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    I need Expert Electronic's help

    I have a burned up amp that I need help fixing.

    How do you test a resistor, transistor, capasitior ?

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    Take them to a repair store, and they will normally bench test them for free.

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    Yeah take it to a repair shop. It most cost a lot to get it fix. I would start looking for a new amp buddy

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    hehe, i want broken amps!!!, but people want like 1/2 as much as they are worth when they work, and screw that, some might not be fixable without extensive reapairs =\

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    Testing electronic

    Troubleshooting a circuit can be easy or difficult depending on the problem. If you don't have the schematic of the amp this makes things even more difficult. First look for things that could be problems black burnt out components bad solder joints etc. Then try to isolated the problem to an area. Like does the amp turn on, if so check the input and output sections of the amp not the power supply part. If the amp doesn't turn on then or blows fuses check power supply. Check voltage levels at the power supply rails. If the amp blows fuses all the time put a 12V light blub in series with the +ve lead and the blub will glow bright until you find and fix the short which is causing the fuse to blow. To check a resistor use an ohm meter witht the power to the amp turned off. Make sure that surrounding components aren't effecting the reading of the meter. To check a cap turn on the power and see a voltage is across it if so it is probally working. There are tools and other ways of checking these components but to detailed for here. Transistors can be checked with the diode scale on an ohm meter, but you have to know what you are testing.

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    i have an amp problem too. the amp that i was going to use to run my components is totally jacked up. it'll play very low for about 10 seconds, then hit pretty nicely for less than a second. what's up with it? how much do u think i'd be looking at to repair this? the power still works and everything, it just doesnt play right.

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    Broke amp

    It sounds like the problem is in the protection circuity which could be any number of things. The cost for somthing like this is probally a couple of bucks for the parts and a bunch for someone to do it.

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