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saxo project car

Added by adrenalyn_junki
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bmw boot build #1  saxo project car  Single 12 enclosure
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    04:32 PM
    saxo project car
    that is going to be awesome once it gets finished.
  2. #2
    10:54 PM
    josh gandy
    saxo project car
    that is a fat install nice job!!!
  3. #3
    08:51 PM
    saxo project car
  4. #4
    05:50 PM
    saxo project car
    That is the biggest piece of crap i've ever seen. i bet my 2 w7's hits 20 times harder than that crap ever will. it's just a waste.
  5. #5
    11:34 AM
    saxo project car
  6. #6
    01:15 PM
    saxo project car
    been a bit busy so not had the time to reply to the fool that posted about the w7's! yes i bet they do! i sell JL Audio as well as Phoenix so the fact they there are better is clearly due to the fact that they cost about 7 times as much per woofer you idiot not everyone can afford w7's although i use a 13w7 in my own install at the moment is beside the point, the system was designed to be cost effective, a lot of kit for around 3000 (U.K Stering) never mind you will i imagine one get the point!!??
  7. #7
    04:28 PM
    top shelf audio
    saxo project car
    I love Phoenix and that is one of the best overall install's I have seen on this web site, you just made my day. good job
  8. #8
    05:05 PM
    bass maniak
    saxo project car
    awsome thatt is gonna be pretty sweet
  9. #9
    05:24 PM
    saxo project car
    very flashy, looks like a demo car. not my personal favorite of equipment though
  10. #10
    10:40 AM
    saxo project car
    I bet schoenecker's w7's DON'T hit 20 times harder than that!
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