it crys out "please call a doctor, preferably Dr. Jack Kevorkian.". get a life and stop wasting our time here at CARAUDIO.COM. go run off to LAMEASSSTUPIDPICTURESOFCRAPTHATDON'TMAKESENCE.COM.
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    02:43 AM
    Re: the aftermath
    Not bad.

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